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GNIS Data For Hot Springs County


Populated Places

A populated place is not necessarily a town or city. It is any place with a more or less constant population in close proximity.
Feature Name GNIS ID Latitude Longitude Ele(ft)* GNIS Map
Nickelson Place 1,597,431 433210N 1080313W 6,020 Devil Slide
Minnesela 1,597,413 433509N 1081301W 4,386 Wedding of the Waters
Thermopolis 1,597,651 433846N 1081243W 4,331 Thermopolis
East Thermopolis 1,597,608 433847N 1081153W 4,340 Thermopolis
Red Lane 1,597,638 434043N 1081221W 4,314 Thermopolis
Embar 1,597,309 434250N 1084025W 5,613 Embar
Lucerne 1,597,627 434406N 1081035W 4,314 Thermopolis
Hamilton Dome 1,597,066 434624N 1083432W 5,620 Hamilton Dome
Owl Creek 1,877,177 434652N 1083401W 5,646 Hamilton Dome
Kirby 1,590,377 434816N 1081053W 4,268 Kirby
Grass Creek 1,802,958 435625N 1083854W 5,587 Grass Creek

Mines Of Hot Springs County

  Hot Springs County has seen a lot of mining activity in it's past
Andreen Pit 1745987 434231N 1081006W 4324 Thermopolis
Brewer Pit 1726416 440326N 1083830W 5702 Hillberry Rim
Brown Pit Mine 1704413 435628N 1083844W 5577 Grass Creek
Burnell Number Five Mine 1704426 434739N 1081729W 4629 Little Sand Draw
Burnell Number Four Mine 1704425 434734N 1081649W 4544 Little Sand Draw
Burnell Number Six Mine 1704427 434753N 1081647W 4505 Little Sand Draw
Burnell Number Three Mine 1704424 434737N 1081709W 4587 Little Sand Draw
Cottonwood Creek Mine 1704423 435000N 1082732W 5069 Gloin Reservoir
Cottonwood Number One Mine 1704420 434932N 1083135W 5102 Hamilton Dome
Dickie Number Two Mine 1704415 435726N 1084133W 5882 Grass Creek
Dickies Number One Mine 1704414 435850N 1084227W 5843 Grass Creek
Government Mine 1746080 434246N 1075454W 4560 Coyote Hill
Grass Creek Basin Mine 1704419 435626N 1083709W 5600 Red Ridge
Grass Creek Deposits Number One Mine 1704421 435756N 1083741W 5984 Grass Creek
Grass Creek Deposits Number Two Mine 1704422 435440N 1083634W 5505 Red Ridge
Grass Creek Mine 1704412 435710N 1083732W 5807 Grass Creek
Grass Creek Mine 1704416 435548N 1084148W 6171 Grass Creek
Harvey Pit 1745988 434253N 1080948W 4308 Thermopolis
Highline Mine 1589558 434456N 1082559W 5220 Thompson Reservoirs
Hiline Mine 1745983 434457N 1082600W 5236 Thompson Reservoirs
Kirwin District Mine 1704410 435119N 1092002W 9895 Dunrud Peak
Kirwin Mine 1704411 435230N 1091705W 9961 Dunrud Peak
Lucerne Mine 1745991 433907N 1081234W 4334 Thermopolis
M and M Mine 1745984 434422N 1082412W 4938 Thompson Reservoirs
Mayfield Number One Mine 1704417 435547N 1084149W 6148 Grass Creek
McGowan-Le Clair Group Mine 1745999 433130N 1083058W 6903 Kates Basin
Mountain View Liberty and Orebin Claims 1747100 433038N 1083356W 7132 Kates Basin
N-vam Mine 1745986 433809N 1081218W 4514 Thermopolis
Owl Creek Pit 1745985 434017N 1082458W 5007 Thompson Reservoirs
Park Pit 1745989 433859N 1081153W 4344 Thermopolis
Putney Mine 1593072 434545N 1084050W 5781 Crater Sink
Shafer Pit 1745990 434227N 1081100W 4347 Thermopolis
Sheep Creek Mine 1745998 433105N 1083639W 6476 Kates Basin
Spring Gulch Mine 1704418 435533N 1084158W 6240 Grass Creek
Talovich Mine 1746000 433536N 1081221W 4406 Wedding of the Waters

Springs Of Hot Springs County

  Hot Springs County is named for it's hot springs. The most famous is the spring named Big Spring in the table below. Below is a list of 41 springs in Hot Springs County.
Feature Name GNIS ID Latitude Longitude Ele(ft)* GNIS Map
Wind River Canyon Spring 1,794,811 433459N 1081249W 4,363 Wedding of the Waters
Pershal Spring 1,592,678 435006N 1084843W 6,640 Twentyone Creek
Big Spring 1,597,595 433917N 1081141W 4,360 Thermopolis
Black Sulphur Spring 1,597,598 433920N 1081142W 4,370 Thermopolis
Teepee Fountain 1,597,648 433908N 1081200W 4,324 Thermopolis
The Maytag Spring 1,597,650 434028N 1081216W 4,314 Thermopolis
Thermopolis Hot Springs 1,794,810 433914N 1081140W 4,357 Thermopolis
Red Springs 1,593,340 434136N 1080245W 4,655 Red Hole
Rock Springs 1,593,590 434214N 1080403W 4,564 Red Hole
Big Table Mountain Spring 1,585,517 433528N 1082731W 6,099 Potato Butte
McQueen Spring 1,591,390 433402N 1082646W 5,548 Potato Butte
Merrill Spring 1,591,476 433343N 1082551W 5,518 Potato Butte
Potato Butte Spring 1,592,985 433303N 1082450W 5,213 Potato Butte
Rainwater Spring 1,593,139 433157N 1082833W 5,981 Potato Butte
Red Spring 1,593,333 433436N 1082759W 5,781 Potato Butte
Sweetwater Spring 1,595,248 433550N 1082612W 5,531 Potato Butte
Val Day Spring 1,595,899 433228N 1082910W 5,886 Potato Butte
Whitney Spring 1,596,341 433704N 1082912W 5,440 Potato Butte
Big Eagle Spring 1,585,458 433207N 1081945W 5,325 Nostrum Mountain
Little Eagle Springs 1,590,794 433209N 1081922W 5,492 Nostrum Mountain
Nostrum Spring 1,592,311 433543N 1082059W 4,928 Nostrum Mountain
Red Springs 1,593,339 433049N 1081656W 5,840 Nostrum Mountain
Jergens Spring 1,590,097 432948N 1081800W 6,253 Morrison Canyon
Nicholson Springs 1,592,032 432745N 1081924W 6,706 Morrison Canyon
Twin Springs 1,595,812 432754N 1081540W 6,735 Morrison Canyon
Little Dry Muddy Spring 1,600,974 433835N 1090927W 9,495 Monument Peak
Harris Spring 1,589,339 434612N 1082040W 4,662 Little Sand Draw
Moore Springs 1,591,743 433138N 1080025W 6,457 Devil Slide
Wagonhound Spring 1,595,981 434955N 1084107W 5,669 Crater Sink
Brontley Spring 1,585,951 433841N 1075445W 4,797 Coyote Hill
Malcolm Spring 1,591,186 433832N 1075601W 4,931 Coyote Hill
Dye Springs 1,587,959 433238N 1075532W 6,611 Blue Hill
Side Hill Spring 1,594,313 433126N 1075922W 6,680 Blue Hill
Winter Spring 1,596,563 433505N 1075533W 5,584 Blue Hill
Dead Indian Spring 1,587,421 433214N 1073623W 6,450 Battle Mountain
Blue Hill Spring 1,585,685 434121N 1083635W 5,787 Arapahoe Ranch
Boghole Spring 1,585,746 434135N 1083336W 5,394 Arapahoe Ranch
Chokecherry Spring 1,586,686 433834N 1083421W 5,732 Arapahoe Ranch
Iron Creek Spring 1,589,952 433748N 1083239W 5,837 Arapahoe Ranch
Knight Spring 1,590,401 434107N 1083541W 5,781 Arapahoe Ranch
Love Spring 1,591,066 434036N 1083456W 5,905 Arapahoe Ranch
Willow Spring 1,596,479 432845N 1074322W 6,443 Arapahoe Butte

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