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Hot Springs County Clippings

If you have old newspaper clippings that you would be willing to share, please e-mail me for inclusion here.
  • Junior Police
  • News Paper Clippings From Around The U.S.
    • There are more than I've put in. Many dealing with the doings of N.W. Wyoming but not with Hot Springs County/Thermopolis area in particular. Clippings before 1911 won't be "Hot Springs County". Hot Springs County wasn't organized before 1911. They will be from Freemont and Big Horn Counties depending on the year. Freemont County before 1890. Big Horn County between 1890 and 1911. I have tried to include every clipping I could find that gave names of Hot Springs/Thermopolis are resident. Some I included just because they were intersting, at least to me.
    • 1894 - 1898
    • 1899 - 1904
    • 1905 - 1918
    • 1918 WWI Casualty Lists
    • 1906 Burlinton Newspaper Add