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Campbell County

Do you haev any information on these people and would be willing to write a little bit about them.  Please e-mail me and let me know what you have about thier historys.

Thanks for the help.

Herbert A. Alden 1892-1893
A.J. Spencer 1893-1895
H.E. Lilles 1895-1896
J. T. Morgan 1896-1898
C.C. Chabo 1898-1899
P.J. O'Mara 1899-1901
E.L. Fitch 1901-1902
H.H. Sandusky 1902-1903
William Underwood 1903-1904
E.B. Armstrong 1904-1906
J.B. Mull 1906-1907
L.H. Barlow 1907-1912
Dr. Paul Newcomer 1912-1913
W.D. McGrew 1913-1914
Roy Montgomery 1914-1915
Mark Shields 1915-1916
J.P. Fowlston 1916-1917
W.M. Underwood 1917-1920
M.S. Shields 1920-1923
W.R. Wright 1923-1927
O.W. Hall 1924-1928
W.R. Wright 1928-1930
W.D. McGrew 1930-1934
E.O. Hibler 1934-1936
Roy Montgomery 1936-1944
Herbert F. Dickey 1944-1948
W.T. Fulkerson 1948-1952
Axel Ostlund 1952-1954
D.J. Dalbey 1954-1967
Fred A. Barlow 1967-1968
D.A. Swenson 1968-1971
C.H. Davis 1971-1975
Michael B. Enzi 1975-1983
H.A. Carter 1983-1991
E.J. Collins 1991-1995
Frank Latta 1995-Present

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