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Homesteaders Index

As identified from  Publication Notices of Intent to show three or five year
year proof; Yearly Lists of Delinquent Property Taxes, Foreclosure of Mortgages,
Sale of Estate Notices, etc., published in Campbell County newspapers.  These
newspapers were microfilmed by the Wyoming State Historical Society and they can
be found in the Campbell County Memorial Library, Gillette, Wyoming.  The
newpaper references are as follows:
CCR, Campbell County Record  (June 27, 1918 - April 1925)
GN, The Gillette News  (November 1, 1912 - April 25, 1925
NR, The News Record (April 25, 1925 - present)
and, BLM Index, the Bureau of Land Management, Patent Section, Cheyenne, WY

This is not a complete list, names could have been missed by the reader, the
notices may  have been published newspapers in Moorcroft, Newcastle or Buffalo
depending on where the U. S. Land Office was located.  Individuals doing
genealogy should always check the sources themselves using good genealogical
evidence procedures.  This list is only issued as a tool for those seeking names
of ancesters who may have homesteaded in this small area of Wyoming during the
early Twentieth Century.  Be aware that the dates are only estimates and that
the compiler often could not read her own writing from 3x5 index cards.  In
other words any data on this page should be verified by individual researchers
and never used as a reference source in established official family histories.

As of this date 12 June 2000, this list is not complete.  Updates will be made
as soon as additional information is obtained and indexed.

If any of these names are part of your family and would like a link to your site or an e-mail address just write to me and I will provide one here.  This will help others in thier reseach as well looking for the same person or surname.

Additional Information
I am trying to locate the names of all the original homesteaders who
settled in or north/south of Rozet, Campbell County,
       Wyoming, the first half of the 20th Century.  I am currently reading
all the local newspapers from 1900-1949 on microfilm via the
inter library loan from Campbell County Library.  I was born 7 miles
north of Rozet in 1936 so I have a keen interest in this particular
area of Campbell County.  I have quite a list of names obtained
from the newspapers (land proof of entry, mostly) and the Rozet
news columns along with Adon to the north and Dillinger communities
to the south.

The area that I am looking in is:
Ranges 69 West and 70 West with:
The sections north of the Belle Fourche River in township 47 North
(Dillinger community)
All sections in Townships 48, 49, 50, 51, and 52 North ; and
The sections south of the Little Powder River in township 53 North
(Adon community)

For most I get the exact descriptions from the 3 year and
5 year proof on their claims.

Any help that you could provide me would greatly
be helful Please e-mail me, Lorna.

This information is not for publication, but for information only
for folks gathering data about their particular families.

This page is loaned to us by Lorna Whisler all rights researved..

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This page is copyrighted by Grace Buckley @2000-2001
and Lorna Whisler

Name Township/Range 
Appx Location
Adams, William T T49, R69W 1915 CCR, 12/15/1915
Anderson, Johanna T51N, R70W 1916 CCR,
Arnquist, John  T53N, R70W 1921 NR, 3/12.1925
Beard, Albert T49N, R70W 1921 CCR, 1/2/1921
Belk, Oscar T48N, R71W 1914 CCR, 4/15/1915
Bailey, Henry T50N, R69W 1915 BLM Index
Bentley, Alice May T51n, R70W 1920 GN, 5/14/1920
Best, Charles T50N, R70W 1916 GN, 7/16/1920
Best, William H. T50N, R70W 1917 GN, 3/4/1921
Black, William B. T49N, R69W 1915 GN, 5/9/1919
Bond, H.H. T50N, R69W 1925 NR, 6/18/1925
Brennan, Daisy C. T50N, R 69W 1906 BLM Index
Brennan Fred M.  T51N, R70W ? BLM Index
Brennan, john E.  T50N, R69W 1906 BLM Index
Brennan, Lawrence D. T50N, R69W 1916 BLM Index
Brennan, Matthew S. T49N, R69W 1910 GN, 2/27/1914
Brower, Thomas B. T49N, R69W 1916 GN, 12/29/1916
Brown, William H. T50N, R69W 1909 GN,12/18/1916
Brownlee, Jessie M. T49N, R70W 1920 GN,1/2/1920
Bryant,Ray C. T46N, R70W 1920 BLM Index
Bunnell, Willard G. T53N, R70W 1925 NR, 6/18/1925
Burr, Andrew A. T48N, R70W 1921 BLM Index
Burr, Edward E. T48N, R70W 1821 BLM Index
Busch, Helen T48N, R69W 1919 GN, 5/9/1919
Cady, Walter T50N, R69W ? BLM Index
Cain, Leslie W. T49N, R69W 1919 GN, 5/9/1919
Cain, Nelson B. T49N, R69W ? BLM Index
Carson, Albert C. T53N, R70W 1916 CCR, 9/30/1920
Carson, Alfred C. T52N, R70W 1916 CCR, 4/28/1921
Carson, Ruth E. T52N, R69W 1920 NR, 9/10/1925
Christianson, Karsten C. T53N, R70W 1916 NR, 6/18/1925
Church, Constance M. T47N, R69W 1924 GN, 6/12/1924
Clark, Alonzo M. T50N, R70W 1909 GN, 3/28/1914
Clark, Charles V. T49N, R69W 1914 GN, 12/18/1914
Clark, Emily E. T50N, R70W 1910 BLM Index
Clark, Robert A. T48N, R70W 1915 BLM Index
Cook, Floyd E. T49N, R70W 1917 GN, 4/1/1921
Cook, John H. T52N, R70W 1918 GN, 2/18/1921
Cook, Winfred T51N, R69W ? BLM Index
Coyle, Margaret O. T48N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Creachm James L. T51W, R69W 1916 GN, 4/2/1920
Crouch, R.M. T48N, R70W 1920 GN, 6/12/1924
Culavin, Albert C. T52N, R70W ? BLM Index
Culavin, John T. T51N, R70W 1911 BLM Index
Culavin, Julia A T51N, R70W 1911 GN, 10/31/1916
Davison, Earl T49N, R70W 1917 GN, 2/1/1917
Day, Howard T47N, R70W ? NR, 5/28/1925
Day, Willard F.  T47N, R69W ? NR, 9/10/1925
Danford, Otis B.  T50N, R69W 1910 GN, 6/?/1914
Dillinger, Jacob T47N, R69W ? BLM INdex
Ditto, Andrew M. T49N, R70W 1916 BLM Index
Donahue, Julia A.  T51N, R70W 1912 GN, 5/9/1919
Donegan, E Spense T53N, R70W ? NR, 1/18/1925
Donner, Charley M. T53N, R70W 1920 BLM Index
Donner, George O. T52N, R69W 1916 BLM Index
Drum, Hawley T. T49N, R70W 1913 GN, 11/27/1916
Duvall, Fred T49N, R69W ? BLM index
Duvall, James D. T49N, R69W 1917 BLM Index
Ebben, Clara D. T51N, R70W 1917 CCR, 3/9/1922
Eddy, Frank L.  T50N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Eddy, Hite T49N, R69W ? BLM Index
Eddy, Philo B. T51N, R69W ? NR, 1/7/1926
Eddy, ulysses H. T51N, R69W 1923 NR, 1/7/1926
Eddy, Ulysses H.  T50N, R69W 1919 GN, 5/9/1919
Egert, Henry W. T50N, R70W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Ellsworth, John F. T49N, R69W 1911 GN, 3/22/1916
Engdall, Merle L. T53N, R70W 1921 BLM Index
Fair, Fred T50N, R69W 1922 NR, 6/18/1925
Fishelson, Samuel T52N, R70W 1919 NR, 10/22/1925
Fischer, J.C. T50N, T69W 1919 GN, 4/9/1920
Fisher, Lee B. T52N, R69W 1915 BLM Index
Flemming, George F. T53N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Fosdick, James A. T50N, R69W 1922 GN, 6/12/1924
Fox, David M. T47N, R69W 1917 NR, 6/18/1925
French, Ernest E. T50N, R69W 1911 GN, 12/15/1913
French, Ray E. T50N, R69W 1908 GN, 1/28/1914
Frieler, E.M. T49N, R69W ? CCR, 1/2/1921
Fulton, HGeratio L. T50N, R69W 1914 GN, 7/17/1914
Galladay, Homer T52, R70W 1916 GN, 3/29/1918
Galladay, Isaac T52N, R70W 1916 GN, 3/29/1918
Gardner, W.A. T49N, R69W 1916 NR, 6/18/1925
Garner, William A.  T49N R69W 1913 GN, 9/22/1916
Garrett, Laurel E. T51N, R70W 1921 GN, 4/10/1921
Garrett, Thomas B. T50N, R70W 1910 CCR, 6/23/1921
Garrett, Winslow J. T48N, R70W 1914 BLM Index
George, Edith B.  T50N, R69W 1913 BLM Index
Geroge, Frank T50N, R69W 1912 BLM Index
George, Raymond E. T50N, R69W 1912 GN, 4/17/1924
George, Zelia T51N, R69W 1919 GN, 6/12/1924
Glover, George Guy T51N, R69W 1917 BLM Index
Gray, O'Neil T50N, R69W 1920 NR, 6/18/1925
Greer, Charles C. T48N, R70W 1913 GN, 9/16/1916
Greer, James E. T48N, R70W 1920 CCR, 9/29/1921
Greer, Lilburn E. T48N, R70W 1916 GN, 8/8/1919
Grice, Myron E. T52N, R70W 1917 CCR, 8/4/1921
Gripps, Jacob B. T49N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Grunke, Paul T51N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Gunderson, Siver T51N, R70W 1916 BLM Index
Haynes, Ernest T51N, R70W 1916 GN, 1/14/1921
Halverson, Anna Marie T50N, R70W 1914 NR, 6/18/1925
Halverson, Erik T49N, R70W 1914 NR, 10/19/1925
Halverson, Jacob T50N, R70W 1912 CCR, 6/30/1921
Hamm, Fred L.  T51N, R69W 1920 BLM Index
Hartzell, Daniel T52N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Hatfield, Ralph T53N, R70W 1921 NR, 3/4/1926
Hathaway, Ruffell V. T49N, R69W 1917 GN, 2/9/1917
Hazard, Herman T49N, R69W 1914 BLM Index
Heptner, Frank H. T51N, R69W 1914 BLM Index
Herndon, Albert G. T53N,  R70W 1921 GN, 6/12/1924
High, Willis T51N, R69W 1917 NR, 6/18/1925
Hiles, Irvine W. T49N, R70W 1918 CCR, 7/21/1921
Hinds, Charles A. T50N, R69W 1913 GN, 6/12/1924
Hipple, Gretchen G. T50N, R69W 1911 CCR, 3/24/1921
Hipple, LeRoy T50N, R69W 1918 GN, 6/12/1924
Hock, H.L. T48N, R70W ? CCR, 7/28/1921
Hock, Henry D. T49N, R70W 1916 GN, 3/26/1920
Hoden, John P. T49N, R69W 1913 GN, 11/12/1915
Horn, Frank W. T49N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Howe, Edward S. T49N, R70W 1911 GN, 1/23/1917
Hoxsie, Arthur,  T49N, R69W 1919 CCR< 1/2/1921
Hysham, C.J. T52N, R70W ? CCR, 1/2/1921
Iliff, Edward T51N, R70W 1916 BLM Index
Iliff, Ray T51N, R70W 1915 GN, 6/12/1924
Jackson, Julia C. T50N, R70W 1919 GN, 1/10/1919
Jacson, Russell L. T52N, R70W 1914 NR, 6/18/1925
Jackson, Stephen R. T52n, R70W 1914 GN, 1/9/1910
Jacobson, Thomas T53N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Jeffers, Floy B. T51N, R69W 1910 BLM Index
Jenson, George T51N, R70W ? BLM Index
Jenson, Herman T50N, R69W ? BLM Index
Jewtte, Clara Belle T49N, R69W 1915 GN, 5/23/1919
Johnson, Thomas J.  T50N, R69W 1913 BLM Index
Jonason, Rasmus T50N, R70W 1908 CCR, 2/5/1920
Jones, Norman B. T50N, R70W 1916 ?
Jones, R.B. T50N, R70W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Kelley, Claude E. T49N, R70W 1916 CCR, 9/1/1921
Kelly, Ben N. T50N, R70W 1916 GN, 1/14/1921
Kessinger, Mary T50N, R69W 1917 GN, 5/9/1919
Kessinger, William L. T50N, R69W 1907 BLM Index
Kile, Lester L. T51N, R69W 1916 GN, 12/4/1919
Kissick, William J. T48N, R69W 1922 NR, 11/19/1925
Kohns, Ethel M. T51N, R69W 1914 GN, 5/9/1919
Kohns, M.J. T51N, R69W 1914 GN, 2/7/1919
Kottraba, Raymond W. T48N, R69W 1918 BLM Index
Kuehne, Carl T51N, R69W 1913 NR, 10/15/1925
Kuehne, Frank T51N, R70W 1913 BLM Index
Kuehne, William D. T51N, R70W 1913 BLM Index
Kurtz, G.H. T51N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
LaFlash, Ora T49N, R69W 1914 GN, 1/17/1917
LaRouche, Arthur T. T52N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
LaRouche, Clifford T52N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Lawrence, Claude T50N, R69W ? BLM Index
Lenox, Oscar S.  T51N, R69W BLM Index
Litke, Henry T52N, R70W 1918 BLM Index
Littleton, Claire E. T50N, R69W 1908 BLM Index
Loften, Gretch T51N, R69W 1925 NR, 12/10/1925
Long, James T51N, R70W 1910 GN, 8/?/1916
Lubkin, Walter T49N, R69W ? CCR, 1/2/1921
Lucas, Jay Y. T48N, R69W 1918 GN, 9/27/1918
Mapes, Herschel C. T51N, R70W 1918 GN, 4/12/1921
Marquis, Harry M. T50N, R69W 1913 BLM Index
Marquiss, Nora Z. T50N, R70W 1919 GN, 8/29/1919
Matthews, Thomas W. T47N, R70W 1919 GN, 12/3/1919
McClendon, Charley J. T49N, R69W 1915 NR, 6/18/1925
McCurdy, Gaston O. T51N, R70W ? BLM Index
MCDannel, Frank R. T47N, R70W 1921 GN, 10/14/1921
McDermott, Joseph D. T49N, R69W ? BLM index
McDermott, Sarah T49N, R69W 1915 GN, 12/13/1915
MCDermott, W.P. T49N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
McLoy, Jacob E. T49N, R70W 1917 ?
Melton, Lorenzo A. T51N, R70W 1916 GN, 3/20/1920
Meridith, Ernest L. T51N, R70W 1918 ?
Messerer, Emanuel H. T48N, R69W 1915 GN, 6/9/1916
Miller, Bertha A, T50N, R69W 1915 BLM Index
Moon, Ora E. T49N, R70W 1917 CCR, 11/24/1921
Moran, Julia T49N, R70W 1918 CCR, 4/28/1921
Moranville, George E. T49N, R70W 1916 ?
Morgan, Edward T. T51N, R69W 1908 GN, 6/26/1924
Morgan, L.W. T48N, R69W ? CCR, 1/2/1921
Mossburg, Samuel C. T48N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Murdy, Susan N. T51N, R70W 1921 CCR, 2/3/1921
Neeley, D.E.B. T47N, R69W ? NR. 6/12/1924
Nelson, F. Lee T50N, R70W 1914 GN< 4/23/1920
Nelson, George O. T50N, R70W ? BLM Index
Nelson, Oscar B. T50N, R70W 1914 BLM Index
Nelson, Ray T50N, R70W ? BLM Index
Nemic, Frank T50N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Norfolk, Anna L. T52N, R70W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Norfolk, James T53N, R70W 1921 ?
Norfolk, John B. T52N, R70W 1919 GN, 1/21/1921
Norfolk, Margaret L. T52N, RyoW 1918 ?
O'Hanton, John I T52N, R70W 1916 CCR, 4/28/1921
Owens, Thomas W.  T49N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Patton, William T48N, R70W 1912 ?
Pederson, Chas. T49N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Peterson, Oscar T48N, R70W 1915 GN, 6/12/1924
PPeterson, Robert D. T49N, R70W ? ?
Peterson, Sylvan I. T47N, R70W 1922 NR, 9/17/1925
Phillip, Grover O. T49N, R70W 1917 GN, 8/6/1920
Ranney, Harley C. T51N, R69W ? BLM Index
Rayn, Otis T. T51N, R70W 1917 CCR, 6/1/1921
Reed, John W. T51N, R70W 1916 ?
Reed, Rueben W. T51N, R70W 1916 BLM Index
Reeve, George F. T49N, R69W 1917 ?
Reinsch, Albert C. T52N, R70W 1907 GN, 9/3/1920
Reinsch, John F. T52N, R70W 1917 GN, 10/8/1920
Reka, Charles C. T49N, R69W ? GN, 11/14/1919
Ricketts, Guy T51N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Riley, Evans L. T51N, R69W ? NR, 2/11/1926
Riley, Lester B. T51N, R70W ? BLM Index
Rivenburgh, Lizabeth W. T48N, R69W GN, 9/27/1918
Sade, Mary E. T49N, R69W 1917 GN, 2/16/1917
Satterfield, William E. T47N, R69W 1922 NR, 5/28/1925
Schlattmen, William T49N, R69W ? GN, 9/18/1924
Schoesler, William G. T53N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Schrand, Ben T51N, R69W 1913 GN, 6/12/1924
Schuett, John W. T49N, R70W 1923 NR, 3/18/1926
Sellers, Ira T52W, R70W 1917 CCR, 7/14/1921
Sewright, Guy W. T551N, R70W 1916 GN, 8/14/1916
Shafer, Clarence T50N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Shaughnessy, Gertrude T50N, R70W 1916 GN, 2/6/1920
Shaughnessy, John T54N, R69W 1917 GN, 10/8/1920
Shaughnessy, Katherine T50N, R69W 1910 BLM Index
Shaulis, Eugene L. T49N, R69W 1918 GN, 4/26/1918
Shickley, Mark B. T50N, R69W 1913 BLM Index
Shore, Anthony W. T47N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Shuart, Maggie E. T49N, R70W 1918 CCR, 10/6/1921
Shull, Wilber A. T53N, R69W ? NR, 6/19/1921
Sieber, Olga T49N, R70W 1921 ?
Simpson, C.H. T52N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Simpson, Floyd E. T51N, R70W 1916 GN, 1/16/1922
Simpson, Robert B. T53N, R70W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Skork, Milan T49N, R70W 1916 GN, 6/16/1917
Slattery, Charles T49N, R69W 1916 GN, 4/21/1916
Slattery, Edward F. T49N, R69W 1915 BLM Index
Smith, Harry T51N, R69W ? CCR, 1/3/1920
Smothers, Hugh L. T53N, R69W 1920 NR, 5/21/1925
Snider, Frank T49N, R69W 1909 GN, 12/7/1914
Soloman, Philip N. T49N, R70W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Soloman, Roy T49N, R70W 1918 CCR, 6/30/1921
Speegle, Arthur M. T51N, R70W 1908 GN, 4/11/1913
Speegle, Vera G. T51N, R70W 1916 GN, 12/24/1920
Spenser, George B. T50N, R50W 1916 GN, 7/18/1919
Spenser, Will T51N, R69W 1916 NR, 6/18/1925
Stamps, Luther T49N,R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Star, Glenn T52N, R70W 1914 GN, 3/8/1917
Steadman, R.A. T47N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1925
Steen, Charley T48N, R69W 1918 CCR, 3/2/1922
Stephans, Philip L. T48N, R70W 1915 GN, 7/12/1920
Stewart, Frank R. T52N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Stewart, George M. T50N, R69W ? BLM Index
Stewart, Martha A T50N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Stewart, Sarah E. T51N, R69W ? BLM Index
Stewart, Stanley T50N, R69W 1914 BLM Index
Stok, Alois T50N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Strong, Nathan W. T53N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Stuart, Ira B. T50N, R70W 1918 BLM Index
Stull, Alice E. T51N, R69W 1913 BLM Index
Stull, George E. T51N, R69W 1913 BLM Index
Sweeten, William H. T48N, R70W 1921 NR, 11/26/1925
Taft, Arlo S. T52N, R70W 1915 GN, 6/12/1924
Taft, John G. T52N, R70W 1914 BLM Index
Talley, May T49N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Talley, Richard V. T49N, R69W ? CCR, 1/2/1921
Thar, Henry T48N, R69W ? BLM Index
Thar, Mary A. T49N, R69W 1918 NR, 6/25/1925
Tholson, Kittie T47N, R70W 1921 NR, 9/17/1925
Thomas, Gorge G. T48N, R70W 1921 CCR, 11/17/1921
Thompson, Fayette R. T51N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Thorns, Clara M. T50N, R69W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Toland, Anna T49N, R70W ? GN, 6/13/1924
Toland, Joseph E. T50N, R70W 1913 GN, 5/23/1918
Toland, Ona Lowell T49N, R70W 1914 GN, 3/21/1919
Tomingas, John T53N, R70W 1916 CCR, 4/21/1921
Torbert, Manley T52N, R69W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Torao, John T51N, R69W ? CCR, 1/2/1921
Town, Frank E. T50N, R70W 1919 GN, 8/6/1920
Town, G.C. T50N, R70W 1920 GN, 6/12/1924
Tuller, Glenn M. T53N,R70W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Tullor, Frank A. T53N, R70W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Turner, John L. T50N, R70W ? GN, 6/12/1924
Vaningan, Harriet T51N,R69W 1910 GN, 4/20/1914
Vasey, William J. T49N,R69W 1915 GN, 4/10/1920
Wade, George L. T52N, R69W ? GN,3/10/1916
Wall, Frank T50N,R70W 1916 ?
Wallace, Otis F. T51N,R70W 1916 GN, 6/12/1924
Wallace, Thomas Perry T51N,R69W 1916 GN, 3/14/1919
Walters, Joseph E. T49N,R69W 1919 GN, 3/14/1919
Ward, Frank B. T50N, R70W 1916 /
Ward, J. T. T48N, R70W ? NR, 6/18/1925
Ware, Fred H  T50N, R69W ? ?
Weaver, Clay C.  T50N, R69W 1916 GN, 12/18/1916
Weaver, Henry C. T51N, R70W  BLM Index
Weaver, Samuel K.  T51N, R69W ? BLM Index
Webber, D. F. I.  T48N, R70W  ? NR, 6/18/1925
Weckworth, Mary  T49N, R69W 1918 GN, 3/1/1918
Weckworth, Walter T49N, R69W CCR, 1/3/1920
Weirmuller, Albert A T49N, R70W 1915  NR, 6/18/1925
Wells, Albert B.  T53N, R69W ? BLM Index
Wells, Miriam M. T53N, R69W   ?  BLM Index
Wells, Carrie M.  T50N, R69W BLM Index
Wells, Charles  T51N, R69W   ?   BLM Index
West, William R T48N, R69W  1916  GN, 6/23/1916
Whisler, David Riley  T51N, R70W  1923  ?
White, Cassius M.   T52N, R70W 1916  GN, 3/12/1921
White, Clifford C.  T52N, R70W  ?  BLM Index
Whitehouse, C. B.   T52N, R70W    ?   NR, 6/18/1925
Williams, Anna   T49N, R70W   1909  ?
Williams, C. J.   T49N, R70W   ?  CCR, 1/2/1921
Williams, George P.  T49N, R70W  1910  CCR, 1/2/1921
Williams, Louis   T49N, R70W 1907  GN, 8/8/1913
Willis, Eliza N.  T49N, R69W   ?  NR, 6/18/1925
Wolfe, John E.  T49N, R69W   ?   BLM Index
Wolff, Peter  T48N, R70W  1920  GN, 9/17/1920
Woods, Charley  T51N, R69W   ?  BLM Index
Woods, Orrin A. T51N, R69W  ?   BLM Index
Woods, Roy B. T51N, R69W  BLM Index
Woolsey, Durward D.  T50N, R69W  ?`  BLM Index
Wynkoop, Chas. H. T53N, R70W   ?  NR, 6/18/1925
Young, Dell F.  T48N, R70W    ?   NR, 6/18/1925
Young, Opal B T49N, R70W  NR, 6/18/1925
Zimprich, Helen B. T48N, R69W  ?  CCR, 1/2/1921