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This information was sent to me by Bruce Gross.  It is presented free because of the volunteers of rootsweb. Company G was part of the Third Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and fought solely in two battles in Puerto Rico.

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The above page is provided by Ellen of Waukesha County -

==================================================================== Company G, Wausau
Captain - H. J. Abraham
First Lieutenant - Fred R. Becker
Second Lieutenant - R. O. Kumerow
First Sergeant - Walter Mueller
Quartermaster Sergeant - H. J. Lemma

E. I. Lucas
O. C. Abraham
Charles N. Goerling
H. O. Miller

William Huckbody
Emil Braatz
Ernst Grahm
Paul Schulz
Robert Braatz
Albert Zastrow
F. Kuechler
Bert F. Libby
John Kwaitboski
Charles Sampson
William Laatsch

Adam F. Brechlin
William Twomey

Artificer -- William H. Bolger

Wagoner -- Albert Fenhaus

Able, Paul
Albee, Alex
Albee, Frank
Allen, E. C.
Armstrong, G.
Bacus, Henry
Baker, John P.
Baker, J. W.
Behrend, Charles
Benoit, Arthur
Benoit, Isadore
Bernhardt, P.
Bernhardt, William
Biller, O. A.
Block, H. O.
Boernke, E. H.
Brett, William
Bugs, Carl
Callies, Gustav
Christianson, A.
Drake, Frank
Drake, George
Dumbroski, H. M
Gasy, Albert
Goeres, B.
Hagen, Ray
Helke, John
Hickey, William
Hildensperger, A.
Hinchick, Charles
Hohman, Otto
Holbrook, Robert
Horton, Clark
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Hans
Keissler, Z. E.
Kiefer, John
Laatsch, William
Lamere, Michael
Leitz, Paul
Charles Lissack,
Ernst Malone,
John Mamont,
Charles McCullough,
Ray Melang, William F.
Meyer, Fred
Miller, W. H.
Moats, Otto
Muenchow, Gust
Mullendorf, E. F.
Newell, Ralph
Niebauer, Albert Jr.
Niebauer, Edward C.
Ohm, Arnold
Opdahl, E. C.
Peterson, Albert
Raduechel, G.
Reiser, R. W.
Roe, Clem
Roloff, Carl
Saindon, P. Jr.
Saindon, Anton
Saindon, A. J.
Schulrud, H.
Schwitzke, George
Soukoup, A.
Splain, V. J.
Sternke, Albert
Stopp, John
Swett, I. L.
Swope, Walter
Treptow, Otto
Vaubel, Lawrence
Vaughan, Bently
Young, Ira
Zeimer, Oscar (note: family members report this should be "ZIEMER") Ziebell, Ernest
Zietlow, H.


Pvt. W. W. Wilson in Puerto Rico


Pvt. H. W. Gerndt to Hospital Service
Pvt. William Johnson to Hospital Service

Pvt. Frank Gauger of Wausau, died at Ponce, Puerto Rico, of Typhoid fever, on Oct. 20, 1898. Buried at Ponce.

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