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I got the following letter from a volunteer, Harry Miller.

Hi Shelley,

Attached is a list of some of the names I remember from Marathon, with some identification as to who they were. Most of the ones not ID'd in any manner were younger, non-working (so-to-speak), people, or spouses.



Additional Names for Marathon City Listing (3/5/2001)


Bean, Mary

Bean, Nora    --Village telephone switchboard operator

Bingam, Norma

Brill, Matt  --Merchant

Buchberger, William

Burmeister, Lois

Burmeister, Lucille

Couche, Madaline -- High School Teacher

Cherry, Joann

Kobb, Delos  -- High School Teacher

Crane, Helen -- High School Teacher

Delorea, Ella -- Retired - Farmer

Delorea, Dave  -- Retired - Farmer

Drengler, John

Durstein, Mary Ellen

Eck, James

Eisenman, Catherine

Franke, Gus   -- Village Marshall

Fisher, Alice

Fisher, Bernice

Fricke, Mildred  -- Elementary School Teacher

Fricke, Homer

Gage, Eileen

Gage, Eunice

Gassner, Frank

Gassner, Richard  -- Banker

Genger, Myron

Genger, Loraine

Goldbach, Marie

Halweg, Robert  -- Banker

Kolander, Rev. Edward  --Lutheran Pastor at St. Mathews

Leiterman, Ervin

Leiterman, Gladys

Leiterman, Mavis

Lins, Carl  -- Brewmaster, Marathon City Brewery

Lins, Donald

Lockner, Mary Ann  --  High School Teacher

Martin, Lillian

Mellin, William Jr.

Menzner, Phylis

Miller, Harry R., Sr.  --   Butcher

Miller, Susan

Murr, Viola

Murr, Arnold

Nuxoll, Cyril   -- Merchant

Pyan, Milo

Rajek, Harry

Roman, Francis   -- High School Principal

Roman, Catherine

Roman, George

Roman, Francis Jr.

Schroeder, Charles

Schroeder, Ruth

Schroeder, Lillian

Shea, Dr. Daniel   -- Dentist

Shea, Catherine

Shea, Josephine

Sicklinger, Clifford

Sicklinger, Dorothy

Simonson, Geraldine

Steiber, Laura

Tushinski, Alvin

Vetter, Matt   -- Village Marshall

Vetter, Ruth

Wagner, Ruth

Weber, Walter O.   -- Merchant

Weber, Florence

Weber, Joan

Weber, Lois

Weisenberger, Ken

Wilcox, PeeWee

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