July, 1912 Flood The Eau Claire and the Wisconsin Rivers had a few very damaging floods over the years. Noted flood dates are 1886, 1880, 1881, 1912, 1938 and 1941 among others. July 23,24, 1912 saw torrential rains deluge the area, most of which poured from the skies to the north and east of Wausau. It was said to have rained 15 inches in 24 hours at Merrill. The Wausau area only got 3 or 4 inches, which was not considered to be a lot, nor very alarming, but the upstream surge caught many unawares. Most wagon bridges in the area were washed away, and property damage was very expensive. A decendant of Frank Berghammer, a town of Johnson, Marathon County farmer, sent me these pictures of the flood of 1912. Thanks to Pat Virzi, nee Berghammer. pattrs@hotmail.com. These are of downtown Wausau, in the area of first street, Washington St. and Scott street. (The Northern Milling building was the Dodge grist mill – my grandfather’s business) Another prominent building was the Kichbusch grocery building. WAUSAU1

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