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Marjorie Crawford - 98-05-12

I am looking for information about my grandfather  His name was Henry ARNETT. He moved to Neenah-Manasha where he lived for the remainder of his life. I believe my grandmother's name was Alvina MAYVILLE who was born in Unity, WI approximately 1875. Thanks for any help!

Linda Titze  98-04-16 09:01:55 EDT

Looking for any info that might pertain to BARNARD. My grandmother, Hazel Marie Barnard, was born in Marathon City, Feb 2, 1907, according to a family bible. The family was from Mich and returned there after her birth. Apparently there is not a birth record at the clerk's office. Her parents were William Barnard and Annie Laurie (Atkins) Barnard. Would there be records of Barnards or Atkins in the Marathon area?

Thank you so much for your time. Linda Titze

Brian Gaber 98-01-18

I wonder if anyone is looking up the families of Stanley BERLIK    and Mary WAYERSKI? My ancestor is Mary's sister Martha Wayerski.  Special greeting to anyone from Schofield (Weston) where I lived 1960-1965.

Elaine Chapek  98-03-09

I am looking for information on Joseph BRITTEN, born 1866 to Nicholas Britten and Christine BEY Britten.  They are listed on 1880 census for Wood County living at home with parents. then as living in Athens WI in 1912 in an obit for his mother.  

Bill Draves - 98-02-11

My father's name is Herman E. (Emmo?) DRAVES.  Birthplace is Wausau, Dec. 6, 1898.  His parents were Carl DRAVES  and Johanna MEINCHOW.   The name may have been spelled DRWS or DREWS.  There was a younger child of Carl & Johanna named William Carl Draves. Any help will be appreciated.

Linda Vixie 98-03-01 19:23:32 EST

I'm working on a book and am seeking descendants of three EWERT brothers who settled in Clark and Marathon counties (Unity, Colby) about 1881: Wilhelm, Carl, and Christian EWERT.Wilhelm had the following children: Johannes, Carl, Freidrich, Fritz, Gustave, Herman, Hulda, Minnie, Oscar, Alma, Gus, Otto, Charles, and Esther. Carl had the following children: Emma (m. Finch), Bertha, Carl, Edward, Ida, Albert, Maria, Henry, Rose, Elsie, Arthur, and Lester. Christian had the following children: Hattie, Alma, Martha, Louise, Otto, Robert

Linda Vixie, Colorado Springs   --

Kim Wright    Date: 98-04-13 21:50:01 EDT

I am researching the following, Johannes Casper FENHAUS & Mathilda ASCHBRENNER , Town of Berlin, Carl RAUEN & Angela GOEDEN,Town of Rietbrock, Joseph & Anna Patrie REICHL, town of Rietbrock, Wilhelm TAEGE & Anna STECKER, Town of Berlin/Maine (Taegeville). Approximate Dates are mid1800's.They are all Great-Great Grandparents of mine. I would like any info anyone could send me.Thank you,  Kim Wright

Harry R. Miller  98-06-19  22:37:45 EST

I am interested in the birth, marriage and death information on Harry R. Miller, born in Athens (I think) on 11/17/1903, and Susan King, born 1/13/1906 in Marathon County.

PFritz   98-04-03 21:50:04 EST

I am trying to locate the place and date of death of Lydia (nee Fritz) Moser. She was born in Grunmettstetten, Germany in 1859. Daughter of George and Anna Schaefer Fritz. She came to America in 1889 with her brother Anton Fritz and Sister Barbara Fritz. They settled in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. On July 15,1890 she married George Moser of Sheboygan. They lived here unitl 1896 and moved up in the Wausau area.

She died between 1896 and 1905. As the 1905 Wis State Census shows that George was living in the town of Marathon and he is listed as a widower with three sons George, Louis and Joseph Moser. I checked the Marathon County Court House and there is no death certificate listed for Lydia Moser. Lydia and George were Catholic so they had to belong to a catholic church in the town of Marathon. I was told that Lydia was buried in a woods up north by a niece. Can anyone tell me where she is buried or when she died or possibly the name of the Catholic Church in that area where they would have belonged.

Patrick Gerum  98-1-06

I was born in Marathon County in Wausau on Feb. 22, 1961.  My parents are Michael L. GERUM and Jean BEILKE..  My grandparents are Michael Jacob Gerum and Dorothy ALBRENT, and Arthur Herman Beilke and Dorothy SMITH. My great grandparents are Ulrich Gerum and Elizabeth Wex, August Beilke and ?, and I don't know the names of my Albrent or Smith ggrandparents.  Can anyone give me more information?

Jean Franks  98-01-09 12:14:42 ESt

I am researching EGDAHL/OLSON from Parcherville/Wausau/Schofield about 1890's to 1990.

J. Wittke 98-01-04

I have recently learned that some of my KOPPE ancestors landed in Romeo, Marathon County WI in 1884, where their son Theodore was born. The family then went to Spencer. In August of 1885 their daughter Agnes was born. Then the family went to Phillips, where in April 1887 another daughter was born. The father's name was August Friedrich KOPPE.  His father was Friedrich Michael KOPPE.  August was born March 22, 1851 in Marienthal, Konigsberg. His wife was Anna Dorothea Claussen, b. 8 Sept. 1852.  Her parents may have been Claude Claussen and Mary Harms. I am seeking any connections.

Tim - 98-03-37

I am looking for information on than names of KLOS, WINTER, and WISNESKI. The time frame is probably about 1891 to 1973.  

Brenna  98-03-23

I am looking for any information about the LAMERE family.  Michael LaMere died about 1905 and is buried in Norrie Township in Hillcrest cemetery.

Subj: Marathon%20County%20query

Jean  98-06-01 09:35:27 EDT

LIEHE, Henry William: born about 1890, married Dec. 4, 1913 to Violet CALLAN(Callon) (Hattie Violet MATTHEWS/Hanneman) in Wausau. Henry's parents were Henry Liehe, born Germany and H. Johnson, born Germany. Looking for any other information about Liehe's or Matthews as Violet MATTHEWS had siblings of Charles, Clarence, Herman that also lived in Wausau for some time. They were born 1875-1893.

NICHOLSON, Alexander: born 1886 Cleator Moor, England, married September 2, 1915, in Wausau to Violet Matthews(Hattie Violet Matthews)/Hanneman/Callan(Callon)/Liehe/Nicholson.

Supposedly Mr. Callan died within 2 yrs of their marriage. Don't know what happened to Mr. Liehe.       --       Jean-WI

Vicki Blakslee     98-02-08

I am looking for any information on the surnames - SCHWARTZ and RAEDER.  My grandfather was born in Wausau in 1886 to Herman and Pauline (Raeder) Schwartz. They had 5 boys and one girl. My grandfather graduated form Northwestern University as an MD and moved to Phoenix AZ where he practiced until his death in 1946. He and my grandmother were married in Phoenix. Any information would be appreciated.

Phyllis Wessling 98-02-16

I am researching the STEFFES family.  Some of the family lived in Fond du Lac Co. and a few were in McHenry Co., ILL. Distant cousins lived in Marathon Co. Is any one else researching this family?  Please contact me.

Deborah   98-05-28 13:34:52 EDT

STENZEL/STENCEL/STENCIL arrived cir. 1880 in Rietbrock, Marathon County.  JOZIK arrived cir. 1885 in Marathon County     ---

Ilsa Lezgus  98-04-21

Location: Town of Stettin, 1903-1910 -- My grandparents, Eric STUTZKE worked in a brick factory until it burned down.  He then be came a constable - his jail was a boxcar. Fred GIETZ came earlier, and worked in the area in the logging business.  They were both German.  

Eric's children were Hilda and Arthur Stutzke.  Please contact me with any information. Thank you,     ---     Ilsa

Jim Weir 98-03-23

I am looking for any information on the WEIR family.  All I know is the following:  my father- Clyde Andrew Weir, grandfather is Andrew Weir of Wausau and Appleton, and grandmother is Jenny Petersen of Oconto Falls.  My mother's side- Mother Norma Anne Kurth, grandfather William Kurth b. Germany, and grandmother Emily Hoppe, b. Germany immigrated at age 16.

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