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This is a page with all the additional names I found listed in the 1895 and 1905 books  titled       " Wisconsin Census Enumeration 1895 ( and 1905) ---names of ex-soldiers and sailors residing in Wisconsin, June 20, 1895 ( and 1905)", both by Henry Casson.

These names are NOT in the lists of GAR applications.

Thanks to Steve Michaels of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, I have a few additional names.  These come from the "Soldiers and Citizens Album" published in 1882, and is a list of the roster at startup of the GAR Cutler Post 55.  Some of the names I feel are merely misspellings of names already listed, but I have included them anyway, in red.  There was no indication of the unit served.

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If you have any additional information, or can make any corrections, please e-mail me. Shelley Green

Name Unit
Acbischer, Nic Co G., 14th Wis Inf.
Ainsbaugh Co C., 20th Ohio
Ashbury, Fred
Austin, Alonzo G. Co F., 8th Vermont
Babcock,   Co G., NY Cav.
Baldwin, Josiah Co K, 2nd Vermont
Barrett, James Co K., 139th NY
G. Belling
Bernitt, DeWitt S. Co E., 3rd Dakota Cav.
Berwald, Carl Co B., 4th Wis Cav.
Birwald, Chas
Brenneman, Jake Co E., 2nd Ohio
Brinneman, Jacob Co C., 13th Ohio
Briggs, J. P. Co A., 49th Wis Inf. -Regular Army
Cain, G. F. Co C., 21st Mich
Collyer, J. F.
Connors, J. W. Co F., 14th Wis Inf.
Dapp, C. P.
Dewey, Edward Co H., 14th Wis Inf.
Dorling, F. H. Corp - 8th Wis Batty
Dumas, Joseph Co G., 13th NY Cav.
Dunwoodis, J. Douglas This name is supposed to be Dinwoodie, Douglas C, and Co. G., 7th Wis. inf., and is listed on the main page of GAR Civil War vets.  This is the way it was spelled in the 1895 census book however. Co G., 17th Wis Inf.
Eurgison, Joe Co E., 11th Maine
Ewald, Carl Co D., 27th Wis Inf.
Farrell, Golden Co E., 7th KS Cav.
Fein, Charles M. Quartermaster Sgt. - Co A., 22nd Wis Inf. Regular Army
Ferguson, J. H. Sgt Co H., 20th Wis Inf.
Gayott, Turnish
Graves, A. P. Co I., 41st Wis Inf.
Groelle, Gottfried Co A., 3rd Wis Inf.
Herrick, John Co D., 17th Wis Inf.
Holland, John Co E., 2nd Wis Inf.
Hoyt, Joseph W. Co C., 1st Vermont
James, John N. Sgt - Co I., 18th Wis Inf.
Johnson, J. F. Quartermaster, 100th ILL
Johnston, Edwin A. Co K., 203rd PA
Kleimann, Joseph Co D.,1st Wis Cav.
Knolden, Frank Co B., 62nd PA
Kufahl, John Co E, 34th Wis Inf.
LaCount, David Asst. Surgeon, 14th Inf.
Leahy, J. C. Captain - Co C., 35th Wis Inf.
Lum, J. K. Co H., 11th Wis Inf.
Lund, Mortimer co C., 2nd Mich
Marsh, Edwin Co F., 86th NY
McEwen, Jas 1st Sgt. - 8th Batty
McPhillips, John Co I., 16th Wis. Inf,.
Morrill, C. C. 1st Sgt., Co K., 3rd Wis Cav.
Mullendorf, Jos Co H., 18th Wis Inf.
Mulligan, Thomas Messenger boy - US Navy, - vessel - "South Carolina"
Myers, W. G. Co D., 12th Wis Inf.
Nenon, Chas Co E., 5th Wis Inf.
Otis, Marshall Co K., 43rd Wis Inf.
Page, Myron  Co I., 1st new Hampshire
Paquette, Stephen   Co B., 1st Colorado
Park, Jos. Co A., 18th Wis Inf.
Parker, Charles Co E., 7th Wis Inf.
Pedynek, Thomas Co G., 3rd ?
Praga, Adolphus Co B., 1st Wis Cav.
Qwan, S. M.( probably Quaw, Samuel M.)
Raey, Geo. W.
Randall, James Sr Co B., 17th Wis Inf.
Reading, Wm Corp - Co D., 5th Wis Inf.
Roohr, Jacob L Co D., 45th Wis Inf.
Seifield, August Co K., 51st Wis Inf.
Shattick, M. A. Co I, 9th Ill Cav.
Sheldon, I. L. ?
Siegrist, Henry Musician, Co G., 14th Wis Inf.
Silvester, Hugh Co E., 38th Wis Inf.
Simpy, W. J. S.
Smith, G. W. Co F., 4th Wis Cav.
Smith, J. C. Co D., 6th Iowa
Smith, Richard Sgt, Co K., 23rd Wis Inf.
Snider, L. M. Co A., 183rd Ohio
Spurgeon, Philip Co K., 11th Wis Inf.
Stoddard, Gustave Corp - Co B., 8th Wis Inf.
Stolen, Nick Co A., 13th ILL
Swisher, A. W. Co E., 1st PA
Taylor, Edward Co E., 4th Mich
Vanderhoof, Ward Co C., 1st New Jersey
Vanderhoof, Wesley Co E., 8th New Jersey
Van Horn, J. B. Co B., 6th California
Volhart, H. Co B., 5th NY
Welsh, Samuel R. Co D., 8th Ohio
Whiting, N. W.
Whitmore, Joseph Co K., 19th Wis Inf.
Wilde, T. J. Sgt, - Co I. 112th Ill
Wreay, Geo. W. (I have this also as Geo. W. Raey, and Geo. W. Reay- the same one?) Capt. Co G., 41st PA
Wunsch, Theodore Co K., 34th Wis Inf.
Youmans, S. J. Co C., 36th Wis

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