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Please keep in mind that the enumerators used creative spelling, or phonetic spelling. For example, one of them persisted in using "Berta" for Bertha.  I would think that is the way most German speaking residents pronounced the word.  And there were many other misspellings, but I used the way it was in the Census.  I also had some trouble reading the enumerators handwriting in a few cases, but entered the names the way I thought they read.

1870 Reference chart:

1 Dwelling number

2 Families numbered in order of visitation

3 Last name - first name

4  Age at last birthday

5  Sex M-F

6  Race W-white, B - Black, M - mulatto, C - colored, I - Indian

7  Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person

8  Value of Real Estate

9  Value of Personal Estate

10  Place of Birth

11  Father of foreign birth

12  Mother of foreign birth

13  If born within the year, the month born

14  If married within the year, the month married

15  Attended school within the year

16  Cannot read

17  Cannot write

18  Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane or idiotic

19  Male citizen of the U. S. of 21 years of age and upwards

20  Male citizen of the U. S. of 21 years of age and upwards, whose right to vote is denied or abridged on other grounds than rebellion or other crime.  

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