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This census was transcribed by Mary Saggio, and proofread by me, Shelley Green.

Mary very kindly gave me the CD which I have at home.  I will make copies of any pages you are interested in, for 25 cents a page, plus postage.  You MUST give me the page and line number.

This was extremely difficult to read as the enumerator used phonetic spelling in a lot of cases.  Mary and I did the best we could under those circumstances.  However, when checking for your surname, please use all the kinds of spellings that you can think of.  When you find an obvious error, please let me know.  I will check the CD, and if the name COULD have been simply misread by either Mary or me, I will make a correction on this page.  I can not change the on-line version, as it was given to (and done for) Rootsweb.

This is indexed by surname -- just click on the line with the initial, then click on the line with the text.  If you have any problems, please let me know.

I have received a correction from John Krueger about his family.  Although the census was read correctly, the enumerator wrote the surname incorrectly.  Town of Wausau, family 422:  this is on the census as Friedrich SMOLZER, Elizabetha and Mary. The correct name is SCHMUTZLER.  Mary later married Henry CRASS and mover to Tomahawk, Lincoln County, WI.  For further information on this family you can e-mail John.

Two more corrections: Wausau, house number 534, name should be GERAN or Gierhahn, and house number 537 should be MILLING, actually Mülling.  Info from Joyce Curry -

Another correction comes from N. T. Trapp - page 929 Town of Knowlton, line 18. The first name is Campbell. Line 19, the first name is Nancy. Line 22, last name is Stockman, first name is Hartley. Thanks Tom, for these corrections.

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