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        In June of 2006, Pat Munk of the Lebanon Genealogical Society wrote to the Sno-Isle Genealogical Society asking if we would like to have three scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings pertaining to the Everett area 1935-1960. The clippings covered a wide range of topics - births, marriages, deaths, school events, clubs, etc. - with occasional clippings from areas other than Everett and Snohomish County.

        The scrapbooks were compiled by a member of the Lebanon Genealogical Society, Winifred Saltmarsh Raines, who, in 1975, still lived on part of the original land claim her ancestor, Arthur Vance Saltmarsh, filed in the Golden Valley area east of Lebanon, Oregon in 1847. After her death in 1986, Mrs. Raines' family donated her genealogical work to the LGS; that Society wanted to find a good home for the three Everett-related scrapbooks.

        Ms Munk believes that Winifred Saltmarsh Raines' connection with the Everett area was through her sister, Elnora Saltmarsh May, wife of Ralph E May; Elnora, Ralph and their daughter Carolyn were enumerated in the 1930 census as living in Everett.

        As the indexing of these scrapbooks progressed, certain patterns emerged. Obviously, not every birth, marriage and death are included. Why did Mrs May clip out and send to her sister some articles and not others? There are MANY clippings that deal with nurses and nursing schools. Everett High School is another major topic - but NOT dealing with high school sports. "Church News" articles abound. What was most fascinating (to ME, anyway) are the many articles that dealt with railroading; it's obvious that some of these articles came from newspapers other than the Everett Herald and the Seattle Times. Some appear to have been clipped from railroad newsletters.

        The Sno-Isle Genealogical Society thanks Pat Munk and the Lebanon Genealogical Society for saving this wonderful collection and sending it to us.


        There are over 3400 lines in the data base indexing all three scrapbooks. Each line consists of the following fields:

SURNAME, Given Name
DATE: in almost all cases this is the date of the actual article, and not the date of the event
TYPE: B - births including christenings, birthdays, baby showers
           M - marriages including bridal showers, engagement announcements, anniversaries, divorces
           D - deaths including obituaries, memorials
           O - other
BOOK: scrapbook A, B or C
PAGE: an asterisk following the page number indicates that there is a picture

SIGS members who participated in the indexing project included Janet Cutlip, Dawn Koeppel and Marge Reid

Winifred Saltmarsh Raines 10 June 1910 - 31 December 1986

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