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Second Quarter, 2009

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World War I in the Edmonds Area
by Phylis Jorgenson

Note: In researching this article the author extensively consulted the Edmonds Tribune from the World War I period. 
The words and expressions used here are those of the articles or advertising from this newspaper.

          When President Woodrow WILSON declared that the United States would enter World War I on April 6, 1917, the Edmonds area felt the impact.  Patriotic meetings were held and the Home Guard Association was formed to produce a few guidelines for the average citizen to help the war effort.

          Home gardening was encouraged.  Every acre of arable land was made to produce food for the nation.  Vegetables were planted in every vacant lot.  Bigger gardens were cultivated.  A good gardener was a good patriot.  The citizens of Washington State were told to support the boys at the front by turning out the needed equipment and supplies; this was best done by increasing production of food.  More potatoes, carrots, beets and other vegetables were raised.   Potatoes on the dinner table saved wheat for the soldiers.

          There were even rules for a garden contest. Edmonds Hardware Company invited people to come in to find just the right tools needed to prepare a garden.  “Good garden tools make good gardeners,” said their newspaper advertisement.  Gardening went hand in hand with the development that had already begun in the area.  The Puget Mill Company was clearing land for Alderwood Manor.  Houses were being built, chickens raised and filbert trees planted.

          Meanwhile, what the people could not produce, they were urged to conserve.  One of the national slogans was “Thrift will win the war.”  President Wilson encouraged people to “Speak, Act and Work Together.”  In other words, everyone was to make sacrifices. Washington Coast Utilities encouraged people to use electricity in order to save tons of coal.   Merchandise would be scarce but the merchant would supply the community with the necessities of life.  The Edmonds Trading Company advertised it could get higher prices but due to the war effort people were urged to consider the scarcity of raw material and the great congestion in transportation which added to the difficulty of manufacturing in quantities sufficient to meet the demand.

          The YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) was established 6 months after the start of the war.  A YWCA was a place for young girls to learn social skills and prepare for work.   Located near cantonments, barracks, and Navy facilities, it was a recreation center and a place to take homemaking classes as well as a place for working girls to stay.   The ‘Y’ also helped immigrant soldiers get established through language classes.  Colored girls had the same problems as white girls so special clubs were set up to help them.

          The Red Cross continued their work through the war.  Special “write a soldier a letter days” were held to boost morale.  Boys wanted news from home.  Edmonds Knitting Club held regular meetings to encourage knitting of socks and mittens.  “Every time you knit yourself a sweater you are taking socks away from a soldier.”

          A service flag with 67 stars was presented to Edmonds in November 1918 to represent 67 boys from here:  3 gold stars for those who died, 4 silver stars for the wounded.

          Following is a list of 82 names found in the Edmonds Review from 27 April 1917 through November 22, 1918.

ACKERMAN, George Army 22 Feb 1918
ANDERSON, Harold Army 5 Oct 1917
ANDERSON, Lorne B. Engr. Corp. 15 Mar 1918, 29 Mar 1918, 5 Apr 1918
ANDERSON, Lt. Otto D. Army 27 Apr 1917, 17 Aug 1917, 22 Feb 1918, 5 Apr 1918, 7 Jun 1918, 27 Sep 1918, 4 Oct 1918
ARP, Alpha civil service-Steno/D.C. 22 Feb 1918
ARROWOOD, Alton Army 28 Jun 1918, 20 Sep 1918, 4 Oct 1918
ARROWOOD, Charles Army 19 Jul 1918, 25 Oct 1918
BACON, Walter, Army 5 Oct 1917, 5 Apr 1918
BAKER, William, Army 23 Aug 1918
BARTLETT, Eben Aviation Corp Army 19 Jul 1918, 16 Aug 1918, 9 Nov 1918
BASSETT, Hale Army 19 Jul 1918
BEESON, Wayne Navy 8 Jun 1917
BIGELOW, Ernest Returned home
22 Nov 1918
BJORNSON, Fred Army 26 Jul 1918
BOSHORT, John Army bugler 21 Jun 1918, 4 Oct 1918, 9 Nov 1918
BOSHORT, Charles Army 19 Jul 1918
BRACKET, Jr, William Army 19 Jul 1918
BURBANK, Richard Pullman 25 Oct 1918, died 9 Nov 1918
CARY, Miles Hosp. Corp 27 Apr 1917, 9 Nov 1918
CHASE, Luther Navy 22 Jun 1917
CURRIE, Chas. A. Army 5 Jul 1918
DALE, Geo. Army 22 Feb 1918
DeWOLF, Maurice Army 22 Feb 1918
DOTY, Dan Army 6 Sep 1918, 4 Oct 1918
DURANT, Dr. Army 6 Jul 1917
ELLINGTON, Lawrence Navy 22 Feb 1918
ELLINGTON, Osborne Calif. 5 Apr 1918
ELLINGTON, Steve U.S. Aviator Corp 15 Feb 1918, 29 Mar 1918
FREISE, Frank Army 5 Apr 1918
HITCHCOCK, Allen Army Engr 11 Jan 1918, 25 Jan 1918, 29 Mar 1918, 5 Apr 1918, 19 Apr 1918, 27 Sept 1918
HITCHCOCK, Roy Army Engr 3 Aug 1917, 25 Jan 1918, 5 Apr 1918
HUNTER, Gordon training in Fla. 22 Feb 1918
JONES, Delbert Aviation 22 Feb 1918
JONES, Dr. E. N. Army 23 Aug 1918
KENNEDY, Angus Marines 19 Apr 1918
KINGDON, Frank Army 3 May 1918
LaFAVE, Roy S. Army 20 Sep 1918
LARSEN, Julius Bremerton 5 Apr 1918
LARSON, P. J. Bremerton ship fitter 29 Mar 1918
LESTER, Albert P. Marine 23 Nov 1917
LOWE, Thad Ministry 22 Feb 1918
LYDELL, Clark Engr Corp 25 Jan 1918, 5 Apr 1918
MALONE, Capt. C. A. Ore. Coast Aux. 15 Feb 1918
MARINO, John Army 5 Oct 1917, 5 Apr 1918
MARKHAM, Lindsay rescued from Tusconia 22 Feb 1918
MARSHALL, Jesse G. (d. France) 4 Jan 1918
McCOY, Sgt. Astoria 27 Sep 1918
McDONALD, Ronald Army 19 Apr 1918, 25 Oct 1918
McELROY, Frank Army 6 Sept 1918, 11 Oct 1918
McELROY, Theron Army 19 Jul 1918
McQUEEN, Harold Army 5 Oct 1917
MITCHELL, Ray Navy 21 Jun 1918, 9 Nov 1918
MONTGOMERY Army 21 Jun 1918
MULLENS, R. O. Navy 9 Nov 1918
OAKE, Raymond Army 5 Oct 1917, 5 Apr 1918, 15 Nov 1918
OAKS, Dick Army 19 Jul 1918
OTTO, Joe Navy Bremerton 21 Jun 1918
OTTO, Paul Army 31 Aug 1917, 22 Feb 1918, 5 Apr 1918, 3 May 1918
OTTO, Samuel Army 11 Jan 1918
PARKER, Frank Army 23 Nov 1917, 22 Feb 1918, 5 Apr 1918
PEDERSEN, Eugene Army 2 Sep 1917
PIKE, Wendell Army 22 Feb 1918
PROCTOR, Fay Army 5 Oct 1917, 5 Apr 1918, 4 Oct 1918
ROSENQUIST, Oscar Army 9 Aug 1918
RULE, John Army 15 Mar 1918
RYNEARSON, Roy Army 21 Jun 1918, 4 Oct 1918
SABIN, Alfred Navy 21 Dec 1917
SALTY, Charles Army 19 Jul 1918
SHRIEBER, Carl Marine 5 Apr 1918, 24 May 1918, 4 Oct 1918
SORENSEN, Otto ROTC at UW 25 Oct 1918
SPARKS, Capt. L. D. Army 16 Nov 1917
STEVENS, Ralph Army 18 Oct 1918
STEWARD, Sgt. SS Army 27 Sept 1918
STRONG, Lloyd Navy 22 Mar 1918
VICTOR, Hansen died at Camp Fremont 25 Oct 1918
VILLAGER, Harold Army 19 Jul 1918
WALLER, Virgil Navy 27 Apr 1817
WHERRY, Mr. War service at Pullman 16 Aug 1918
WHITE, Bernard Service 22 Feb 1918
WICKLUND, Clayton (wounded) 28 Jun 1918, 13 Sep 1918, 4 Oct 1918
WILIAMS, Ralph Army 30 Aug 1918
WILSTED, T. T. Army 25 Oct 1918
2 Aug 1918
YOUNG, Lou C. Army 19 Jul 1918, 6 Sep 1918, 4 Oct 1918

          Not everyone responded to the draft.  Following is a list of those who failed to report in Snohomish as reported in the Edmonds Review  26 Apr 1918.
Jonas DANIELSON, Seattle
Adrian Lew LaLONDE, Seattle
Albert CORMEAR, Stillwater
Geo. W. HART, Tacoma
James O’DONNELL, Port Ludlow
Earl Oliver STEPHENSON, Monroe
Andrew BERG, Duluth, MN
Leslie H. LEGARY, Auburn
Philip BOB, Marysville
John Sailor BECKSTROM, Edmonds
Cleveland McNIELL, Monroe
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