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Fern Prairie Cemetery webpage project.

Eileen Abernathy

Eileen composed the spreadsheet of information about each burial in this old cemetery,
wrote the history and has taken nearly all of the excellent photos of the gravestones.
She was assisted in this part of the project by her husband, Dale Abernathy.
Another volunteer, Donald Finel, gave greatly appreciated advice and help with the project.
Don furnished several pictures; scanned the map images to use here plus assisted greatly elsewhere.

Straub's Funeral Home and Brown's Funeral Home
were instrumental in the compiling of the list.
They each allowed Eileen to go through all of their records from day one.
Without that, she could not have obtained much of
the information such as parents of deceased.

The webpage is on a free site offered by Rootsweb and the actual construction
of the webpage was done by Patricia McKee Bauer who is also volunteer
webmaster for several non-profit groups in Clark County.

It is hoped, as this site becomes recognized, many other groups will put together
a useful tool in this manner to serve the genealogical researchers of our world.

Last modified on Sunday, August 08, 2004