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Fern Prairie Cemetery Columbarium
Watch our construction!

Click on any of the pictures below to see
an easier to view enlarged version.

New Columbarium floor

Another view of the Columbarium floor.

Wrapped and almost ready for delivery!

Top of the Columbarium - ready to travel!

Niche to be!

Almost ready!

Here comes our new Columbarium!

It takes BIG equipment to do this job!

Hard at work - it has to be just right!

Two of the workmen demonstrating the size of the floor.

Carefully easing it into place.

Getting set up and ready to go!

We're getting there!

There are 60 double units in the Columbarium.

Each double unit could be divided to hold four cremains.

We're proud of our finished Columbarium!

Last modified on Monday, November 06, 2006