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          WAGS Mbr. #113 of Lincoln, Neb. is the NINNAUTM Historian of Y Drych. She is a Director of the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project, Wymore, Neb. and has translated many Welsh-American books articles, and letters. She offers to WAGS members insight from historic Welsh language Y Drych articles.

          WAGS members enjoy the opportunity to read success stories of family secrets discovered from Welsh language Y Drych documents. Martha Davies, who is Historian of Y Drych and archives past issues as well as researches Welsh-American history, provides to WAGS members family history insight in WAGS quarterly editions as well as in addition to NINNAU ( publications which do not duplicate each other. Martha demonstrates, in a series of articles, that Welsh language sources are a necessary component of Welsh-American family history research. Martha’s willingness to share her knowledgeable insight as another WAGS volunteer is greatly appreciated by everyone in this “member-helping-member” society of genealogists.

          “Welsh language sources hold keys to resolving your family history quandaries,” says Martha Davies of Lincoln, Nebraska. She has found many forgotten family facts that were, until now, locked up in the Welsh language and forgotten. Martha learned Welsh in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion where she lived for four years. She earned the Certificate in Welsh as a Second Language for Adults from the University of Wales and has been engaged, over the years, in translating Welsh family history for many clients. Martha has access to over one hundred years of Y Drych (Utica, N. Y. from 1851) on microfilm. This collection was the gift of a donor to the Great Plains Welsh Heritage Project in Wymore, Nebraska. It is Martha’s great delight to search for Welsh-American history—the settlements and the people--and to make this information available in translation. Some of Martha’s translations--online at the website of the St. David’s Society of Pittsburgh—reveal that this organization is much older than was thought.

          Thank you, Martha for your spirit of volunteerism in joining the others producing our quarterly publications!

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