Meadowville Cemetery
Round Valley, UT 84038
First Burial: 1878
Latest Burial: 1927
Total Burials: 35
Notes: A lady living close by kept a record of burials on her own. At her passing her daughter in law kept on doing it. Cemetery census sompleted by Donna Severson, DAR.
Source: Utah Cemetery and Burials Database

Coordinates: 41.834351, -111.392835
Burials Source: Source: Utah Cemetery and Burials Database
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Index compiled 5.9.2015 by MaryAlice Schwanke


Last Name First Name Date Of Birth Place Of Birth Date Of Death
ElberFred8/5/1859Germany 4/4/1898
EldredgeEllen Ruth 4/5/1879Meadowville, Utah 5/29/1879
EldredgeHyrum11/11/1884Meadowville, Utah 11/11/1884
EldredgeJohn0/0/1887Meadowville, Utah 0/0/1887
EldredgeJohn H. 9/26/1837 10/14/1887
EldredgeJohn Rex 5/6/1876Meadowville, Utah 5/29/1879
EldredgeLizzie Winder 7/2/1856Salt Lake City, Utah 11/16/1884
EldredgeLorin8/20/1857Salt Lake City, Utah 2/28/1889
EldredgeOra9/0/1883Meadowville, Utah 9/0/1883
FlowersHannah2/3/1828Marstoke, Warwick, England 9/27/1892
GrowChristina Moffat 3/26/1850Edinburgh, Midlothiam, Scotland 2/4/1880
GunnRoxy0/0/1888Salt Lake City, Utah 0/0/1898
JuddAdelaide Eliza 6/3/1852Salt Lake City, Utah 9/0/1886
KimballDavid Heber 2/26/1850Salt Lake City, Utah 10/4/1927
KimballDavid Heber Chase 9/13/1874Meadowville, Utah 3/19/1905
KimballEdward G 10/11/1880Meadowville, Utah 11/24/1925
KimballHarriet Sanders 6/25/1828Tann County, Norway 9/7/1896
KimballLucille12/22/1888Meadowville, Utah 12/22/1888
KimballRose Marie 5/3/1920Meadowville, Utah 5/3/1920
KimballSarah Elizabeth Hanham 10/25/1852Casport, Somerset, England 9/16/1910
LoftusMary Ann11/8/1845Birkswell, Warwick, England 5/0/1893
MattsonJunior9/14/1913Meadowville, Utah 9/14/1913
MattsonRalph8/31/1916Meadowville, Utah 11/11/1916
MoffatClarence G. 8/24/1890Meadowville, Utah 11/22/1907
MoffatDavid Kay 12/30/1811Midlothian, Scotland 10/14/1885
MoffatJanet Leishman 9/10/1816Chrichton, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland 1/19/1891
MoffatMary Jane Brown 12/12/1849Salt Lake City, Utah 2/4/1881
PubmireOlive Eleaner 10/13/1887Meadowville 6/1/1893
PugmireLester5/10/1892Meadowville, Utah 5/31/1893
PugmireVernon Meadowville, Utah
TuftsCharlotte Lettita Spriggs 3/7/1843Coalchester, England 5/14/1904
TuftsJosiah7/30/1838Farmington, Franklin Co, Maine 9/24/1912
TuftsJulia May11/20/1871Meadowville, Utah 4/1/1883
WestonGeneve2/10/1902Meadowville, Utah 12/26/1905
Williams  Meadowville, Utah
Williams  Meadowville, Utah