Often confused with the 1890 census, and more often overlooked or misjudged as useless, are nearly 75,000 special 1890 schedules enumerating Union veterans and widows of Union veterans.

The U.S. Pension Office requested this special enumeration to help Union veterans locate comrades to testify in pension claims and to determine the number of survivors and widows for pension legislation. (Some congressmen also thought it scientifically useful to know the effect of various types of military service upon veterans' longevity.) To assist in the enumeration, the Pension Office prepared a list of veterans' names and addresses from their files and from available military records held by the U.S. War Department.


Veteran's NameRelative's NameHome in 1890(Township, County, State)RankYears of service
John Dykin   Randolph, Rich, Utah Lieutenant 1861-1865
Stephen V Frayier Randolph, Rich, Utah
Wm B Hooker Francis J Satterthwaite   Laketown, Rich, Utah Musician 1863-1864
John W Langford  Laketown, Rich, UtahArtificer1863-1865
John LoftusMary Ann Loftus Laketown, Rich, UtahFireman1865-1868
William Rex  Randolph, Rich, UtahPrivate1864-1864
Joshua W Satterthwaite Laketown, Rich, Utah Private 1862-1863
Service Special  Laketown, Rich, UtahLieutenant1864-1864
W K Walton  Laketown, Rich, UtahLieutenant1864-1864