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Sterling C. Robertson Chapter History

The warm spring sun shone brightly in Waco after a refreshing spring rain. The bluebonnets were nodding in the light breeze as nineteen women met in the afternoon of San Jacinto Day, April 21, 1900. They had been invited to the home of Mrs. Richard Harrison to organize what is now the fourth-oldest DRT chapter in the state. The name of Sterling C. Robertson, a prominent Texas leader, was chosen for the name of the new chapter; he was the grandfather of Mrs. Harrison. Officers chosen that day were Mrs. Harrison, President; Mrs. Tom Padgett, First Vice President; Mrs. J.B. Holmes, Second Vice President; Mrs. Hallie M. Dunklin, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Edna C. Fellows, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Tom McMullin, Treasurer; Mrs. O.H. Cooper, Historian.

The following women who were members during the infancy of the Sterling C. Robertson Chapter were REAL DAUGHTERS (meaning their fathers were patriots during the years of 1836-1846):

Mrs. J. B. Baker (Sally Fordtran)

Mrs. Ramsey M. Cox (Rachel Barry)

Miss Lucy Erath

Mrs. M. H. Lane (Catherine Barnard)

Mrs. W. B. Ragland (Delia Wilkerson)

Mrs. W. B. Pearson (Lyda Anderson)

Other REAL DAUGHTERS who joined the Sterling C. Robertson Chapter at a later time were:

Mary Hamilton Barnes

Mabel Winston Durham

Willie Morrill Fitzhugh

Sarah Elizabeth Gentry Hardy

Emma Morrill Johnson

Christina Staaden Odell

Nancy Caroline Gates Petty

Mary Smith Pipkin

Annie Earle Strother

Mary Joe Strother

From its inception the Sterling C. Robertson Chapter has had members serving on the Board of Management or Executive Committees. Three Past Presidents General have been members of this Waco chapter: Mrs. Margaret Megarity (1955-1957), Mrs. Mary Alice O’Dowd (1971-1973), and Mrs. Ella McKinney (1981-1983). We dedicate this website to their memory.

The following members of Sterling C. Robertson Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas are descendants of the men and women who founded Waco in 1849: Rose Lane Schmidt (George Barnard), Jean Sullins Lathern (Travis Barron), Dorothy Smith (Travis Barron), Helen Marcile Taylor Sullins (Thomas Hudson Barron), Ronita De Cordova Miller (Jacob De Cordova), Tracy Miller Love (Jacob De Cordova), Nancy Newman Logan (Neil McLennan, Sr.), Sally Jo McLennan Truhlar (Neil McLennan, Sr.), Catherine Beth Taylor Musgrave (Shapley Prince Ross), Elizabeth Estes Taylor (Shapley Prince Ross and Catherine Fulkerson Ross), Ruth Taylor Tilghman (Shapley Prince Ross), and Carol Williams Turner (Shapley Prince Ross).

In 1956 the Waco Village Chapter of C.R.T. was chartered for the children and grandchildren of our Waco area DRT members. The present members range in age from infants to teenagers and live not only in Texas but throughout the United States of America.

Members of Sterling C. Robertson look forward to another century of work to perpetuate and safeguard our Texas history. Those who would like further information on our chapter should contact us through this website for a prompt response. Sterling C. Robertson Chapter welcomes new members and visitors who are interested in preserving Texas history. Website link to DRT Site gives membership requirements.


Updated 15 May 2017