From a Texas Teacherís Daily Register for Public School Beckís Chapel School Copied by Jana Williams Shumate School term beginning Oct. 11, 1920 ending April 22, 1921 Pupilís Name Age Parent or Guardian Address Johnnie Simmons 8 Luke Simmons Rt. 1 Athens Marie Carrigan 8 Sam Carrigan Rt. 1 Athens --- Simmons John Simmons Helen Jackson 7 Henry Jackson Leona Powell 7 Leala Simmons 11 John Simmons Rt. 1 Alice Anding 11 Bud Anding Rt. 1 Lila Simmons 13 John Simmons Rt. 1 -rodi- Crist 6 Marie Crist 5 Alice Crist 7 Gladys Welch 10 Paul Welch Rt. 1 Ruby Ward 11 Jack Ward Rt. 1 Mabel Ward 13 Jack Ward Rt. 1 Paralee Trice 12 Bessie Carrigan 14 Sam Carrigan Rt. 1 -ethel Smith 13 Will Smith Rt. 1 Vera Self 12 Savanna Smith 15 Will Smith Rt. 1 Julia Goodgame 16 Jim Goodgame Rt. 1 Lucille Powell 5 Lauell Baggett 5 F. or T. D. Baggett Rt. 1 Douglas Anding 6 Bud Anding George Welch 7 Paul Welch Rt. 1 Robert Lewis Sparks 6 Herman Simmons 8 John Simmons Rt. 1 Ernest Arthurs Wesley Carrigan 8 Sam Carrigan Hershel Jackson 8 Henry Jackson Reagan Arthurs 12 Jim Arthurs Rt. 1 Ernest Carrigan 12 Sam Carrigan Rt. 1 Elbert Goodgame 13 Jim Goodgame Rt. 1 Archie Self 13 Alice Goodgame 10 Jim Goodgame Rt. 1 Edward Powell 11 John H. Carrigan 10 Sam Carrigan Orville Anding 9 Bud Anding Frank Powell 10 William Ward 8 Bill McCleary 8 Ora Crist 14 George Crist Sam Blue 13 Sam Riddlesperger Watson Ward 16 Jack Ward Ewel Rainwater 16 Mabel Arthurs 7 Lila Crist 5 Alice Crist Marin Fade Bud Kilcrease 16 Emma Kilcrease 17 Hubert Goodgame Lila Crist Travis Crist Mary Crist Verna Ward This school was in the Beckís Chapel area. The teacher was Nellie Meridith. Classes were held 130 days. The salary was $125.00 per month, $843.75 for the year. Seven grades were taught. thirty eight children enrolled. Twenty two remained till the end of school. Twenty-four desk were there valued at $108.00. The teachers desk and chair was valued at $10.00. The library was ordered but wasnít sent yet. The new building complying with state law, it value was $200.00. This register is located in the Henderson Co. Historical Society Museum, Athens, Texas. Published in TX A.G.O. 1997 Bunny Freeman