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This page is my solution to the photograph accumulation of people, places, and things relative to early Callahan County. For many we have the names, a few we do not. This page is not intended to take the place of the "Unknown Pictures" page though I can see circumstances where a picture might appear in both sections.

Picture number one is either Dudley or Denton Valley School children. Perhaps you can tell me which school. and approximately what year. Perhaps about 1910?

Left is young John Lehew with John W.W. Crawford. The right picture is Matthew Gardner at about 17.

Both pictures are of John J. Lehew in his WWI uniform.

The left picture is (top)Tom Alridge and Will Martin and (bottom)Frank Robison and Ernest Crawford. The right is is James Calvin Lehew.

Left is a Crawford girl and Walter Edgar Lehew. On the right top (l to r) Ernest Crawford and Will Martin on the bottom are John Crawford and Frank Robinson.

At left is Sallie (Sarah) Crawford Martin. Right picture is Walter Edgar Lehew and Truman Olen Cutbirth.

A picture of the Callahan County "draftees" for WWI. John James Lehew is just right of the post where the flags are hung.

Maggie Lehew and husband, Fred Risley ---Single picture of Maggie

Elsie Lehew

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