This page is dedicated to all who have served our country.

 The following is from a 1919 Seymour High School yearbook called The Jackrabbit.

Since it is a little difficult to read  I have typed the information below the pages.

List of Graduates Who Have Been in Service

When the call came to help a nation in distress, the boys from Baylor

 County heeded it immediatley.  Among the number were thirty-three graduates

of the Seymour High School, as follows:

                                                                                                    1.  Taylor Morris Wheat 

                                                                                                    2.  Embury Depree Baccus

                                                                                                    3.  Neil S. Murrie

                                                                                                    4.  Tom C. Craddock

                                                                                                    5.  E. T. Goss

                                                                                                    6.  John W. McLeod

                                                                                                    7.  John P. Newton

                                                                                                    8.  Dan W. StClair

                                                                                                    9.  Frank Woodrum

                                                                                                   10.  Horace Nichols

                                                                                                   11.  Willie Wirz

                                                                                                   12.  Richard Finn

                                                                                                   13.  Burns Gray

                                                                                                   14.  Ben Irby

                                                                                                   15.  Reed Morris

                                                                                                   16.  Wilder Kenan

                                                                                                   17.  Grady England

                                                                                                   18.  Kyde Sale

                                                                                                   19.  Sam Baccus

                                                                                                   20.  Dutton Bailes

                                                                                                   21.  Lincoln Burns

                                                                                                   22.  Neil Hilliard

                                                                                                   23.  Tracy Ratliff

                                                                                                   24.  Frank Watts

                                                                                                   25.  Lee A. Morris

                                                                                                   26.  Rollie Fancher

                                                                                                   27.  Tom Cox

                                                                                                   28.  Robert Jones

                                                                                                   29.  Seth Cockerell

                                                                                                   30.  S.B. Merrick

                                                                                                   31.  Hobson Whiteside

                                                                                                   32.  Joe Buck Jones

                                                                                                   33.  Virgil Woodruff


Columbus Reed Morris

Wilbur Frank Watts

Who gave their lives that the world might be made safe for democracy and that eternal justice might be done.

Because of their devotion to duty, their loyalty to the cause of liberty and righteousness and their glorious sacrifice,  these noble boys will ever be held in grateful and reverential memory.

The example of our heroes will be an inspiration to us through all time, and it shall be our purpose to hold high the torch which they have thrown to us.  We here and now should pledge our lives to loving and useful service to humanity.

Photos from Veterans Day 2008 in Baylor County.

These photos were taken at the Baylor County Museum and the Baylor County Courthouse.                             

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