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Seymour, Texas

Several of the drawings on this page were drawn by Mark E. Tucker.

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Ingram Perrin Store used as court room from 1879-1884

Drawing by Mark E. Tucker

Ingram Perrin Store used as court room from 1879-1884

Drawing by Mark E. Tucker

Before the courthouse was built, court was held in the Ingram-Perrin store at the corner of McLain and Washington Streets.  While holding court, Judge Morris was murdered there, by a saloon keeper.

The following petition for a new courthouse was filed in 1883.

To The Hon. County Commissioners Court

of Baylor County, Texas

     We the undersigned citizens and tax payers of Baylor Co. Texas would respectuflly ask that at the February Term 1883 of your court you levy a tax for the purpose of building a courthouse in and for said county of Baylor  believing that public necessity demands such an action on your part.

Very Respectfully,

(signatures appear below photo of petition)

Carl Bachman

S. H. Potter

John Humphries

R. A. Talley

Joe Schmitz

S. Suttlemeyer

A. M. Sullin

T. Selman

_. H. Jones

J. R. Wartham

C. Harris

T. Turner

_. _. Miller

C. H. Hamilton

W. H. Elkins

S. A. McAdams

Henry K. Jones

John T. Ingram

H. G. Bedford

R. J. Harris

Joseph J. Davidson

B. F. Newman

J. G. Kenan

L. _. Wilson

W. R. Traweek

W. E. Bailes

John Coltharp

S. I. Newton

J. Graham

E. Haggard

W. _. McGuier

J. C. Ziegler

J. S. Carter      


R. J. Browning

J. R. McLain

O. M. Love

A. L. Board

L. S. Carter

Dudley Benge

T. D. Isbell

M. Holbrooks

Charles Ferguson

John ________

A. E. Brannin

H. B. Lewis

J. D. P__________

George W. Perrin

W. M. Bevers & Co.

D. S. Findley

W. H. Scott

J. W. Davenoprt

S. Killian

Price Turner

Joe Chesher

Sam L. Chalk

T. A. Kinnaire

L. Austin

E. A. Ransom

J. M. Lipton

F. Newton

James Brown

A. R. Benge

Samuel Carson

J. O. Woodyear

S. Edwards

Corner stone from original 1884 courthouse includes the names of

 J.E. Flanders, Architect, from Dallas, Texas

H. S. Melven, County Judge

and County Commissioners

J. W. Tolson, T. P. Reeder, W. B. Irby and J.J. Drew

(This stone lies on the lawn on the West side of the present courthouse)

1884 date from original courthouse

These stones, from near the top of the original building, are located at the North and West entrances to the present day courthouse.

Baylor County Courthouse 1884-1912

Drawing by Mark E. Tucker

Built of native stone, with walls three feet thick, the county's first courthouse was constructed in 1884.  In 1912 a dome replaced the original cupola.




Before 1912

(Horses and wagons in street)

About 1910

 Baylor County Courthouse, Seymour, Texas

Published by The Baylor Drug Store


1910 photo of Baylor County Courthouse

1910 photo of Baylor County Courthouse

The above painting, by Betsy Jones,  of the original Baylor County Courthouse is on display at the Baylor County Clerk's Office, in the present courthouse.


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