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Kirbytown School

Macon County, Tennessee



THE FIRST SCHOOL AT KIRBYTOWN-HERSHEL PARKER TEACHER 52 PUPILS.  First row, l to r, Aubie Wakefield, fred patterson, cordell Snider, Babe Tuck, Dortch Patterson, Oakley Cassity, Lovell Wakefield, Cordell Kirby, Raymond Tuck, Gordon Kirby, Paul Tuck, Hershell Patterson, Elem Tuck, Gordlan Patterson.

 Second Row l - r.  Gladys Kirby, Ruby Parker, Ozell Huddleston, Gracie Strong, Ercie Gammins, Opal Wakefield, Mamie Parker, Minnie Parker, Lorene Wakefield, Irene Parker, Gettie Owens, Clyde Huddleston, Ernest Cassity. 

Third Row l to r, Emma Tuck, Douglas Hesson, Omie Tuck, Nell Climer, Hester Cassity, Lauretta Cassity, Manson Cassity, Pauline Climer, Plummie Jooooines, Vondell Morrow, Nell Tuck, Mary Ownes, Victor Tuck, Gerald Kirby. 

Fouth row l to r, Prentice Marrow, Hurley Owens, Vernon Tuck, Jim Hesson, Clay Pools Climer, Joe March Huddleston, Georgies Hesson, Bernest Cassity, Ellie Tuck, Berman Tuck, Oshon Kirby. 

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