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The man is George W. SMITH (he married Juda GARRETT daughter of Abraham & Margaret Flowers GARRETT) and it is noted that the two girls with him are GARRETT's. Maybe someone could help identify them

 Erika York

I found this photograph in my grandmother’s (Vechil Annie Miller Parton) picture box. I have asked other family members but no one knows who she is. If you know who she is please contact me.

Stephanie Parton 

Know who these people are?? Mystery SMITH or WINTON relations


 Scott Jones

Know who these people are?? Mystery SMITH or WINTON relations


 Scott Jones

Know who they are??

Mystery LEE relations - Written on the back is Uncle John and Aunt Lizzie


John LEE son of Canada LEE and Lillian Duke LEE his wife

Gale Prince Nash

1926 Crawford HS Basketball team. 1st Row, 2nd from left: Arthur MORGAN. 1st Row, 3rd from left: Arley MORGAN. Rest of team unknown. Arley is my Grandfather 


Contributed by Kendall Morgan

Rushing Springs Singing School - 1899 

LOTS of Overton Names

Shirlie King

"Cow Day" in Livingston 1930 


Micca Moredock Grizzell

Dr. Pepper delivery truck with unknown servicemen - 1930's 


Micca Moredock Grizzell

This is a confusing picture. I am told it is the Mothers Family of Emma WINTON, but I get a feeling it is a SMITH Family --there is no match on 9 boys and 3 girls in the WINTON line. Also, this house does not match the house that I have in other pics. If anyone has any information contact me.


Dana Jones

Good Hope Cemetery-Scott Jones at Good Hope Cemetery, east of Livingston, Overton County, TN


 Scott Jones

James Alfred ABSTON Family


Lipscomb Petit ABSTON Family


Dela Carmack Carr 

Dela Carmack (b.11-8-1888 Overton CO., TN.) (d.11-28-1925 Overton CO., TN.)
Second Spouse of Herschel Elmer Carr

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

Dela Carmack Carr with 2 sons

Dela Carmack with two sons, Charlie Edward Carr, Sr. (b.2-2-1912 Overton
CO., TN.) (d.11-6-2002, my grandpa)& William "Billy" Carr (b.1-17-1917
Overton CO., TN.)(d.9-3-1939 Overton CO., TN.)

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

Eliza Jane Copeland with daughter and Grandchildren

Eliza Jane Copeland (b.11-13-1832) (d.4-11-1911 Overton CO., TN.)

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

4 generations

4 generations
Eliza Jane Copeland;
James Columbus "Lum" Carr (b. 10-13-1853 Overton CO., TN.) (d. 8-6-1935 Overton CO., TN.);
Herschel Elmer Carr (b.2-2-1879 Overton CO., TN.) (d. 4-13-1934 Nashville, TN. hospital.)
Nannie Ethel Carr (b. 11-19-1902 Overton CO., TN.) (d. 8-10-1998 Overton CO., TN.) (Spouse: Carlos Amonett Lee)

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

Charlie Carr 

Charlie Carr - Son of Elmer Carr & Dela Carmack

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

Elmer, Willie and Nannie Carr

Elmer, Willie and Nannie Carr

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

Elmer Carr ( b.1879) (d.1934) Son of James C. Carr & Nannie Simmons. Husband
to 1.) Willie Ann Matthews; 2.) Dela Carmack & 3.) Ruth Phillips 

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

James and Nannie Simmons Carr Family 

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

Nannie Simmons Carr & James Carr with daughter & grandchildren 

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

Elizabeth Simmons Parsons & Nannie Simmons Carr

 Tabitha Carr Strahin

Cooktown Sunday School Class (help identify others in the photo) 



Campbell and Dora SEVIER COPELAND and their children

They are: Left to right, 1st row, Archie, (married Nova White) Campbell and Dora, Myrtle (m; James Conley), Oral (m: Leva Conley)
2nd row, Josie (m: Joe Deonbreum), Maggie (m: Rye Woody) Mamie (m: William Conley), Lurie (m: Dillard Buckner)
3rd row, Othar (m: Mary Cobb), Georgia (m: Hayden Rector), Margie (m: Thos. Virgil Miller) Stoy (never married)
4th row, John Henry (m: Mary Coleman), Haskell (m: Viola Wyatt)
They are descendants of pioneer Overton County families, the Copelands and Seviers

 Tom Miller

COPELAND, Campbell & Dora COPELAND  


COPELAND, Children of Campbell & Dora COPELAND 


COPELAND, Stephen Leander


DALTON Family abt. 1919 


Micca Moredock Grizzell



Micca Moredock Grizzell



Micca Moredock Grizzell



Micca Moredock Grizzell

FRANKLIN, Albert, Roxie, Boyd & James B.


FRANKLIN, Albert (help identify others in the photo) 


FRANKLIN, Albert (help identify others in the photo) 


FRANKLIN, Alfred & Albert and others (help identify others in the photo)


FRANKLIN, Allerd & Alma


FRANKLIN, Alma, Alice, Allie, Allard, Albert


FRANKLIN, Charles Herbert "Herb"


FRANKLIN, Herb, Phil, Phyllis, Louise


FRANKLIN, James Bevly


FRANKLIN, James Walter & Charlotte BEATY FRANKLIN




FRANKLIN, Philip Jesse


FRANKLIN, Roxie SELLS & Ernest Stanley NORRIS (help identify others in the photo)


GUNNELS, Nicholas

This picture is of Nicholas Gunnels. I do not have a date or place. This was my grandmother's photo, Nancy Jane Gunnels. It went to my Mother after my grandmother died

I need to know which Nicholas this was. It looks as though it may be mid 1800's. On the back it says Uncle Nick, then it has Daddy and that is circled. It also says mom sent one like this to Aunt Nancy when dad died. This is part of my family that I cannot connect, and if anyone recognizes this photo, please let me know.

Submitted by: Linda Isabell

Berry Derwood JONES Family- From L to R: Arlan, Irby,Berry, Zelpha, Velener (Lena), Clemanza, and Erna (Ernie) Place Taken: Nettle Carrier (now Alpine), Overton Co, TN


 Scott Jones

JONES, Berry Derwood

Place Taken: Nettle Carrier (now Alpine), Overton Co, TN


Kathy Hancock-Scott Jones

JONES, Berry Derwood and Velenar 'Lena' Ramsey

Taken standing beside their home. The home is still standing. Berry (6 Oct 1864-29 Aug 1940) and Lena (11 Mar 1869-19 Jan 1928). They married 28 Oct 1894.


Kathy Hancock-Scott Jones

JONES, Irby Starling (s/o Berry Derwood JONES and Velenar "Lena" RAMSEY), b. 25 Jan 1897, d. 23 Feb 1983


Scott Jones

JONES, Irby Starling #2  Served from 31 May 1918 to 29 Oct 1919 Place Taken: Nettle Carrier (now Alpine), Overton Co, TN


Scott Jones

JONES, Irby Starling #3 At Home


Kathy Hancock-Scott Jones

JONES, Joel Bruce


Scott Jones

JONES, Thomas - b. 10-25-1894 d. 09-15-1918 Son of William and Polly (DISHMAN) JONES, Tom was killed in Paris France during World War I on September 15, 1918. His body was not returned home until June 17,1921 for burial in Wayne Co KY


Scott Jones

JONES, Zelpha Nancy and Family - She is the daughter of Berry Derwood Jones. Date Taken: May-Sep 1925 - Their children: Donald John Pattee, b. 20 Dec 1923, Detroit, MI; d. Dec 2002, Evart, MI. Madonna Velenar Pattee, b. 29 May 1925; d. 29 Sep 1925, buried Greenhill Cem., Alpine, TN.


 Kathy Hancock-Scott Jones


Amela is the daughter of Canada LEE and Marthy MAXWELL born October 25, 1842. She married Ruben Alexander WILSON son of Ruben WILSON and Martha LACKEY


 Gale Prince Nash

Do you know who they are? Markes as 2 McCOWAN Boys

 Diane Vannorsdall


LEE, Canada Home

Canada (Kennedy) LEE is the son of John L. LEE and Rebecca MATTHEWS. He was born about 1818 in TN


Gale Prince Nash


John Burgess MILLER and his wife, Mary Ramsey MILLER (she the daughter of Sanford RAMSEY). At back are Daley MILLER and Bertha

 Tom Miller

MILLER, Thomas Virgil 


MOREDOCK, Horace, "Judge" DEAN, Jack HARGROVE, Spud BRANSFORD & 2 unknown men 


Micca Moredock Grizzell

MOREDOCK, Horace Lee & Thomas Edgar MOREDOCK 


Micca Moredock Grizzell

MOREDOCK, Horace Lee


Micca Moredock Grizzell

MOREDOCK, Jessie Sybil


Micca Moredock Grizzell

MOREDOCK, Joe Milton


Micca Moredock Grizzell

MOREDOCK, Thomas Edgar & friend Allen 


Micca Moredock Grizzell

MOREDOCK, Thomas Milton & Mattie Dakota POSTON MOREDOCK


Micca Moredock Grizzell

MOREDOCK, Thomas Milton & 4 unknown men abt. 1900 


Micca Moredock Grizzell

MORGAN, Charles, Herbert DALTON, Newell STEVENS, Haskell WHITE


Micca Moredock Grizzell

NORRIS, Ernest Stanley "Jim"


RAMSEY Mill Hole Picnic 
Picnic at the Ramsey Mill Hole.
Listed from back as Benny Ramsey, John and Mary Ramsey Miller, front Daly Miller, Cora Ramsey, Bertha Miller, Ben Ramsey, Rena Miller, Cally Ashburn, Giddy Miller, Horace Ramsey and Berenthy Ramsey

 Roger Sisco

ROW, James Edison 


Micca Moredock Grizzell

This is William R. SCOTT's Birthday party. He is with his wife Vica PHILLIPS (SCOTT) I wanted to see if anyone knew any of the other people.
William R. SCOTT B: 8-9-1825 and Vica PHILLIPS B:1846

 Diane Vannorsdall

SELLS, Ovie & Roxie


SELLS, Jesse 1890-1960 - Son of Henry SELLS and Belle Missouri WINNINGHAM. Granite, OK


Patricia Sells

Gov. John SEVIER and Family



George W. SEVIER and his wife, Mary Ruble SEVIER. The children are John, Maggie (baby) and Dora and at back Jasper and Fate. George is buried in Glasscock Cemetery and Mary is buried at Hoover Cemetery

 Tom Miller

SMITH, Phillip

Click to view larger photo that lists children
This is all the data that is available on this family. Phillip SMITH had children attending school in Willow Grove in 1898-1899.

 Harold Keisling


Son of Ambrose Sullivan and LeeAnn Ray Sullivan. Sheriff of Overton Co TN I believe from 1912 to 1914. He died at Camp Sevier of an illness. He was stationed there for training, after signing up for WWI.

 Dona Terry


Elizabeth “Liz” THOMPSON

Photo was taken in Cookeville, TN the date says November 9, 1943

 Stephanie Parton

TURNER, Wesley & Albert FRANKLIN


USSERY, Jimmy- An Overton County native. A Winton descendant.


Scott Jones

Birthday of Stephen WEST (b. 8/1/1809) - He is holding the canes in the front - taken about 1900


Guy Zimmerman

WILLETT, Samuel Burrus


WINNINGHAM (nee FLOWERS), Sarah E. 1874-1953 - Was the wife of Millard Johnson WINNINGHAM. I believe this picture was taken after her family left Overton County, Tn. I believe this is in Granite, Oklahoma. 


Patricia Sells

WINTON, Emma Lillian Winton (d/o James Foster WINTON and Elizabeth Pernetta SMITH), b. 1 Sep 1902, d. 15 Nov 1990. Irby Starling JONES, (s/o Berry Derwood JONES and Velenar "Lena" RAMSEY), b. 25 Jan 1897, d. 23 Feb 1983


WINTON, Elizabeth Pernettie Smith   B. 23 Oct 1868, d. 14 Dec 1956. Mother of Emma Lillian Winton JONES


Scott Jones

L to R: Emma WINTON, Irby JONES, Cy NEELY, Erna (Ernie) JONES, and Sally MULLINS. Sally's date took picture.


Scott Jones

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