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Lyman County, South Dakota's Genealogy

Lyman County pioneers and early settlers

 Descendants of Morrice Langdeau and Margaret Hart

Includes: Arcoren, Bement, Bossingham, Champagne, Cicco, Cross,  deSheuquette, Demarche, Dion, Dolotoski, Ducharme, Durfee, Emery, Fallis, Gandt, Giroux, Glasford, Graham, Huck, Kirkpatrick, Krueger, LaCroix, Langdeau, Lalone, Letourneau, Livingston, Lunn, Moulton, Mullen, Pete, Pexa, Phillips, Purviance, Riley, Rudd,  Sellars,Sextro, Smith, Spoonemore, Stevicks, Stickle, Stillwagon, Trombley, Tuffile, Turgeon, Trudell, Wright

All photos and notes submitted by Diane (Langdeau) Dolatoski, daughter of Abraham Conrad Langdeau.



1.Maurice and Emma (Fallis) Langdeau family. L to R:  Roy Langdeau, Carrie (Langdeau) Arcoren, Abe and Harvey;  Sitting: Emma, Vernie,  Maurice. 1907

2. My grandfather and grandmother, Abe Maur-ice Langdeau (b. Nov 26, 1893,  in Lower Brule, So. Dak. and d. Jan. 6, 1984) and Minnie Marie(Krueger)  Langdeau (b. Feb. 26, 1896, and d. Jan. 19, 1991.  1934 photo

3. Margaret (Hart) Lang-deau. My great-great-grandmother. She was the wife of Morrice  Langdeau; b. June 1 1823, at the mouth of the White river and d. June 18, 1928. Her parents were Benjamin Hart and an unknown Yankton Sioux Indian.

4.Morrice Langdeau, born September 8, 1819-died December 4, 1878, husband of Margaret (Hart) Langdeau picture taken somewhere between 1850-1865.


5. Standing left to right: Susan (Langdeau) Dion , Margaret (Langdeau) Turgeon. Sitting: Adelle  (Langdeau) Emery and Margaret (Hart) Langdeau. Many of Margaret's descen-dants remain on the Lower Brule Indian Reservation in So. Dak. in 2006.  Ca. 1911


6.   Abraham Conrad and  with wife Ida Mae (Stillwagon) Langdeau  and children: Constance Marie Langdeau and Paul Conrad Langdeau, taken about 1941.


7. Abraham Conrad Langdeau - Mar. 30 1915- Jan. 19, 2006, with his wife, Ida Mae (Stillwagon) - April 19, 1919- Sep. 19, 2002. His mother, Minnie Marie (Krueger) Langdeau Feb.25, 1896-Jan. 19, 1991  in background.  Ca. 1951.

8. Abe Conrad Lang-deau's children and their cousins. Standing, l-r: Donna Stillwagon, cou-sin, and Carole Sandra Langdeau.  Sitting:  Patri-cia  Stillwagon, cousin; Diane Langdeau, Danny Lalone, cousin, and Paul Conrad Langdeau.  1954.

9.  L- Paul Conrad Langdeau, son of Abraham  Conrad and Ida Mae (Stillwagon) Langdeau. R- Charles Mix Langdeau, son of Abraham and Minnie.  Paul C. - Dec. 21, 1940- May 6, 2004.  Ca. 1951.

10. Lloyd James Langdeau, son of Abraham Maurice and and Minnie Marie (Krueger) Langdeau. Born Mar. 30, 1925
in Lower Brule, SD; died Sep. 25, 1993.  Photo Feb 26 1945.


11. l-r: Charles Mix Langdeau, Lloyd James Langdeau and Robert "Bob" Langdeau. 
Ca 1934

12. Leslie Maurice Langdeau, b. Mar. 11, 1923- d. Aug. 20, 2002.  Son of Maurice and Minnie Marie (Krueger) Langdeau . May 8 1934.

13. My father, Abraham Conrad Langdeau, b. Mar. 30, 1915 -d. Jan. 19, 2006. Picture  taken about 1934, in Lower Brule, SD.

14. Helen Marie (Langdeau)  Smith and daughter Sharon Smith.   1945

15. Margaret (Hart) Langdeau  Believed to be around 30 or 40 years of age at the time the photo was taken.  Born 1823.  

16. Ardelle (Langdeau) Emery sitting in chair; g-daughter, Phoebe (Emery) Stickle, sitting on steps. Back, l-r: Mary (Emery)  Pur-viance, Amy (Mullen) Dion, first wife of John Dion and unknown. 1942.

17.  William Zenil and Adelle (Langdeau) Emery. Adelle,  Jan 5, 1853-Dec. 20, unknown.

19. Adelle Emery 1947


21. L- R:
  Constance Marie (Langdeau) Tuffile,   Carole Sandra Langdeau, Ida Mae (Stillwagon) Langdeau, and Diane Louise (Langdeau) Dolatoski.  Perhaps 1955 


Adelle (Langdeau) Emery , dau. of Maurice and Margaret Hart, with her two grand-children, Fern and William Purviance. 1911    

18. Adelle (Langdeau)  (Emery) with her daughter, Effie Emery.  Pre 1932. 

 20. Original home of William Zenil Emery's parents.

23. Vera (Langdeau) Gandt Lower Brule, SD. My aunt and daughter of Abraham and Minnie Langdeau.
Ca. 1934

24.  Vera Langdeau is third standing with  the Krueger family;  brother of Minnie Marie (Langdeau ) Krueger

25. Abraham Conrad Langdeau with children, Paul Conrad,  Dec. 21, 1940-May 6,2004, and Constance Marie. Taken about 1953 

26.  Henry Benedict "Dick" Emery, May 26, 1889-Nov. 4, 1951, son of William Zenil  and Adelle (Langdeau)Emery. About 1939

27.  Ray and Helen (Langdeau) Smith and daughter Sharon. Helen Marie is the daughter of Abraham Maurice and Minnie Marie Langdeau.
Photo taken

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