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Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

George Carl  Tagtow family

Submitted by Rita Tagtow-Ellsworth   Aug. 2007

     My grandfather was Carl John Tagtow, my father was George Carl Tagtow. My mother, Katherine Viola Tagtow, died May 24, 1940, and is buried in the plot (in the Iona Cemetery) that was Grandpa Tagtow's ... he was buried there and then Grandma had him moved to the cemetery in Chamberlain.  Lila Rose Tagtow was born in 1915, and she lived just a short time.  She is buried on one side of Mom.  Carl George was born in 1917, and died shortly after birth.  He is buried on one side of Mom.  Carmen Viola was born in 1922, she developed pneumonia, was taken to the Gregory hospital and died three days later.  She is buried on one side of Mom. After Grandpa was moved to Chamberlain, the three young children were buried in the same grave ... one on top of the other and then when Mom died, she was buried where Grandpa had been.  I believe this came about because of lack of money to buy a plot. 

     This is information that my oldest sister Phyllis wrote: Phyllis was born on March 12, 1916, at the old Hickey place at Iona, (North) where George and Katherine lived.  Phyllis died on October 13, 2003.  Another older sister, Lorraine Eleanor Ellerton, born October 24, 1918, at Sophie (Tagtow) and Frank McGhee's home in Dixon.  I, Rita Joyce, was born at the ME Hospital in Mitchell on Jan. 30, 1934.  Lorraine and her husband, Everett, my husband, Aaron, and I try to get to the Iona cemetery at least once a year before Memorial Day and sister Phyllis used to accompany us before she moved back to VA. 

We have really appreciated the care the Friendly Neighbor Club has taken of that cemetery.  This past May we noticed that the crosses were there with the incorrect names and were not in the correct place as we had been told anyway.  It was several years before we three  "girls" bought a headstone for our mother's grave.  Walter Moore bought it in Omaha and brought it up to the cemetery. We think the cemetery association has done a great job. 
     One of our family stories about my mother, Katherine Kropenske Tagtow, was that she was the first SD woman to be a licensed ferry boat pilot. She and my father ran a ferry boat between Lower Brule and Ft. Thompson on a government contract around 1930-38 ----those aren't exact dates ---- I know they were running it when I was born in 1934, and  they ran it when I was four years old.  The boat's name was The Phyllis-Lorraine after my two sisters. We lived on the boat and in the winter we lived in (and later) on a farm down by the river north of Iona and my father trapped fish and hunted for a living along with my mother, sister Phyllis and her husband, Walter Moore.  




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