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Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy

Neyt-Dupree Story

As found in the 24 May, 1962 issue of the Chamberlain Register, Published at Chamberlain, Brule county, SD.

    The following story was read at the celebration of the wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Modest Neyt.

   Fifty-two years ago on July 14, 1910, Angeline Dupree and Modest Neyt attended a celebration in Bervetiet, Holland. Neither knew the other, but met at the dance. Here, their courtship started and two years later on May 2, 1912, they were united in marriage in the Roman Catholic Church of Bervetiet, Holland.

   During the following three years while working in the tulip fields, they planned and saved so that they might come to America to make their home. On April 14, 1915, their dreams were realized and they boarded a ship for the U.S.A. Not just Matt and Angelina, but a daughter, Serminia, who was now almost two years old.

   They landed in New York on April 25, 1915, and soon after, Matt found employment on the farm of Phil Van Vooren, who spoke his native tongue, and from whom they learned the English language. There they also learned the customs of their new world, some of them humorous, as Angelina related one day. Having never grown a tomato plant, she was asked to weed the garden and being a good helpmate, she willingly consented. That evening matt went to observe her work and discovered the tomato plants
he recently set out, no longer existed.

     In 1918, after three years in New York, they again moved to join her sister and brother-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lippens and their two year old twins, Madeline and Emil.

   For the next four years Matt was employed by the railroad. In 1926, Matt being a farmer at heart, rented a farm and started farming. They enjoyed many successful years of farming. It was during these years they were enriched with a daughter, Agnes.

   Then came the banks closing, depression, drought and grasshoppers, forcing many farmers off the farms to seek employment. Matt returned to his former job on the railroad.

   To brighten the depression a son, Ronald, was added to this union. Matt remained with the railroad until his retirement.

   For the past two years, Matt and Angelina have made their home in Chamberlain and lately, here at the home.

   Their fifty years of marriage has been one of the most blessed and richest. Five children: Mrs. Vernon Jensen of Presho, SD; Emil Neyt of Pendelton, Oregon; Mrs. Harold Croisant of Ramona, SD; Mrs. Clinton Lester of Phoenix, Arizona; Ronald Neyt of Oceanside, California and eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren are here today to commemorate this occasion.



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