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Lyman County, South Dakota's Genealogy


Molash Pedigree Chart

Submitted by Lola Anderson as given to her by *Dave Engstrom of Minnesota (great-grandson of Anna Molash). Thanks, Dave! Transcribed by barbara speck

Note from barbara - A small cemetery can be seen a short distance north of old Highway 16 just east of Kennebec, Lyman County, SD. Three children of the Francis and Ellen MOLASH family (Elizabeth, Frances and Cora) are buried there along with a SPIELMAN baby. If you have additional information on this family or the little cemetery feel free to contact me through the feedback link at the bottom of the page.

Francois MELOCHE I was born to Pierre MELOCHE and Jeanne Marie CARON.

Francois MELOCHE II was born to Francois MELOCHE I and Marie Francoise LAUZON. Marie's parents were Nicolas LAUZON and Marie Louise CHAUVIN.

Francois MELOCHE III, was born to Francois II and Marie Louisa CHAUVIN.

Francis MOLASH (4th generation) was born to Francois III and Clara Lerige dit LAPLANTE. Clara's parents were Francois Lerige dit LAPLANTE and Marie Louisa MALET. Francois LAPLANTE was the son of Jean Louis Lerige dit LAPLANTE (son of Jean Baptiste Lerige dit LaPlante and Marie Catherine Rougier LAFRANCE) and Marie BARRAULT.  

    Francis married Ellen SULIER - Their children: James, George, Susan, Mary, Adolphus, Hubert Gilbert, Isadore, *Anna (m. Charles Albert ENGSTROM), Ellen, Elizabeth (1/5/1884 - 6/8/1899), Frances (10/23/1887 - 6/7/1899), Cora (3/13/1890 - 6/9/18999), Florence (m. Henry SPIELMAN; she and their baby   died  1/26/1910 in childbirth. Florence is buried at Hartford, SD.)

Ellen SULIER's lineage:  1 - Jean-Baptiste SULIERE was the son of Jean-Bernardin SULIERE and Margaret PAYMENT. 2 - Leon SULIERE was born to Jean-Baptiste and Catherine SAULQUIN, daughter of Joseph Amable SAULQUIN and Catherine LAUSON. 3 - Leon Charles SULIER was born to Leon SULIER and Archange LA POINTE, daughter of Guillaume LA POINTE and Josette Villers (dit ST. LOUIS). Ellen SULIER was born to Leon Charles SULIER and Susan REAU.

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Note from Lola - A gentleman, Mr. Engstrom, stopped at my home recently looking for a cemetery on our property in which three Molash children are buried. His grandmother (Anna) was a sister to the three girls as per the family tree enclosed.   There is also a SPIELMAN baby buried there which has always been a puzzlement to us. Mr. Engstrom filled us in ... Henry SPIELMAN married Florence and both she and the child died in childbirth. The child was buried in this small family plot and Florence was buried at Hartford. Several Molash descendents have stopped at my home over the years and I feel this family tree should be of value to you.  Lola

Just a note, my name is James MOLASH, my grandfather was James Molash the son of Francis and Ellen. This you may already know. Hubert and Gilbert were twins, my sister has two etchings of these twins. One of these twins had to have the middle name of William, because William is also known as Turkey Track Bill. His name appears in the North Dakota history books. He was one of the last gunfighters in this part of the country.

I have a copy of his birth certificate. It lists his father as Francis Meloche, but his name is Molash. This copy was given to me by Williamís son Charles who passed away about ten years ago.

I have a picture of Ellen Sulier with her braids, my grandmother told me that Gramma Sulier (my grandfatherís mother) was part Chippewa Indian. This is why my aunts and uncles all claimed to be part Chippewa. My aunt, Ellen Boyce, recently passed away in Wisconsin. She was in her nineties; the last of my fatherís family. I also have a picture of my grandfatherís sister Anna.

I have a lot of other pictures also. The reason I have these is because I lived with my Grandmother Johanna, the wife of James. He passed away in 1940, a year before I was born. She had his pictures. She passed away in 1968, and I got all of their pictures.

My grandparents used to travel by team and wagon from Kennebec, S.Dak to South Mandan, N. Dak along the Cannon Ball River where they had a home. When the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation opened for homesteading in 1913, they bought some land near Fort Yates. My father, James, was born on that farm. He married Sarah White Eagle in 1937.

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