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George W. Arnel


Company D, 44th Missouri Infantry, Private in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Volunteer Enlistment at Princeton, Missouri on 9th day of Aug 1864 for a period of one year; indicates

that he is twenty-four years old, born in Louisville, Kentucky.


First Generation


xe "Arnel, George W. <"      1. George W. Arnel was born on 18 May 1839 in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. He died on 24 Feb 1902 in Brule County, South Dakota. He was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Chamberlain, Brule County, South Dakota.


His parents are not known at this time.

He married Sarrah Swengen in 1865 in western Missouri.  Although he indicated that they had been married by a minister, he also indicated that no record existed of the marriage.


He indicated in his pension record that  children living were:

Bunk, 1866; Minnie 1868; Orie Arnel 1870.  Only three children living. (writer’s note: believe that Jame/Bunk are one and the same person)


Secretary of State's office, Jefferson City, MO has card and service jacket for George W Arnel, Pivate, age 24, Enlisted with Captain Rogers, on Aug 9, 1864 at Princeton, MO; mustered in Sept 2, 1864 at St. Joe, MO.


"A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion" by Frederick H Dyer, Vol. III, Missouri State Library,

Jefferson City, MO, p 1337.

"44th Regiment Infantry" - Organized at St. Joseph, Mo Aug 22-Sept 7, 1864.  Attached to District of

Rolla, Det. of Missouri, to Nov 1864.  Paducah, JY, Dept Ohio, Nov 1864. Unattached 23rd Army Corps,

Army Ohio, to Dec 1864, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Div (detachment), Army of the Tennessee, Dept of the

Cumberland, to Feb 1865.  1st Brigade, 3rd Div., 16th Army Corps (new), Military Division West

Mississippi, to Aug 1865.

  Service - Moved to Rolla, Mo, Sept 14-18, 1864, and duty there till Nov 5.  Expedition from Rolla to

Licking Nov 5-9.  Near Licking Nov 9.  Moved to Paducah, KY, Nov 12-16, thence to Nashville, TN, Nov

24-27. and to Columbia, TN, Nov 28.  Spring Hill Nov 29. 

Battle of Franklin Nov 30.  Battle of Nashville Dec 15-16.Pursuit of Hood to Columbia and Pulaski Dec

17-28. Moved to Clifton, TN, Dec 29-Jan 2, 1865, thence to Eastport, Miss, Jan 9-11, and duty there till

Feb 6, 1865.  Near McMinnville, TN, Feb 5 (Detachment).  Moved to Vicksburg, Miss., thence to New

Orleans, La, Feb 6-21.  Campaign against Mobile, Ala and its defenses March 11-Apr 12.  Expedition

from Daughpin Island to Fowl River Narros March 18-22.  Siege of Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely March

26-April 8.  Assault and capture of Fort Blakely April 9.  Occupation of Mobile April 12.  March to

Montgomery April 13-25  thence to Tuskegee, and duty there till July 19.  Moved to Vicksburg, Miss.

thence to St. Louis, MO July 19-August 4.  Mustered out Aug 15, 1865.

 Regiment lost during sevice 4 Officers and 61 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 5 Officers

and 168 Enlisted men by disease.  Total 238.



Company Muster-In and Descriptive Roll:  Dated at Saint Joseph, Mo, Sept 2, 1864;

Where born:  Louisville, Ky, age 24 yrs, occupation:  gun smith.


Eyes: Blue; hair: fair, complextin Fair, height: 5 ft. 8 in.  When mustered in to date from enlistment Sept.

2, 1864.  Where mustered in:  St. Joseph, Mo. Company to which assigned:  "D", recruit is entitled to

$100.00 bounty.


Mustered out to date Aug 15, 1865


Remarks:  deserted Nov 5th 1864 from Rolla, MO

Deserted when:  Dec 31, 1864

Where:  Rolla, MO


Proceedings of a General Court Martial.


Headquarters 3rd Division 16th AL, Montgomery, Ala, May 25th, 1865. General Order No. 13

Before a General Court Martial which convened at Headquarters 3rd Division 16th Army Corps, May 15th,

1865 in pursuance of General Orders No. 10  Headquarters 3rd Division 1th Army Corps and of which

Lieut. Col. William Avery 95th ILLs Vols Infty was president were arraigned and tried:

  George W. Arnel "D" Co., 44th MO Vol Infty.  Charge:  Desertion.  Finding:  Not guilty.

And the Court does therefore acquit him Private George W. Arnel "D" Co. 40th MO Vol. Inft.


In 1870, George Arnel was living in Warren Township, Poweshiek County, Iowa with the following:

Arnold, Geo W., age 31, male, white, com. laborer/no value of real estate, b Indiana. Arnold,  Sarah, age

30, female, white, keeping house, b Pennsylvania. John T., age 13, male, white, farm laborer, b

Penn. , Carlena, age 11, female, white, at school, b Ohio. , A. P. (Alfred Peter Douglas), age 9, male, white, b Iowa , M.W. (Minnie W.), age 3, female, white, b Iowa.  (write’s note: John T, Carlena and Alfred Peter were Rutan children from Sarah’s first marriage)


In 1880, the family was in  Knox Co. Nebraska .(Niobrara Precint) , described as

follows: George Arnold, 41, a mason, born in Kentucky  (unemployed 3 months), no inform on where his

parents were born Sarah Arnold, wife, 40, born in Pennsylvania, John Rutan, stepson, 23, farmer, born in PA,  Alfred Rutan, stepson, 19,farmer, born in Pa,  Minnie Arnold, daughter., 13, born in Iowa, James Arnold, son, 10, born in IA, Orie Arnold, son, 7, born in IA.


PENSION:  21st June 1880, Knox County, Nebraska. Submitted that he contracted a chronic

Rheumatism; unable to support his family; contracted in the winter of '64 and spring of '65 in the seige

of Spanish Fort, Alabama; the applicant is by occupation a laborer and has resided in Poweshiek county

Iowa from the time of leaving the service up to 1877 when he came to Niobrara, Knox Co, Nebr.


MILITARY:  War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, May 24, 1887.  Respectfully

returned to the Commissioner of Pensions.George W. Arnel, a private, of Company D, 44 Regiment Missouri Volunteers was enrolled on the 9th day of Aug 1864, is reported on Company descriptive Book:  deserted from Rolla , MO Nov. 5, 1864. Reported absent without leave until Dec. 31, 1864. Returned to the company by military authority March 16, 1865.Joined March 17, 1865. Was engaged in the seige of Spanish Fort near Mobile, Ala. from March 27 to April 9, 1865. 

"Charges of absence without leave on Co. Descriptive Book and of desertion of Nov. 5, 1864 are




PENSION:  Deposition A, Case of George W Arnel, No. 385,080, on the 4th of Sept 1888 at

Chamberlain, Brule Co, Dakota Territory.

 My age is 52, occupation: a plasterer., PO address and residence as above.  I am the same Geo W

Arnel who enlisted and served as a private of Co "D" 44th MO Volunteers from August 9, 1864 until

August 9, 1865, when discharged at St. Louis, MO. Never in the military or naval service prior to or

subsequent to above...I claim pension for rheumatism affecting the shoulders, back, hips, knees and

feet, which I contracted while laying in the ditches during the seige of old Spanish Fort, which I think was

some time about May or June 1865.

I worked at this some days, through the rain, ....a time went into the pits or ditches to fight, and was

standing and laying in the mud & water for 13 days and nights, during which time I was relieved but

twice.  After being in the ditches and so exposed ,about a week or 10 days.  I began to feel stiff and sore

in my ....and ache all over, which continued so long as I was in that position, but I made no complaint

and I had no treatment as I thought I would be alright when I got into better quarters.  After the

evacuation of the Fort we started for Tuskega, Ala.  I was feeling pretty good then and stood the

marching for a day or two very well and then my feet and knees began to swell and I was very lame and

I by permission of Lieut. McIntosh, fell out of ranks and followed along the best I could, always coming

up to my regiment during the night.  I seemed to grow worse till we reached Montgomery, Ala and then I

went to the Regent Surgeon,... Schultz and he gave me some medicine to take inwardly.

In a few days we started on for Tuskega, Ala but I was still sore and lame and followed along as fast as I

could.  I was not fit to walk for my feet were so swollen I had to cut my shoes, but there was no chance

to ride.  At Tuskega, we went into camp and was there sometime before ordered away.  I got rested up

and felt much better; the swelling ent down and I was not so lame but suffered much pain and was

excused from regular duty although I did do some duty about camp and was ....still by Surgeon Schultz. 

Soon after reaching camp at Tuskego, Lieut. McIntosh was taken down with the smallpox and as I was

unable for regular duty and having had the small pox, was detailed to take care of the Lieut.  When he

had recovered we had orders to go to Vicksburg, Miss and at once started on the march but as soon as I

began to walk, my feet and knees commenced swelling and having no way to ride, was compelled to

walk and when out a day or two the boys picked up an old "jack ass" and put me on him and I rode him

till we reached Black River were we took the ... into Vicksburg, and from there to St. Louis, MO on boat. 

I suffered more or less all this time from the rheumatism and healed by the surgeon, but was never in a

hospital.  Sometimes the Dr. would give me pills.  Sometimes powders and then again medicine in a

bottle.  After we got to St. Louis, I was flat on my back at ....barracks for 3 or 4 days, not able to help

myself and was cared for by comrades Wm. Brewer and Aleck Oreaton, and an old Irish lady who name

I did not know.  I did not learn our Sargent had left and I had not treatment but as soon as I was able to

be on my feet, I got on a street car and went to the city to see a doctor.  The doctor examined me and

said I had inflammatory rheumatism and gave me medicine to take inwardly and also a liniment to rub

on the parts affected.  The rheumatism then having crawled up into the hips.  I never knew the doctors

name, never saw him but the once and don't know the street he was located on.


.....In 1882 I came to this place where I have since resided and have been healed by Drs.

Crook & Kessler......after my long sickness and about the year 1868, I have had no regular occupation,

but have worked at all kinds of work and I would do what was offered me.  I am a ....smith by trade but

could not make a living at that and so took up the plastering business, but when I can't do that I try to do

lighter work.  I am very poor with a large family to support and I have to keep moving whether I am able

to or not...


Q. When, where and under what circumstances were you captured?

A.  I can't give you the date but it was along later in the fall of 1864 and while we were encamped at

Rolla, MO and were at the time building winter quarters.  I was then wagon master and I had charge of

the wagon train, hauling logs to build our quarters for the winter and was under order of the Quarter

Master of the Regt, whose name I cannot recall..and when at camp I reported to the Q.M. I had seen

two mules off from our road to the woods about two or three hundred yards and he told me I had better

pick them up as I went back and when I got back on the road to where I saw the mules, I left the .... and

rode off on my mule to get the stray ones.  I had caught the mules, had stopped them together and was

about to get on my mule to start back when someone spoke up and said "you are my prisoner" and

when I looked around saw I was about surrounded by a lot of guerrillas, under command of Dick Todd. 

They ordered me to mount a horse they had with them and they took me with them, leaving all the

mules behind.

Q.  Was you alone?

A.  No there was a man with me and captured  with me but I can't give you his name, he was a stranger

and I had never seen him until a day or two before that.

.......I was held a prisoner and kept right along with the guerrilas for 3 ? weeks, perhaps longer.  I can't

say, its too long ago and my memory is very poor....making for Price County in Arkansas and when

were were in MO they...and struck the MO river a little above Jefferson City, MO , where we had to

swim... Todd, the Chief of the band of Guerillas set on his horse and wrote a paper which he called

aposole, and said I could go home and stay.  The took the horse form me and .....told me I would strike

a town about 30 miles away...I slept out doors every night but two,...I had not blanket...and was

exposed to very cold freezing weather.  No sir, at no time while I was absent was I sick and I had no

pain or aches or swelling of joints...


I had some rain and sleet and ice and up to time I reached Macon County, ...where I found some Home

Guards and went to the commander and showed him my Parole and he said I needn't go back to my company till exchanged but said I had better report to the Provost Marshall at St. Joe, MO.  I started for St. Joe and on the way, stopped at my home and was there 2 or 3 weeks and then went on to St. Joe, where I

gave my parole to the marshall and said I would like to go back to my regiment......I was there about 2

or 3 weeks, all the time at liberty to go and come as pleased.  I was sent to St. Louis with a lot of

recruits and boys returning from furlough...was there about 2 weeks and sent to New Orleans , and from

there to my regiment...on Dauphins Island.  I at once hunted up Lieut. McIntosh, and explained the

cause of my absence to him and gave him my parole and he told me to keep it and I think he told me

that I was ... on the rolls as absent without leave and I would probably have to be tried.  I was kept on

duty the following morning after returning to my Co and done regular duty right along all through the

siege of Spanish Fort...when we reached Montgomery I had a Court Martial Trial and was acquitted.  I

was on guard duty when sent for to attend the trial,...I was not in charge any officers...then or at any

time while absent and was never arrested as a deserter.  When I appeared in court I was charged with

being absent form co, without leave.  The Judge Advocate asked me what I had to show for my absence

and I have him my parole, as given me by the "Guerilla Todd"... he read it, passed it to the other officer

and then tore it up.  I explained my absence to the court and was then excused and went outside...I was

then called into court, and the Judge Advocate told me I could return to my quarters...I went back , had

no punishment and no pay stopped and done such duty as was required of me till discharged and did not

know the result of the trial for as much as 2 or 3 weeks...was "not guilty of the charges of absence

without leave".  I was not a deserter. I never thought of such and could have no reason for such.  I have

told you the truth and the same story as I told when on trial...I can't say just how long I was absent from my company...I have told you as near as I can...I would think I was away as much as 3 months, it may have been a little longer.

I will say I got back as soon as I could except perhaps the time I was home but I had to pass near by

home in going to St. Joe, MO and didn't think I was doing wrong stopping with my folks awhile.


A.  I think not as I never felt the...or ache until after fighting in the ditches at Spanish Fort, after returning

to my company.  When I enlisted I was as sound a man as there was in the county, never sick or injured

in any way......I was not absent without leave but as a prisoner of war.  I claim pension only for

rheumatism and I contracted no other disease or disability in the service....I have never been what you

would call a drinking man.  I occasionally take a drink but do not make a business of it and only drink

when I am feeling so led. I  do not drink to the extent to be...intoxicated and before the war I was ....

I am satisfied with the examination.  You have been very fair and I am willing to ... the government to

work my claim to a final ...I understand the questions asked me and my answers are correct.



TIME LINE:  for George W. Arnel (taken from his pension file)

Before Aug 1863 - lived in Harrison & Pottawamie Co, (near Magnolia & Council Bluffs) Iowa

Abt Aug 1863 - Aug 1864 - Lived near Princeton, Mercer Co, MO (l yr prior to enlistment)

Aug 9, 1864 - Enlistment (not married) at Princeton, Mercer Co, MO (Capt W. B. Rogers)

..went to Chillicothe then St. Louis (MO)

Sept & Oct 1864 - on rolls as present.Nov. 5, 1864 /Fall 1864 - captured near encampment at Rolla, MO (3 wks/3 mos or more)

Muster foll of Co. for Nov & Dec 1864 reports him deserted Nov. 5, 1864.

Reported absent without leave until Dec 31, 1864.

Stayed with the company until the last of  Oct or first of Nov 1864

Started for St Joe, MO - stopped at home (2-3 wks) to see my folks...

Dropped from roll Jan & Febr 1865.

MARRIED in 1865 in Missouri .

Returned to the Co. by military authority March 16, 1865.

March & April 1865 present with remarks "joined from desertion Mar 10, 1865.

(writer thinks Arnel returned to the regiment at (Fort Garries)  Dauphines Island, in Lake Pouchetrain?, La (Gulf of Mexico near  Mobile, Ala) About March 1865.

May or June 1865 - Seige of Spanish Fort, Ala. (near Mobile)

Seige of Spanish Fort near Mobile , Ala from March 27 to April 9, 1865.

Tuskega, Ala (McIntosh/smallpox) (May or June 1865)

May & June 1865 - present.  Marched from Tuskega, Ala to Montgomery, Ala and from Montgomery to Vicksburg, Miss. Vicksburg, Miss.

Aug 9, 1865 - discharge at Benton Barrack, St. Louis, MO

Mustered out Aug 15, 1865 at Benton Barracks,MO

After discharge went to Victor, Iowa where his wife was.

Possible after 1877 went from Iowa to Nebraska (Niobrara, Knox Co)

1882 - from Nebraska to Dakota Territory



CENSUS:  1890 Veteran's Schedule - Chamberlain, Brule County, South Dakota, page 001_House No.

64, Family No. 64, Arnel, George W, Private, Co. D, 44th Mo. Inf., date of enlistment:

9 Aug 1864; Date of Discharge: 15 Aug 1865, length of service:  one year 6 days.

Post office address:  Chamberlain. Disabiltity Incured:  Rheumatism.


INFOR:  1890 Chamberlain Register Newspaper, Vo. X, No. 3, p 2, "Local News" - July 3, 1890

"Geo. Arnell the old residenter will soon have a nice restaurant running with solids and dainties for the



INFOR:  Chamberlain Register, Chamberlain, SD, July 3, 1890 Vol X No 3 pg 2 - Local News

Geo. Arnell the old residenter will soon have a nice restaurant running with solids and dainties for the

people.  (his wife died in Nov 1890 and to date we don't know if he opened that restaurant)



MILITARY:  Chamberlain Register, Wed. morning, June 7, 1893, SD State Archives Film #594

Gathering In - Tenth Annual Encampment Opening Most Auspiciously - Grand Army Veterans are

Gathering Again Around the Familiar Camp-Fire.

The following is a full roster of G.A. R. veterans who had registered at hotel quarters up to 10 o'clock

last night:  (listed among them is) G.W. Arnold, 44 Mo.


CENSUS:  1900 SD  George W. Arnel, b May 1840, 60 yrs, B PA living alone in Stanley Co, Stearns Pct.

(the mo/da/age match prior record and it appears that his son Orail Arnel is also living in Stanley Co.) 



DIED:  no record of a death for George W. Arnold (Arnel) was found in SD at the Dept of Health (2002).

Following is the only death record:  Certificate No. 477798 Geo W Arnel. Pensioner Dropped.

Sir:  I have the honor to report that the above named pensioner who was last paid at $16, to Jan 1902

has been dropped because of death Feb 24, 1902.

  There is a note on Cert. No 477798 - "dropped dead" stamped on the document with notes indicating

they had had correspondence in May 7, 1902,  June 11, 1902 , and Aug 30, 1902 from John T. Rutan relative to his claim for reimbursement. (letter is not in the file papers that were copied)




 1850 Jefferson Co, KY census - looking for him as a young man with parents.



xe "Swengan, Sarrah <"George married Sarrah Swengan  in 1865 in Western, Missouri. Sarrah was born on 14 Nov 1839 in, Pennsylvania. She died on 20 Oct 1890 in Brule County, South Dakota. She was buried in Riverview Cemetery, Chamberlain, Brule Co, South Dakota.


CEMETERY:  Riverside Cemetery, Brule Co, SD has an entry Arnold/Arnel family:

notes indicate that S.G. Arnold died 20 Oct 1890. 


DIED:  The Chamberlain Register Newspaper, Vol X No. XXI, Chamberlain, SD Nov 6, 1890.  On film at Library in Chamberlain, SD. Also SD State Archives Film #594.

"Mrs. George Arnell, after a long illness, died yesterday." 


INFOR:  Research by the Lyman-Brule County Genealogical Society, Chamberlain, SD:

There was no official article, just a notice tucked in with some local type news from the Dakota

Democrat, Nov 6, 1890_"Mrs. George Arnell died Wednesday afternoon, and the funeral took place

Friday. She had been an invalid for several years, and was a lady who was highly esteemed by her

neighbors and friends. The bereaved husband and other members of the family have the sympathy of

the whole community in their sad affliction."


!INFOR:  Chamberlain Reigster, Chamberlain, SD, Nov 13, 1890, page 1

SD State Archives film #594

"Card of Thanks"

Mr. George Arnell whishes to express his heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Tibbetts, Mrs. Minar, Miss King and

others who were so attentive to his wife during her sickness.



NOTE:  This Sarah "Swengan" may be the same as Sarah Swearingen, sister to Parker Swearingen.

Death certificate Kadoka, Jackson County, South Dakota. (2002) for Minnie Arnold (step sister to

Charlena Ann Rutan) indicates information was given by daughter, Iva Jones Emerson and indicates

parents were George Arnel and Sarah Swengan.




George and Sarrah had the following children:


+          2 F         i.  Minnie Luena Arnel  was born on 21 Dec 1866. She died on 29 Oct 1955.


+          3 M        ii.  Humprey James Parker Arnel  was born on 2 Jun 1870. He died on 27 Apr 1956.

xe "Arnel, Orie <"

               4 M       iii.  Orie Arnel  was born on 13 Feb 1873 in , Iowa. He died on 8 Apr 1904 in Westover, Lyman County, South Dakota. He was buried on 12 Apr 1904.



CENSUS:  1900 SD Stanley Co, Stearns Pct.

Arnel, Orail, b Feb 1873, 26 years, B Iowa  living alone

(George W. Arnel is also living in this county at this time - looks to be father/son).


DEATH:  Lyman County Record, Vol 1, No 36 Dirkstown, Lyman Co, SD Thursday

April 14, 1904 p. 1 Col. 3

"Ora Arnel died at Westover last Friday from drinking lemon extract for the liquor it

contained.  His body was brought to town by Dick Jones and Mr. Kaiser Saturday and

Sunday but not till Monday were they able to cross the river.  The funeral was held

Tuesday from the residence of his brother Bunk Arnel."

This newspaper is The Lyman County Record that was published at Dirkstown (SW of

present-day Reliance). Then when the railroad went NE of Dirkstown instead of going

to Dirkstown, all of the buildings and businesses, etc were moved to the new townsite

called Reliance in August of 1905.


(note/speculation by Barbara Speck: The ice on river was probably too thin to be safe

to cross on or the ice had already melted and the river was running too fast to cross,

which was generally the case. They could cross early in the morning if the river froze

solid enough overnight or if the water was safe they could get across by ferry if the

pontoon bridge wasn't in place for crossing.)


INFOR: Lyman County Gen Society - 2002.  Barbara Speck.



Dirkstown was a townsite along the Milwaukee railroad path across Lyman county. As

the railroad stretched across the country, the Milwaukee Townsite Company surveyed

and plotted out towns along the route. These towns sprung up as the homesteaders moved in and the need for a post office and a newspaper (for posting homestead claims) arose. Dirkstown was named after the Dirks brothers, Isaac and Peter. The post office, with Peter Dirks, postmaster, operated from 1894 until 1905 when it (the post office) moved to Oacoma. At this time, Reliance was established and was clearly the hub of activity and Dirkstown moved over there.


Dirkstown was established where the railroad was being built to the west, but the line

was changed, so Dirkstown moved to what is now Reliance.


WESTOVER - The town/river crossing is south of Murdo on the White River.  

Evidently it was a major cattle crossing at one time.


LAND:  Land Patent Details - Accession/Serial #11494, BLM Serial #SDMTAA 020753

Orail Arnel

Issue Date 9/3/1908(after his death) Land Office - Chamberlain, US.

Reservations: yes

Mineral Reservations: no by authority of the May 20, 1862 Homestead Entry

W 1/2 SE Sec/Block 24 Township 2-S, Range 26-E, Meridian: Black Hills, SD, Jones


SWNE   (same as above)

NWNE Sec. Block/25, Township 2-S, Range 26E, Black Hill, SD, Jones County


A record of the patent indicates Homestead Certificate No. 744, Application 1050.

The claim of the Heirs of Orail Arnel has been established and duly consummated, in

conformity to law, for the above described land containing 160 acres.  Theodore

Roosevelt, President of the Unitd States of America, have caused these letters to be

made Patent, and the seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed, 3rd day of

September, 1908.  Signed by the Recorder of the General Land Office.



Second Generation


xe "Arnel, Minnie Luena <"      2. Minnie Luena Arnel <  (George W.) was born on 21 Dec 1866 in Victor, Iowa County, Iowa. She died on 29 Oct 1955 in Kadoka, Jackson County, South Dakota. She was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Kadoka, Jackson County, South Dakota. Nickhame: “Ma” Jones.


!INFOR:  Jackson and Washabaugh Counties, 1915-1965, Published by Jackson-Washabaugh County

Historial Society, 1965.

  Kadoka, SD is a town of about 500 inhabitants. It is one of the best towns on the White River division

of the Milwaukee. Situated as it is about half way between Chamberlain and Rapid City it has all the

advantages to become a great commerical center.  It has five general stores, two hardwares, one drug

store, two clothing stores, two banks, five Real estate office, good graded town school, two churches,

three livery barns, bakery, feed store, large grain elevator, three hotels, two restauramts, confectionary,

two blacksmiths shops, butcher shop, harness shop, taxidermist, two doctors, two veterinaries, dentist,

lawyer, millinery store, furniture stoe, two newspapers, two lumber yard, town hall, etc.  There is not a

vacant building on the street. The main street is two and one-half blocks long.


 In 1929 the first radios began to appear. The first talking picture was shown at Christmas in 1935.

p. 93 - we take a look back to familiar names and faces and businesses -- Then for a bit to eat with….

Jack Jones,Nat Stevenson, Otto Sharon, Bert Dolloff, "Ma" Jones, Pearl Simon etc. _p. p 204 - Business

Places Early Day:  J.A. Jones, Pearl Hotel


INFOR:  Register of Deeds, Jackson County, SD (2002) indicates that John A. or J.A. Jones bought lots

on the south end of Main Street in 1908 (Kadoka, SD).  Then John A. Jones and Minnie Jones sold

them in 1924.


Minnie Jones owned a house and lots in Kadoka in 1924.  An agent for Minnie Jones (deceased) sold

house in 1957.


INFOR:  Maye Alma Stout, Kadoka, SD (2002) remembers that when she was a young married lady

(1941-42) her mother in law would take her across the street to "Ma" Jones to listen to WNAX (Yankton

SD radio station) for the news on the radio.  She remembers her a rather short and plump lady who

evidently lived simply.  She has a photo of her standing by her gate in front of her house and will send it

to me. 


CENSUS:  1900 Soundex SD. #71071 No. 19. Tacoma City Library, Tacoma, WA (2002)

Vol. 10, ED 42, Sheet 3, Line 1,Twp. 105, R 71, Lyman County, SD.

Jones, John A., white, b Aug 1855, Canada, age 44, Citizenship: Na

Jones, Minnie, wife, b Mar 1867, 33 yrs b Iowa (this conflicts with prior information)

Jones, Iva, dau, B Sept 1887, 13 yrs, b SD



CENSUS:  1910 SD Stanley County, 1 Ward Kadoka, Series T 624, Roll 1488, page 70, enumerated 15th

April, 1910, dwelling no. 2, family 2  West side of Main Street

Jones, John A,, head, male, white, 54, married 15 yrs., b Canada/Welch, parents also b Canada/Welsh,

immigrated 1859, naturalized citizen, speaks English, Proprietor, hotel, employer, can read & write.

Jones, Minnie L,, wife, female, white, 43, married 15 yrs., one child born, one child living, b Missouri, ,

father b Georgia, mother b Penn., English, occupation: none, can read & write

Jones, Iva P, step daughter, female, white, 23, single, b SD, father b Connecticut, mother b Missouri

Baker, Samuel M., boarder, male, white, 57, single, b PA, father & mother b PA, can read & write

Boland, Fred C., boarder, male, white, 25, single, b Iowa, father b Mass mother b IA, can read & write

Wilson, Laura B, servant, female, white,23, single, b Kentucky, Father b MO, mother b KY, can read &


Norton, Kathrine, servant, female, white,17, single, b Neb, father b IL, mother b Ire/Irish, can read &


Seatchel, Magdalina, servant, female, white, 18, single, b Iowa, father b Ind mother b IA, can read &


Butler, Sadie A., servant, female, white, 33, divorced, no children born, bOhio, father b NY, mother b

OH, can read & write.



The "Pearl" Hotel as it is referred to can be seen in photos housed at the museum (located in the railroad

depot).  It is visible in one which reads "Main Street, Kadoka, 1907" and one which shows the Pearl

dinning room. 


According to the county history book (Jackson-Washabaugh Counties 1915-1965, published by Jackson

-Washabaugh County Historical Society), Minnie was affectionately called "Ma" Jones.  Page 90 " On

April 5, 1907 the sale of the first town lots was held, Jack Jones restaurant was the first one to be

located.  It was moved and supper served the same evening with the building still on the moving

timbers.  Meals were served family style.  One could eat all they wanted for only 25 cents.  As the town

grew the Jones soon enlarged and added on an "upstairs" floor, consisting of six rooms and a linen

closet.  Laura Wilson Biddle and Iva Jones Emerson were the waitresses, and about one hundred fifty

people were served each meal.  About two years later the rest of the Hotel was built and the Jones'

operated it until it was purchased in 1924 by Hans Boock and family.


p. 91 "The first passenger train went through December 5, 1907.  I was told that the train coming west

would call ahead (telegraph?) notifying the Pearl of how many passengers to plan for meals.  On

Minnie's death certificate with the information given by her daughter, Iva Jones Emerson, is the

indication that Minnie operated the hotel for 23 years.  (this would indicate that they started the hotel in

1901 - perhaps before the town of Kadoka was established)


John A. "Jack" Jones, farmer, died at age 79 on 29 December 1934 and is buried at Oacoma, South

Dakota.  Minnie L. Jones would die twenty-one years later on 28 October 1955 and is buried at Fairview

Cemetery, Kadoka, South Dakota.


The Pearl Hotel today is in disrepair but is being considered for possible historic renovation by the

citizens of Kadoka and the state of South Dakota. (picture p. 82)  Behind the Pearl hotel can be seen the

old livery barn with the buggies and spring wagons sitting in front. p. 88 - picture of Main Street,

Kadoka 1907, Pearl dinning room with Mr & Mrs. Jack Jones and Iva (Jones) Emerson.  There is also a

picture of Iva (Jones) Emerson and Laura *Wilson) Biddle 1907 on horeseback.


If only the Pearl's walls could talk - so that we might hear the stories of a time past.

Request permission to reprint quotations from the county history book.


CENSUS:  1920 Soundex SD #1587  #21 Tacoma City Library (2002) Vol 15, ED 99, sheet 2, line 5


West side of Main, Kadoka, Jackson County, SD

Jones, John A., white, 64, b Canada, citizenship 1880 Na 1886

Jones, Minnie L., wife, age 53, b Iowa


CENSUS:  1925 SD State census card no. 196; Minnie (K?) Jones, age 59, female, white, married,

Kadoka, ward 2, Jackson County, housewife, own home/farm; birthplace: Victor Iowa, Ancestry:  Irish;

father b Ireland, mother b Penn; education:  common, maiden name Arnold, married 1894  (should this

be 1884?)

Church affiliation: protestant can read & write.


CENSUS:  1945 SD State Census card No. 217, Kadoka, Jackson Co, SD;

Minnie Jones, female, 78 years, owns home; occupation: none, birthplace:  Iowa; father's birthplace:

Ireland; mother's birthplace: Pennsylvania; education: grade, years in SD:  62

(this indicates came to SD 1883)


DIED:  Death certificate Kadoka, Jackson County, South Dakota. (2002)

Note:  information was given by daughter, Iva Jones Emerson but the date of birth was mis-typed.  It

should be 1866.  Born at Victor, Iowa County, Iowa to parents: George Arnel and Sarah Swengan.


Minnie Luena Jones died at Memorial Hospital, Kadoka after 7 hours from cerebral hemorrhage due to

hypertension, age 88, at 8:38 pm.   She was white, widowed, operated hotel 23 years.


INFOR:  Jackson and Washabaugh Counties, 1915-1965, published by Jackson-Washabaugh County

Historical Society.

P. 78  A town lot sale was conducted on April 7, 1907 by the Milwaukee Townsite company.  The first

Milwaukee train to come to Kadoka arrived on Christmas Day, 1906. (picture on page 81)

  Also operating at that time were general stores owned by Hans Thode, Charles Riggles and John

Kesling.  Martin Johnson operated a general store and hotel.  Other hotels were operated by Bert Reed

and Mr and Mrs Jack Jones, the latter serving meals as well.   "Queenie" Parker and her sister Georgia

operated a somewhat notorious rooming house, coming here from Presho.


OBIT:  The Kadoka Press, Thurs., Nov 3, 1955, No. 5


Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the First Presbyterian Church in

Kadoka by Reverend Paul Streit for long time Jackson county and Kadoka resident, Minnie "Ma" Jones,

88, who passed away Friday at Kadoka Memorial Hospital.

  Mrs. Jones, affectionally known as "Ma" to her many friends had been a resident of Kadoka since 1906,

the year the city was founded.

  Active pall bearers wre: Kenneth Wilson, Pete Hopkins, Merle Parke, George Olson, Dave Wilson and

Henry Myers.  Honorary pall bearers consisted of:  Earnest Joungerman, Pete Simon, Alfred Boock,

James Judge, Lee Peterson and Pete Stout.

  Burial was made in the Kadoka cemetary with the Prairie Queen Rebekah Lodge of Kadoka

conducting graveside rites.



Minnie Luena Arnel was born December 21, 1866 in Victor, Iowa.

  In October of 1885 she was married to M. M. Leene at Chamberlain, SD.  Mr. Leene passed away

three years later.  To this union one daughter was born.

  In 1892 she married to Mr. J. A. Jones at Oacoma, SD.

  Erecting one of the original structures in this township, Mr and Mrs Jones make Kadoka their home

since 1906.

Mrs. Jones was active in the Rebakah lodge being its chaplain for 15 years.

She was preceded in death by her husband in 1935.

Mrs. Jones is survived by one brother, James Arnel of Kadoka; one daughter, Mrs. G. L. Emerson,

Blythe, California; a foster daughter, Mrs. Laura Biddle, Kadoka and one nephew, C.E.(Carl Edwin)


Rutan of Chamberlain.

  Mrs. Jones, being in relatively good health in recent years and always in good spirits in spite of her

advanced age of 88 years, passed away Friday, leaving a bright and happy memory of many kind deeds

and sunny moments to cheer her many friends ad devoted neighbors.


!INFOR:  Doris Nordby Wagner, 2002, Rapid City, SD.  Remembers visiting her aunt Minnie as a young

child and having homemade chicken soup.  Doris and her sister have laughed often about the fact that

Aunt Minnie made chicken soup with the feet of the chicken in the soup as well.  They also remember

that they got stuck in the gumbo in front of her house in Kadoka as it was all dirt road at that time.


xe "Jones, John A. \"Jack\""

Minnie married John A. "Jack" Jones   about 1894 in Oacoma, Lyman County, South Dakota. John was born on 10 Aug 1855 in St. Catherine, Ontario, Canada. He died on 29 Dec 1934 in Kadoka, Jackson County, South Dakota. He was buried in Oacoma, South Dakota.



LAND:  from Bureau of Land Management records:



JONES IVA P   07          001 S    021 E        034        80         272002     PA          175923     02/06/1911 


JONES JACK G  06          040 N    035 W        036        160        253500     PA          121803     03/21/1961 

(is middle initial incorrect?  This is indian patents land)


DIED:  Kadoka, Jackson County, South Dakota death certificate registered no. 555

Informant was wife, Minnie L. Jones of Kadoka, SD.

Indicates that length of years in US (of foreign birth) was 78 years.  (making it 1854)

Male, white, married, Date of birth:  10 Aug 1855 Canada to parents:  John W. Jones and Catherine


Date of death 29 Dec 1934.  It stated that the doctor attended the deceased from Nov. 13 to Dec 29,

1934.  Principal cause of death:  senility and myocardity (date of onset11-19-34).


Burial at Oacoma, SD on 1st Jan. 1935



John and Minnie had the following children:

xe "Jones, Iva L."

               5 F         i.  Iva L. Jones  was born on 26 Sep 1886 in South Dakota. She died on 5 May 1980 in Palo Verde, CA. She was buried in Palo Verde Cemetery, Palo Verde, California.


OBIT:  The Kadoka Press, Thurs., Nov 3, 1955, No. 5




DIED:From Cal. Death Index: _EMERSON IVA L 09/26/1886 ARNEL LEENE F

SOUTH DAKOTA RIVERSIDE 05/05/1980 556-36-2963 93 yrs (last residence Blythe,


!OBIT:  Blythe, California newspaper clipping obtained 2003

"Emerson Rites held"

 Funeral servies for Iva L. Emerson, 93, were held Thursday morning at Frye Chapel

with members of the Blythe Order of eastern Star No. 359 officiating.

  Mrs. Emerson, who had lived in Blythe 51 years, was born Sept. 26, 1886 in

Chamberlain, SD.  She died May 5 at Palo Verde Hospital.

  She is survived by a nephew, Herschel A. Howell of Van Buren, Ark.

  Interment was in Palo Verde Cemetery under the direction of Frye Chapel and Blythe



INFOR:  In an address book belonging to Frances Zacek Rutan is the note:

George (Emerson) buried Aug 3, 1964.

and an address for Mrs. Geo. L Emerson of 154 1/2 S. 4th, Blythe, CA 92225 and also

126 S Palm Dr. Blythe, CA 92225




xe "Arnel, Humprey James Parker <"      3. Humprey James Parker Arnel < "went by James" and “Bunk” (George W.) was born on 2 Jun 1870 in Victor,Iowa County, Iowa. He died on 27 Apr 1956 in Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. He was buried in Kadoka, Jackson County, South Dakota.




NAME:  The only place that the whole name of  Humprey James Parker (Arnold) shows up is on the

piece of paper found in the trunk that belonged to Charlena Ann Rutan Swearingen.  He went by "James"

at age 10.


LAND:  Lyman County, SD - Federal Land Records -

Name                                                                    Meridian            Twp              Range

Section                    Acreage             Type           Case type           DocId           Date


Arnel, James          27.6                    272002       05                       104 N            071 W

003                                              (cash sales)      PA (patent)        108                10/31/1893


Arnel, James          40                       272002       05                       104 N            071 W

004                                                                      PA                       108                10/31/1893


Arnel, James          34                       272002      05                        104 N            071 W

004                                                                     PA                        108               10/31/1893


Centennial Atlas, SD State Archives, Pierre SD

The land of James Arnel was in the close proximity of land owned by his half brother, John Rutan.

On another map of Part of Township 104 N., ranges 71 & 72 W. part of the land is owned by Peter

Rutan. Without looking at records we don't know positively if the land was willed or purchased after the

death of each individual.


CENSUS:  1900 SD, Lyman Co, Twp 104 R?1  soundex shows the following family -

Arnel, James, b June 1870, 30 yrs, b Iowa

Arnel, Sadie C., wife, b Mar 1881, 19 yrs, b Iowa

Arnel, James, son, b Jun 1900, 0 age, b SD

Lorenz, Maggie E. SL, b Sep 1884, 15 years, b Iowa 

   (could this be a younger sister of Sadie Arnel?)


CENSUS:  1910 Chamberlain Twp, Chamberlain City, Brule County, SD, film T-624 Roll 14476;

Enumeration. Dist. No. 72, Sheet No. 2A, Line page No. 8179

Dwelling No. 3, Family No. 3.

On the side is written" Rail Road Clemer RR Mott Ave.  River Street"

Arnold, James P., head, white, male, no birth information, age 39, married, 12 yrs, b Iowa, father b PA,

mother b PA, occupation:  Pilot, riverboat, can read & write, owns home, free of mortgage, house.

Arnold, Sadie, wife, white, female, 29 yrs.,married 12 yrs, mother of 2 children, 1 child living; b Iowa,

father b Germany, mother b Illinois, can read & write.

Arnold, Dorothy E., daughter, white, female, age 8, single, b SD, father b Iowa, mother b Iowa, can

speak English.

(note: others listed show as boarders - was this a hotel?)

Lawrence, Herman C., boarder, white,male, 31 yrs, widowed, b Iowa, father b German, mother b Ill.

Lawrence, Jay A., nephew, white, male, six yrs, single, b SD, father b Iowa, mother b Wisc.

Lawrence, Edith B., niece, white, female, 3 yrs, single, b SD, father b Iowa, mother b Wisc, English

Rutan, John, boarder, white, male, 52 yrs, widowed, b PA, father b PA, mother b US, laborer-general

work, can read & write.

Rutan, Edward, boarder, white, male, 18 yrs, single, b SD, father b PA, mother b Norway, laborer - RR

Section, can read & write, speaks English.

Rutan, Amos G, boarder, white, male, 15 yrs, single, b SD, father b PA, mother b Norway, Driver-

Delivery Wagon, can read & write, speaks English.

Rutan, Pearl, boarder, white female, 11 yrs, single, b SD, father b PA, mother b Norway, can read &


Powell, Katie J. boarder, white, female, 25 yrs, married 4 yrs, two children born, one child living, b SD,

father b Germany, mother b Ilininois, can read & write.

Powell, Vernon L., boarder, white, male, 27 yrs, married 4 yrs, b MN, father b US, mother b MN,

boatman own boat, can read & write.

Powell, Isabelle E., white, female, 7/12 yrs, single, b SD, father b MN, mother b SD.


(note:  Herman Lawrence & Katie J Powell could be related to Sadie Arnold - - see parents birth places)


CENSUS:  1920  SD Soundex -  There is a James W. Arnold, age 37, b Iowa in Washabaugh County,

SD with wife Maud B. Arnold, age 36, b Iowa and daughter. Dorothy, age 5 b SD that could be some relation to this family -- Washabaugh county is out with Jackson County, where Minnie Arnel/Arnold Jones lived and we know that he was out there when she died. (this does look like the family although the ages do not appear to be correct and this could be a second wife - possibly sister to first wife?)


MARRIAGE:  1925 SD State Census card No. 1481, Chamberlain, Brule Co, Ward 1:

James Arnold, age 55, male, white, laborer, doesn't own home or farm; b IA; ancestry: American;

Father's birthplace: Iowa; mother's birthplace: Iowa.

Common Education, married 1911, maiden name of wife: Lorenz, divorced, can read and write;

no church affiliation.


LIVED:  (1955) according to the obit of Minnie (sister):

Mrs. Jones is survived by one brother, James Arnel of Kadoka; one daughter, Mrs. G. L. Emerson,

Blythe, California; a foster daughter, Mrs. Laura Biddle, Kadoka and one nephew, C.E. Rutan of




DEATH:  Certificate of Death, State of SD, file No. 290918

Place of Death:  Mitchell, Davison County, SD

Hut Nursing Home, Kadoka, Jackson County, SD.

Kadoka Memorial Hospital

Length of stay:  1 1/2 months

James Arnel date of death: 4/27/1956

Widowed, Male, white, date of birth: 6/2/1871, 84 yrs old, business: ranch

Born Victor, Iowa, USA

Was not in the armed service

no social security number

Informant:  hospital records

Disease or condition:  cancerous? colon, with mastastions, 6 mos since onset and death?

Cemetery: Kadoka, SD

NO names of parents known

xe "Lorenz, Sadie C."

Humprey married Sadie C. Lorenz  in 1898 in South Dakota. The marriage ended in divorce. Sadie was born in Mar 1881 in Iowa.



MARRIAGE:  1925 SD State Census card No. 1481, Chamberlain, Brule Co, Ward 1:

James Arnold, age 55, male, white, laborer, doesn't own home or farm; b IA; ancestry: American;

Father's birthplace: Iowa; mother's birthplace: Iowa.

Common Education, married 1911, maiden name of wife: Lorenz, divorced, can read and write;

no church affiliation.

(note:  this looks like his second marriage to a Lorenz - could this be sister of his first wife, Sadie?)



Humprey and Sadie had the following children:

xe "Arnel, James"

               6 M        i.  James Arnel  was born in Jun 1900 in South Dakota. He died before Apr 1910 in South Dakota.


CENSUS:  1900 SD, Lyman Co, Twp 104 R?1  soundex shows the following family -

Arnel, James, b June 1870, 30 yrs, b Iowa

Arnel, Sadie C., wife, b Mar 1881, 19 yrs, b Iowa

Arnel, James, son, b Jun 1900, 0 age, b SD

Lorenz, Maggie E. SL, b Sep 1884, 15 years, b Iowa 

   (could this be a younger sister of Sadie Arnel?)


CENSUS:  1910 Chamberlain Twp, Chamberlain City, Brule County, SD, film T-624

Roll 14476;

Enumeration Dist. No. 72, Sheet No. 2A, Line page No. 8179

Dwelling No. 3, Family No. 3.

Shows the Arnold family with boarders but son, James Arnold/Arnel is not there.

The mother's information indicates two children born, one living.



xe "Arnel, Dorethy E."

               7 F         ii.  Dorethy E. Arnel  was born about 1903 in Chamberlain, Brule County, South Dakota.


CENSUS:  1905 SD state census card No. 151, Dorethy Arnel, female, white, age 1 1/

2, living at Chamberlain, Lyman County, sec 5, twp 104 range 71 (same as Sadie C.

Arnel); b Chamberlain, SD, birthplace of father: Iowa; birthplace of mother: Iowa.


CENSUS:  1910 Chamberlain Twp, Chamberlain City, Brule County, SD, film T-624

Roll 14476;

Enum. Dist. No. 72, Sheet No. 2A, Line page No. 8179

Dweling No. 3, Family No. 3.

On the side is written" Rail Road Clemer RR Mott Ave.  River Street"

Arnold, James P., head, white, male, no birth information, age 39, married, 12 yrs, b

Iowa, father b PA, mother b PA, occupation:  Pilot, riverboat, can read & write, owns

home, free of mortgage, house.

Arnold, Sadie, wife, white, female, 29 yrs.,married 12 yrs, mother of 2 children, 1 child

living; b Iowa, father b Germany, mother b Illinois, can read & write.

Arnold, Dorothy E., daughter, white, female, age 8, single, b SD, father b Iowa,

mother b Iowa, can speak English.




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