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Lake Co. South Dakota Queries

FRY, WILSON, ASHLEY, LESTER Shannon Hagerty Mon, 18 Jan 1999
My ggg grandparents were living in Lake Co as of the 1880 Dakota Territory Census. They were listed in Town 107. Both died Wentworth, SD. My gf was Isaiah FRY b. abt 1821-1828 in PA, d. 19 Mar 1893. My gm was Elenah WILSON b. 8 Oct 1825 in PA, d. 10 Feb 1899. Children in 1880 census were John Wilson, Joel Frederick, Henry W., Charles H., Francis A., Marie Harriet, and Earnest A. Another child and my gg grandfather, Ziba FRY was not enumerated in this census with them. He was married less than a month later on 3 Jul 1880 to Jennie May ASHLEY. I don't know where they were married. Their first and only child, Florence Ann FRY, was born on 18 May 1880 in North Feedom, Sauk, WI as far as I know. Jennie died before Florence was a year old on 6 Jan 1882, also in North Freedom as far as I know. Ziba moved around a lot after that. I have been unable to find Florence with anyone until her marriage 5 Nov 1897 to Joseph Willaba LESTER in Sioux Falls, SD. I would appreciate any information on any of my ancestors listed above My e-mail address is

Thank you very much

Shannon Hagerty

Hawthorne, CA

HANSON, WOLD Janet Hanson Mon, 4 Jan 1999
The Cornelius HANSON family lived in Lake County, SD from about 1900 to 1950. Any information about this family is appreciated. Cornelius "Corn" HANSON was born May 13, 1863 in Bjonnon, Norway. He was naturalized in Brookings County, Lake Sinai Township in 1894. He married Olianna Charlotta "Anna" Wold (Born June16, 1880 in Tjotta, Norway) on July 22, 1902 in Brookings County, Lake Sinai Township, Lutheran Church, SD.

They were in the 1920 Census list in Lake County, Nunda, SD. Children listed in that census were: Agnes, Hannah, Clifford, Clarence, Roy, Esther, and Ruth. There was also a Hans ALFSON listed as a resident of the home.

Any information on this family is appreciated.

Janet Hanson

LEWIS, ELLIS, KENNEDY Becky Wright Sat, 2 Jan 1999
My name is Becky J.Wright. My great great grandfather was James Lewis born in Wales but lived and raised his family in Winfred, South Dakota. His mother was Elizabeth Lewis and she married Thomas Charles. They are both buried in the Union Cemetery; she died l893 he died 1906. James Lewis was born 12 Dec. 1840 died 30 Oct. 1920. He married Maria Ellis 1867. She died Sept. 1897. They had 8 children and my grandmother is one. Her name is Sarah Jane Lewis (Kennedy). I am seeking anyone with any information on them. I came to Winfred several years ago and just stumbled on their graves. I think it was the Union cemetery but I think it was in Canova I just can't be sure. I do correspond with Desmond Lewis in Madison, SD. He has been very nice but doesn't know too much about my grandmother or too many in the family. I thank you.
MARSHALL, KNAPP Nancy L Seals Tue, 29 Dec 1998
Louisa A. Marshall: I have a letter my Great Grandmother wrote in 1887, from Madison to her mother and my grandfather, living in Iowa. She signs her name Knapp and says she has a suit against him in Mitchell in May. I presume she is married to this man she only refers to as Mr.Knapp. I have tried in the past to locate this suit, but have been unsuccessful. Pierre could not find it as a divorce. She had a P.O.Bx. at the time. As she had my Grandfather at 13, and her mother Emily Marshall brought him up,believe she was somewhat of a drifter. Can you give me any help in possibly locating records that might be helpful. I have no idea how long she stayed in Madison, as her mother had died 5 days before she mailed the letter. Thank you for any info you can provide. I call her my `illusive lilli. Nancy Seals
BUCHHOLZ, HOTEL WENTWORTH James M. Cook Wed, 9 Dec 1998
I have a photocopy of a menu for the Hotel Wentworth dated Oct. 14, 1906 that lists my great grandfather, T. L. BUCHHOLZ as prop. I am seeking information on the hotel and my grandfather. Thank you for your assistance Jim Cook
BUCHHOLZ, WILSON James M. Cook Wed, 9 Dec 1998
I am trying to find information on Theodore L. and Laura E. (WILSON) BUCHHOLZ and family. Theodore and Lauar were married in WI in 1887 and relocated to Madison, Lake Co. sometime before 1890. Theodore was employed by the railroad, I think as a conductor. They had the following children, all born in Madison. Laura Irene, b 6 JAN 1890, d 6 JAN 1890 Gladys Ione, b 25 Jan 1891 Beulah, b 18 JUL 1894 James Wilson, b 27 JUN 1898 Thank you for your assistance. Jim Cook
ROSS, KARN, FARLEY, BAILEY Craig & Debbie Huewe Thu, 3 Dec 1998
My Great Grandmother, and Great Great Grandparents spent at least 30-35 years in S. D.. They were; William Hugh ROSS (born 9/27/1850), married Amanda KARN and Moved to S. Dakota. My Grandma's stories say he was the first man to build a frame house on the Dakota Prairie. I understand they also had a tree farm in the general location of what is now called Genoseea(spelling), that was ruined by some infestation of bugs. Grandmother's memories remember Cora ROSS (FARLEY) (BAILEY) (born 1/25/1871) running a room and board in Vebulum and Rutland, I guess about 1888 to ?. She married William (Bill) Bailey in 6/22/94 in Britton. There were nine children altogether. The first 3 are FARLEYs: Edith, Ethel, & Mildred. The next six are Bailey's (all of these moved out of S.Dakota in their 20-30's; Harry 1897, Nona, Nora 1904, Dorothy, Derwood, Clyde 1915. I would like information regarding any of the Ross's, if there is any available. Debbie Huewe
BENEDICT, WILLIAMS Becci Fri, 04 Sep 1998
I am looking for information about Allard BENEDICT and his wife Nel Williams. They came to Lake County about 1895-1900. I think that they lived in Rutland. Their children were: Roy, Allard Jr., Zelda and Bo Peep. No kidding! These are the childrens names as listed in the census records. Allard Sr. and Roy died and are buried in the Rosehill cemetery. I am trying to find out where the rest of the family is. Thank you for your help,

Becci Thomas

BRAESE, KRUEGER Sharon Fri, 04 Sep 1998
Having a rough time locating family info of Albert Frederick Braese and Augusta Krueger of Madison, SD. 1890s. Would appreciate any help you can give me. I understand there was a fire that destroyed records before 1921; if so what do I do.

Thanks, Sharon.

BENEDICT Becci Thomas Mon, 29 Jun 1998
I am looking for the BENEDICT family. The family consisted of Allard, Nellie, Allard Jr., Roy, Zelda and Bo kidding it was her name! My Mother remembers hearing about cousin Bo Peep. They lived in Rutland. I think Allard Sr. and Roy died there. I am trying to find out what happened to the rest of the family. This would have been between 1880-1900. Are there marriage records available? What about cemetery records? Thank you for your time,

Becci Thomas

Alliance, NE or

TODT, REYNOLDS Patsy Mckenzie Mundale Fri, 26 Jun 1998
TODT, Frank Xavier, b.Sept. 1867 in Germany. Immigrated in 1880. my Grandfather was in Madison, Lake County in 1924. My father, Fern Todt and mother visited him there. Frank was a barber by trade. In 1924 he would have been 57 yrs old.

Frank's first wife Caroline Reynolds, dau. of Charles Burton Reynolds of MN. His second wife was Grace Reynolds, dau. of Charles Frank Reynolds, brother of Wellington R. Reynolds. Wellington was large landholder in Lake County.

Frank X. Todt was a barber by trade. He did barbering in Mabel, MN until after he and Grace Reynolds were divorced and then he moved to Lake County, Madison, SD. I have no information about him from then. I know he was in Madison in 1924. My father, Fern Todt and mother visited him there. Would like to learn where he is buried and if he may have married again.

I am related to most of the Reynolds in Lake County.

Thank you,

Patsy Mckenzie Mundale.

PROSPECT, LAKE COUNTY Jennifer Slegg 7 Jun 1998

I am looking for some people who once resided in PROSPECT, Lake County, South Dakota, but I cannot seem to locate where that town is. I do know it exsisted in 1888, but cannot find anything more current. Any help/thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Jennifer


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ELLIS, HARRIS Susan Mein Sun, 17 May 1998
Looking for the death record or obituary of Eunice Belle ELLIS-HARRIS who died 12 February 1957 in Madison, SD. Where is she buried as her husband, Edwin HARRIS, is buried in Page, Holt County, NE. One of their sons was Howard Warren HARRIS. Eunice's parents, Sidney ELLIS and Naomi HALL, were Iowa residents as we know at this time. Any information about this individual would be appreciated.


Sue Mein

Lake View, IA

TERWILLIGER, GALLAGHER Holly (Terwilliger) Hope Thu, 30 Apr 1998
My father was born in Madison, Lake Co. S.D. I have been trying to get a line on his mother and my great grandfather. I am just sending a few names to see if you have ever heard of them or might know how to help me get going in the right direction.

My father, Alvin Emerson Terwillinger, born 14 Jun 1947 Madison, S.D.

My grandfather, Frank Alvin Terwilliger, born 20 Nov 1882.

My G-grandfather, Cornelius Terwilliger, born 1 Jun 1851 died 23 Jan 1937

My great grandfather is buried at Graceland Cemetery, I can't seem to find out anything about my grandfather. My grandmother, Nell Jane Gallagher, 7 May 1893 died 17 May 1980 buried 21 May 1980 at Graceland Cemetery. Her father is Phil Gallagher and mother is Kathrine. That's it, my whole line on my dad's side. If you can help I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Holly (Terwilliger) Hope

1612 S. 70th Ave.

Yakima, WA 98908


HENRY, ANDREWS Margaret Delisio Thu, 05 Mar 1998
I am searching for clues about my great grandfather Norman Henry b NJ 1830 and his wife Elizabeth T. b 1831 NJ and son George Daniel b 1860 ILL. Elizabeth was listed as head of the household in 1885, living in Madison with her son George per state census records. I am wondering if Norman died in Madison. Also, George Daniel married in Madison, October 4, 1887, Grace A. ANDREWS, daughter of James D. and Eliza of Moody County. According to the family Bible, James died in Madison June 20, 1887. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Margaret Winter DeLisio

Anchorage, AK

FINTZEL William C. Richter Sun, 15 Feb 1998
Hi We are looking for information about Christine (Pfeiffer) FINTZEL. She died in Madison, SD 1/8/1909. Her husband was Frank FINTZEL who also died in Madison 1/25/1908. Frank was a member of the General Shields Post G.R.A. Frank and Christine moved to Madison from Louisville, KY around 1880. They had four sons and two daughters. We think William and John resided in Madison at the time of the death of their father. Frank was a custodian at Central School for some time. He also worked in the grain eleavators. Prior to moving into Madison the family did some farming in Lake County. As you see we do have some info about Frank but nothing about his wife and family. A daughter Amelia (Mrs. Jacob Birran) was my wife's grandmother.

Thanks for any help you may be able to give us.

Bill Richter

RENKEN C. SorensonSat, 7 Feb 1998
I am looking for information on William and Pauline Renken of Lake County as well as John "Jack" Renken. I believe Jack Renken and his wife Gladys Baker Renken lived near the Chester, South Dakota area from about 1919-1940. Jack Renken was a farmer.

Also, I am interested in some of the Lake County reference books, i.e. History of Lake County and Pioneer Days in Lake County in reference to the Renken and Baker family. I see they are "not owned". How would I obtain them? The Madison Library?


C. Sorenson