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Lake Co. South Dakota

Lake County News Extracts

The following extracts are from the year 1923, possibly the month of May. Thank you, Judy!

Extracts submitted by Judy Dankert-Parsons


The Wm. ZWINGELBERG family spent Sunday evening with the John GEHRELS family.

Transplanted tomato, cabbage, ground cherry, cauliflower, eggplant, and pepper plants for sale at RENNER Green-houses, Madison, S. Dak. Phone 2326. (Advertisement)

Mr. and Mrs. Lou HILLER, Sr., and daughter Iva of Flandreau spent Sunday with relatives at Wentworth.

Get a sewing machine of quality at honest price and save money. MITTERLING Piano House Madison. (Advertisement)

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ZWINGELBERG, accompanied by John and Lydia, motored to Sioux Falls Friday to visit with Mr. and Mrs. August HEGHAHL.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edman DIEPHOLZ, a twelve pound baby boy, Wednesday last. Mother and child are doing well.

Congoleum Art Rugs, large variety of designs and sizes. F. W. BLACHFORD. (Advertisement)

Paul DUBBE called on home folks Tuesday afternoon while going thru town.

A new sign adores the entrance of our postoffice. The work, performed by our sign painter, Harry LANGFELDT, is exceptionally well done.

Moody County Farm Bureau will conduct its annual picnic June 6th, at the Chester Park, Mgr. HURT having donated the use of the grounds to them. The writer is satisfied that the farmers will find the park an ideal picnic and convention ground, and Mr. HURT ready to care for all of their needs in store supplies, boats, baits, etc.

Mgr. HURT of Chester Park has been down at different times asking us to come down for a visit and inspect this well known resort. Thursday evening we drove down and found the park to be all we were told about it. The beach is clean, houses and store fresly painted; boats and supplies reasonable, and an ideal arrangement of tables and seats for those desiring to picnic there. We returned with a fine mess of large croppies.

One of the largest crowds ever gathered at Wentworth Park on any one day enjoyed the quiet and solitude of this restful lake resort Sunday afternoon and evening. Tourists were present from neighboring states as well as from cities and towns of distance in this state. Wentworth Park boosts (sic) of an ideal beach and good fishing. But the quiet and absence of artifical amusement is the greatest drawing card, people coming for hundreds of miles to spend a day or week in absolute quiet.


Mrs. Albert MARQUART entered the New Madison Hospital Monday.

Haldol NORBY was operated upon for appendicitis at the New Madison Hospital Monday.

Melvin REANEY and family of Naples, spent Sunday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Johnson entertained Mr. and Mrs. Verne ABEEL Sunday evening.

The Farmers Elevator has installed a radio outfit in order to receive advance daily market reports.

Mrs. Blanch LYBARGER, Miss Mildred JOHNSON and Prof. C. G. OLSON have been engaged as part of the teaching staff for the coming season.

Mrs. Cline GRAFF of Sioux Falls is spending a two weeks vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. CAMPBELL.

The EGAN Merchantile Co., consisting of LEE and PEDERSON have purchased the Albert HALSETH grocery stock and will open for business on June 1st.

Albert HALSETH has not made known his plans for the future yet, however it is known that he and his family will spend the summer camping at Lake Madison and visiting relatives in Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. A. E. BENEDICT made an over Sunday visit with daughters at Sioux Falls and Sheldon, Iowa.

Verne LYBERGER is the owner of a brand new Henry which he purchased from PARKER Auto Co. recently. It is said that Verne keeps it well oiled and polishes it every day.

Frank NOVY of Gettysburg bot (sic) the Fred KLASSY blacksmith shop with a full equipment of blacksmithing and wagon repairing tools.

E.J. GRABER left for Iowa City Monday to take a post graduate course in Master of Arts.

Paul NORBERG and wife, Sidney NORBERG and Miss BIZUK of Sioux Falls spent Sunday with Carl NORBERG.

Mrs. Mary FRISLIE and daughter, Mrs. C. J. HOUSE, departed from Brookings Monday for Pittsburg (sic), Penn. where they will visit with a brother of Mrs. FRISLIE, and Washington, D.C., where they will visit with the formers daughter, Belle.

Since the departure of Prof. GRABER there is considerable speculation as to who will continue as representative of the Associated Press for Rutland and community.

A tennis club was organized under the auspices of H. A. STANGLAND and Carl NORBERG and a number of citizens are actively participating in the preparation of a field.

Claude SCHACT purchased the blacksmith shop at Wessington Springs and will move his family there June 1st. Ray BUTTS will occupy the house vacated by the SCHACTs.


Miss Blanche HAMRE departed Sunday for her home at Sioux Falls.

Mrs. Ada SPAWN and Mrs. Clell HAWKINS were Sioux Falls visitors Friday.

Mrs. Gladys HILLER and daughter Vivian spent the week-end in Chester.

Mrs. C. B. BROOKSHIRE of Trent spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. NASH. Mr. and Mrs. Emil HILLER and daughter, Darline of Sioux Falls spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Louie HILLER.

Mrs. A. Laughlin was a bus passenger from Colman Monday morning, and spent the day looking after her lot at the cemetery, decorating it for memorial day.

Mrs. HERD and granddaughter of Sioux Falls, are visiting this week with the formers daughter, Mrs. E. LORD who live on the Frank HARE place.

American Legion Celebration and Race Meeting Flandreau, S.D., June 12, 13, 14th, League Base Ball - Night show.

The Madison--Winfred state road grading was awarded to D. D. BIDWELL of Egan and the graveling to TOBIN & MAHONEY by the State Highway Commission. Work will be commenced at an early date.

"My Sunshine State" is a new song waltz which we just received from James A. SANAKER, author, of Viborg, S. Dak., for review. Both words and music are very beautiful and all who have borrowed our copy come back with words of appreciation.

In a straw vote on favorite candidates for president taken by Tom AYERS of the South Dakota Leader of Mitchell sixty percent favored Ford and forty percent favored LaFOLLETTE. HARDING, BORAH, JOHNSON, McADOO, RALSTON and BRYAN, who were also listed in the poll, failed to receive a single vote.


Herbert MORK left Saturday, for Elrod, S.D., where he will visit for a few weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. L. A. HANSEN drove to Brookings last Thursday.

Mrs. John JOHNSON left on Monday for Bruce, S.D., where she was called by the serious illness of her father.

The American Legion Auxiliary will hold its regular meeting at the school house on June 5 at 8:30. Anyone eligible to join is invited to come.

The next regular meeting of the Ladies Aid will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin RAMSEY, on Thursday afternoon, June 7.

The Ladies' Civic Club made $40 at the lunch last Saturday afternoon. The quilt which was given away was won by Mrs. L. A. HANSEN, 289 being the winning number. The Club wishes to thank the community for their generous patronage.


Ray GODBY of Sioux Falls visited with old friends here last week.

Miss Ruth HEISER who has been at Isabel attending school returned home last week.

Miss Mildred OVERSKEI has accepted a position in JOHNSON's General Store, and began work on Monday.

Mrs. John JOHNSON returned Monday morning from Bruce, S.D., where she was called by the death of her father, Mr. THOMPSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert ERICKSON and Mr. and Mrs. Henry ERICKSON of Elrod, started by car Monday morning for a month's visit with relatives in Wisc.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl HAMMER and family drove to Sioux Falls on Monday.


Miss Emma RENKIN and the Misses Florence and Lila KOTTE were bus passengers to Madison Wednesday.

"Hofstra" kills many garden bugs, flies and insects. You get it at BLACHFORD's. (Advertisement)

City Marshall HEYER would appreciate a few flower plants for the center street flower bed. Those who can spare any are asked to kindly tell him about it. The bed was a beauty spot last year and we hope to see it equally good or better this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred FADER of Sioux Falls spent Memorial day with the formers brother, Chas. N. and family.

Rev. and Mrs. STEINMEYER of Egan spent Friday at the Lutheran parsonage, and while here the former in company with Rev. OBERHEU drove down to the lake to try their luck in fishing.

Evangelestic meeting being conducted at Franklin School every night at 8:15 this week, and at 11:15 a.m. and 8:15 p.m. Sunday evening. All welcome. Conducted by Joseph A. DIXON (Advertisement).

The County Line Club was pleasantly entertained at the home of Mrs. Roy HANSON, making hats and the entertainment for the afternoon, a dainty lunch was served. The next regular meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Lyle LEACH Thursday, June the 14th.

Last week's Thursday edition of the Madison Daily Leader, issued under the auspices of the Farm Bureau, was certainly a credit, not only to the publishers of the Leader, and the Farm Bureau, but also to Madison businessmen and merchants. The 24 page edition was exceptionally well gotton up (sic) and printed and contained much matter of general interest.

Mr. Moe, a progressive and successful farmer from over in Moody County, was in town Tuesday to arrange for a meeting of farmers interested in the Lake-Moody County Ditch Project No. 1 which will be held in Wentworth Monday afternoon.

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