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Lake Co. South Dakota

Photos of Lake County Ancestors

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Photos are courtesy of Judy Dankert-Parsons

DANKERTSAllen Reitsma, John and Martha Dankert, and Martha's parents, Klaas and Marijke de Vries (all from Friesland, Ntherlands) trying to make it by farming in the United States. Dankert's farm was 2 mi. straight east of Wentworth (according to the auction bill when they sold out). MAASDAM CHILDRENFarm near Wentworth, SD, 1925-30 timeframeLeft to Right, Front Row: Maasdam child, Sadie Dankert, Henry Dankert. Back row: Maasdam child, Maasdam child, and Marie Dankert. Maasdam's were neighbors of John Dankert's.

Wentworth Area Farm, 1925-30 timeframeJohn and Martha Dankert's farm home (old George Renner Place according to family history), standing left to right are: Marijke de Vries, John and Martha Dankert, Klaas de Vries, Allen Reitsma.

PLOWINGWentworth area, Henry Maasdam, plowing with 8 horses hitched to a 3 bottom tractor plow. I have notes that says Maasdam's lived in a "round" house, an attraction for the area (the house could have been in Iowa, as well as South Dakota, they farmed in both states).


Photos are courtesy of Dolores Owen

Clara & Albert Schinderling with Children Carl & Frederika Schinderling Carl, Albert, & Frederika Schinderling Schinderling Family Photo Helmey, Schinderling, Thurow


All the Helmey photos on this page were sent to me by a descendant (Thompson). If you are that Thompson, please contact Dolores Owen so that I may give you credit.

Chris & Wilhelminea's Wedding Wilhelminea Fredricka Chris & Wilhelminea's 50th Anniversary Wilhelminea


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Frank Hammer
Photo courtesy of Evelyn Black

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