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Serr Family Photos

Submitted by Carol Serr

Christoph Serr family

Children of Christoph & Catherina Serr, ca. 1918
Johanna, Lydia, Jacob, Theodore, Nicolaus, Carolina, Regina

Emil Serr and siblings

Emil Serr and his siblings, ca. 1900
Emil, Philip, Wilhelmenia, & John
They are the children of Nicolaus.

Further information: Jake Serr (son of Christoph) owned a meat market in a red barn building in Belvidere. In 1989 this building served as a museum. Jake (Jacob) was Emil Serr's uncle. Emil and wife Sadie (nee Grabinski) resided in Kennebec, South Dakota at one time.


Is Jake's building still standing?

What is the relationship of John, Peter, and Esther Serr buried in Belvidere Cemetery to Jake and Emil? [Emil had a brother named John; is this him or another John?]

Who are the descendants of Jake?

Please contact the submitter at the email address above if you can answer these questions or have further information on the Serr Family of Jackson County.

Additional photographs are available at the Lyman County Pioneers and Early Settlers site.



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