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Mesnard Photos

Contributed by Duane Mesnard

John Mesnard is the contributor's grandfather.

John Mesnard Saloon near Belvidere

Photo taken in saloon owned by John Mesnard in the Belvidere area.

John Mesnard's Saloon in Belvidere.

John Mesnard's Saloon in Belvidere. John Mesnard is behind the bar. Customers are unidentified.

John Mesnard and Unidentified friend

John Mesnard & Unidentified Friend

John Mesnard

John Mesnard

Iva & Ruby Motter

Iva Motter and her sister Ruby. Iva married John Mesnard.

John Mesnard & Iva Motter Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo of John and Iva (Motter) Mesnard.

John and Iva Mesnard

John and Iva (Motter) Mesnard

Henry Motter Family

Henry Motter Family. [Back row: Iva, Milton, Ruby. Front row: Henry, Eugene, Francis.] Iva Motter married John Mesnard.

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