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23 Feb 2013




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BROWN, Jackson Dewitt

Keowee Courier,  July 25, 1947.  Man Dies Of Heart Attack Trying To Recover Purse.  An apparent good turn for a passerby on his 50th birthday brought tragedy to a resident of Wolf Stake community and heartbreak to his family Monday in Walhalla. The man was Jackson DeWitt Brown who died instantly of a heart attack on Main Street while attempting to aid a Westminster woman recover her billfold which she had unknowingly dropped from her pocketbook only several minutes before.  Mr. Brown and his wife were sitting in their automobile in front of a Walhalla jewelry store when they noticed Mrs. John Weldon drop a billfold from her pocketbook as she prepared to enter the store.  A young boy saw the billfold, which contained $25 and valuable papers, on the sidewalk and thinking two negro girls who were passing at the moment had dropped it, returned it to them and they continued westward up the street.  Seeing this, Mr. Brown entered the store and told Mrs. Weldon what had occurred.  The Westminster woman, finding that her billfold actually was missing, started in pursuit of the two girls in company of Mr. and Mrs. Brown.  Mrs. Brown, remembering her husband's heart condition and that he had been warned by physicians not to exert himself, suggested he go back to the car while she and the Westminster woman went to recover the billfold.  This he did, but later followed them to assist.  The two women halted the girls several blocks further up the street and recovered the billfold.   The girls told them they were taking it to the courthouse to turn it in to officials there.  Mrs. Brown said she turned around just in time to see her husband, then about one-half a block away, suddenly stagger and fall.  Rushing to his side, they tried to revive the Wolf Stake man.  Artificial respiration was tried immediately, but to no avail.  Mr. Brown was said to have been under a doctor's care for the past year-and-a-half, and had been warned not to exert himself.  The excitement and activity involved in aiding a fellow-human proved too much for his heart condition.  Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Flora Vaughn Brown; one daughter, Miss Joyce Elaine Brown; three sisters, Mrs. Bessie B. Wyatt, Wolf Stake; Miss Almedia Brown, Greenville; and Mrs. Claude Tarrant, Seneca; and two brothers, P. Ryan Brown, Seneca and Carl A. Brown, Youngstown, O.  Funeral services will be at Wolf Stake Baptist church Thursday at 3 p. m., conducted by Rev. Ernest Sorrells, assisted by Rev. Veldee Elliott.  Interment will be in the church cemetery.  Contributed by Susan Brock Booker at



In the year of our lord, 1935 I was tried at the november term of cort at Anderson sc (for moonshinin) and was sumoned to the greenville county Jail for the turms of six months. I was put in anderson jail at 6 o'clock on monday november 2and staid thir untell november the 3 at 5 o'clock. I was put in greenville jail at 6 o'clock. Thir i staid in this sell for 28 days then I got on the runaround. i staid on it for 6 days then went to the kitchin and wint ta feedin the prisoners and workin in the kitchen an cleanin the office up twist a day for the jailer. the jailer name was frank chrispher the sistant jailer name was gorge morgani was rleased from greenville jail on april 29 1936 at 9 o'clock and Landed home about 12 o'clock this is a grate day. E A Wilbanks, Madison, SC. Contributed by Cindy Wilbanks Chandler



2-21-1969 - News Article from Anderson Independent Two Men Seriously Cut; Walhalla Man Is Charged Clemson-Wayne WILBANKS, 21, of the Coffee Road in the Five Forks community near Walhalla, is being held in the Oconee County Jail under $10.500 bond, charged with assault and battery with intent to kill and destroying personal property at the 123 Truck Stop near Clemson early Thursday morning. Oconee County Sheriff Floyd OWENS said that two Negro men, Thomas JOHNSON, 21, and Larry KILPATRICK, 19, both of Walhalla, were "literally cut to pieces" a short time after entering the business. Both men had cuts all over their body, which required numerous stitches to close. KILPATRICK also reportedly lost a considerable amount of blood. They were taken to Oconee Memorial Hospital. Deputies Tom CARVER and C. E. BROWN, assisting with the investigation, said that WILBANKS was already inside the truck stop when the Negro men entered and a fight erupted. The men were cut with a single blade pocket knife. Mrs. Lillie MCMAHAN is the owner of the business and her son, Calvin MCMAHAN, swore out the warrant against WILBANKS, charging him with destroying personal property. JOHNSON and KILPATRICK signed the warrant charging him with assault and battery with intent to kill. Sheriff OWENS said his department is continuing an investigation of the case. Contributed by Cindy Wilbanks Chandler


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