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Abbeville County


Anderson County


Oconee County


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Doing research in the GoldenCorner (Anderson-Oconee-Pickens) counties of South Carolina  might be time consuming for you, because of how these counties were formed.  Based on your time-period, you might need to research all (3) counties.  As a result, you'll find that many of the webpage links on the left side of this page will represent all (3) counties.


- Prior to 1783, no lawful White settlements were above present southern Anderson County  


          - In 1785 a Treaty was signed to remove the Cherokee Indians from South Carolina.

- In 1789 Pendleton County was formed as part of the 96 Judicial District from Indian Country.
- In 1795 Pendleton County was placed in the Washington Judicial District.
- In 1799, Pendleton County was named Pendleton District by the State legislature and 

  Washington Judicial District was discontinued.

- In 1816 another Treaty was signed to relinquish the adjacent Indian Territory land to Oconee

- In 1826/27, Pendleton District was divided into the Anderson & Pickens Districts.
- In 1868 the state legislature decided to change all districts to counties. 

- Oconee County (est. 1868) represents part of old Pickens County & added Indian Land.
- Pickens County (est. 1825) represents part of old Pickens District.
- Anderson County (est. 1826) represents the old Anderson District.
- In 1986, Pickens County annexed Oconee County land that included Clemson University and

  land extending SE to Anderson County.


Oconee County takes its name from an Indian word. It was formed in 1868 from Pickens District, and the county seat is Walhalla. This area in the northwest corner of the state on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains was home to the Cherokees, but the Indians gave up their lands in treaties signed in 1777 and 1816. After the American Revolution, settlers from other parts of the state began moving in, including the Germans from Charleston who founded the town of Walhalla in 1850. In 1856 work began on a tunnel for the Blue Ridge Railroad that would have linked Charleston with Knoxville, Tennessee, but the Civil War ended that project; the unfinished Stumphouse Tunnel can still be seen today. Several Revolutionary War heroes moved to present day Oconee County after the war, including Andrew Pickens (1739-1817), Robert Anderson (1741-1813), and Benjamin Cleveland (1738-1806).  (Submitted by: SC State Library / Mary Morgan, 31-Mar-2008)



  Paul - NN8NN               Gary - KE8FD

  Seneca, SC                   Hurricane, UT




Paul M Kankula = gcgenweb@bellsouth.net - Oconee County Homestead Coordinator


Gary L Flynn = garyflynn44@yahoo.com - SC Cemetery GPS Mapping Coordinator



The SC GoldenCorner GenWeb County Homesteads (Abbeville-Anderson-Oconee-Pickens) are due to the volunteer efforts of Paul Kankula (NN8NN) and Gary Flynn (KE8FD).  We have spent thousands of dollars and over 15-years of spare time  in order to bring you these GoldenCorner county homesteads.  Our only reward is knowing that all our hard-work will be permanently preserved and enjoyed by endless generations to come.  See Will I Be Remembered When I'm Gone.  Enjoy.       


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