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02 Jan 2008





Cemetery Location   T a s k Recorded - -
    Ref G H I T      
Bethel Methodist (1876) (N) Westminster C012 x x x x Jun-2002    
Cross Roads Baptist (1884) (N) S of Westminster C046 x x x x Jun-2001    
Double Springs Baptist (1879) (N) S of Walhalla C059 x x x x Aug-2002    
Double Springs Union (c1850's) (N) SW of Mountain Rest C269 x   x   Nothing readable    
Flat Rock Baptist (1866) (N) S of Walhalla C076 x x x x Sep-2002    
Maxwell-Toxaway Plantation (N) W of Westminster C084 x x x x 1997    
Mount Nebo Baptist #1 (1888) (N) E of Seneca C120 x   x x Apr-2002    
Mount Nebo Baptist #2 (1963) (N) SE of Seneca C086 x x x x Nov-2007    
Mount Olive Baptist (1917) (N) West Union C121 x   x x Jul-2002    
Mountain Springs Baptist (N) E of Walhalla C128 x   x x Jun-2002    
New Canaan Baptist (1887) (N) N of Seneca C133 x x x x Aug-2002    
New Foundation Baptist (N) SW of Old Pickens C048 x   x x Mar-2003    
New Promise Land Baptist (1915) (N) Westminster C136 x x x x May-2002    
Oak Grove Memorial (N) Seneca C139 x   x x Mar-2001    
Ozion Baptist (c1870) (N) Seneca C143 x x x x Aug-2002    
Pleasant Hill Baptist (1st) (1869) (N) 2.5m SE of Westminster C238 x - x x Sep-2006    
Pleasant Hill Baptist (2nd) (N) 2.5m SE of Westminster C151 x x x x Aug-2002    
Richland Baptist (N) Richland C162 x   x x Jun-2002    
Saint Mark Baptist (1809) (N) Old Madison C174 x x x x Mar-2005    
Saint Matthew Baptist (N) Westminster C175 x   x x Sep-2001    
Saint Paul Baptist (1898) (N) Fair Play C176 x x x x Aug-2002    
Travelers Rest Baptist (N) W of Westminster C195 x   x x Aug-2002    
Tugaloo Baptist (1882) (N) W of Fair Play C196 x x x x Aug-2002    
Unknown Name (116) (N) NW of Westminster C116 x   x x Mar-2003    
Unknown Name (319) (N) 4m SSE of Seneca C319 x x x   Nothing readable    
Wildwood Memorial Park (N) Seneca C215 x   x x Nov-2007    

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