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Compiled by: Paul M. Kankula NN8NN (non-copyrighted)

03 Jun 2013





NEW Google Books Downloader for Windows.

By: Paul M. Kankula – NN8NN, 13-Oct-2011



Google has announced the launch of its new service; Google Books Downloader. Currently, you can purchase copyrighted books or download more than 3 million free non-copyrighted books using this service..! THAT’S A LOT OF FREE BOOKS.

Google Books Downloader is a small software program that allows you to save their on-line books in .pdf, .jpeg or .png formats.


1. To get started, you need a copy of the Downloader program. 



2. Visit Google Books at


3. Input “Jocassee Valley” in the SEARCH BOOKS box.


4. Now you will be taken to Googles Jocassee Valley Holdings webpage.  Were interested in the

    The Dew-drop: a tribute of affection for ... - Page 289 story.  Double-click on the book’s link

    and you will be taken to Google’s webpage >


5. Select FULL VIEW.




7. Right-click on the above webpage address and select COPY.


8. When you downloaded the Google Books Downloader program, a icon was installed on your

    Desktop.  Double-click on the icon.  Now a Selection Menu appears.


9. Right-click the GOOGLE BOOK URL box and select PASTE.


10. Select PDF FORMAT.


11. Select 800px RESOLUTION.


12. You might want to change the OUTPUT FOLDER to something other than the default.  (I use



13. Select START.


14. Go to your Output Folder location and double-click on the long weird-looking filename.  Adobe

      Reader should startup and the book scan should appear.


15. Pages 325 to 338 are the ones that cover this Jocassee Valley story.  Now you can go ahead

      and print (or PDF Save) just these pages. 


16. If you want to PDF Save just these pages, download the program called CutePDF-Writer at