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Cemetery GPS Mapping Project

Paul M. Kankula





 Effective: 06 Mar 2017

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Limited GPS Area


Limited GPS Area


Limited GPS Area



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Please free to reproduce any or all of this project's mapping info.

  • It's very common for a cemetery to be known by several different names.

  • If the cemetery's alternate name(s) is known it will be noted somewhere on the county webpage. 

  • Multiple surnames used to describe a cemetery will normally be listed in alphabetical order. 

  •      Example:  Brown-Jones-Wilson Cemetery  (not Wilson-Brown-Jones Cemetery)  

  • Surnames will normally come before given names.  

  •      Example:  Brown Family, John  (not John Brown Family) 

  • GPS / Google Maps will normally get you within eyesight of the cemetery.

  • Georgia Archives - University System of Georgia




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Compiled by: Paul M Kankula - NN8NN & Gary L. Flynn - KE8FD, Established on 01-Feb-2012, Non-Copyrighted