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Contributed by Carl G. Ellison, Oct 1999.

John Adair. Wife: Jean Adair. Sons: Samuel Adair, Walter Adair, Thomas B. Adair, John Alexander Adair, Edward Adair, James Adair, William Henry Adair, Charles D. Adair, Elbert Earle Adair, Benjamin Franklin Adair. Daughters: Charlotte Adair, Margaret Adair, Jean Adair, Mary Ann Adair. "I give one-third of all my debts due me in the Cherokee Nation." Land: on Cane Creek...200 acres on flat shoals of Little River...on Conerose." Exors: Joseph Reid, Samuel Boydston, Capt. David Sloan. Wits: Joseph Reid, Samuel Boydston, Thomas Lamar. Date: 4 November 1815. Probate 4 December 1815. Bk. A p. 176, Roll 03. Anderson Co, SC.

David Alexander. Wife: Margaret Alexander. Sons: David Alexander, James Alexander, John Alexander, William Alexander, Morrison Alexander, Alexander Alexander. Daughters: Ann Gotcher, Jane Moore, Margaret Davis, Catherine Browne, Ellener Read, Elizabeth Woods. Land Location: Reedy River. Exors: John Read, Alexander Snell, Martha Snell (H & W). Date: 25 Aug. 1795. Probate: 22 Sept. 1795. Source: Bk. C p. 77, Roll 1194, Rec. 22 Sept. 1795, roll 1194. Anderson Co, SC.

George Anderson. Wife: Molley Anderson. Sons: David L. Anderson, James Anderson, William Anderson, Saxon Anderson. Daughters: Margaret Burnsides, Judy Wesar?, Polly Anderson, Sally Anderson. Exors: Wife, Molley Anderson, sons; David L. Anderson, brother; Lewis Sexon Anderson. Wit: Lewis Sherrill, John Dickson John, James Dickson. Date: 13 July 1807. Probate: 4 July 1808. Bk. A p. 96, roll 02.Anderson Co, SC.

John Anderson. Wife: not named. Sons: James Anderson, Samuel Anderson, David Anderson, Daughters: Nancy Gibbons, Mary Dickson, Rosannah Anderson, Rebecca Cunningham, Martha Dickson. Exors: Samuel Anderson. Witnesses: John Hamilton, Frederick Brown. Date: 16 Sept. 1805. Probate: 31 Oct. 1805. Bk. A p. 65, Roll 8. (Original will not in probate files). Anderson Co, SC.

General Robert Anderson. Wife: not named. Sons: not named. Daughters: eldest Mary Carreth, Ann Anderson Maxwell, Jane Anderson, dec'd w/o William Shore, Esqr., Anne Hunter, Elizabeth Maverick. Grandchildren: Anne Anderson Maxwell, John Maxwell, Elizabeth Maxwell, Louisa Carreth, John Hunter, Robert Anderson Hunter, Mary Hunter, William Hunter, Samuel Augustus Maverick, Mary Elizabeth Maverick, Martha Anderson, Anne Anderson, Mary Simmons w/o Robert Simmons (relationship not stated), Henry Dobson "youngest son of my deceased wife." Dr. Edwin Reese. Land: on Keowee River. Exors: son Robert Anderson, George Reese, Joseph Whitner, Ezekiel Pickens. Wit: Jonathan Harris, Rachel Harris, Daniel Mason, Robert A. Maxwell. Date: 25 Jan 1810. Probate: 9 January 1813.Bk. A p. 144, Roll 01.Anderson Co, SC.

John Armstrong. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: John Armstrong, Charles Armstrong. Daughters: Mary Armstrong, Isabella Armstrong, Sarah Armstrong. Exors: Jacob Mauldin, John Bowen. Wit: James Fuming, Andrew Hughs. Date 6 March 1808. Probate: 1 August 1808. Bk. A p. 98, Roll 6. Anderson Co, SC.

Seasor Augustus. Wife: Holley Augustus. Son: John Augustus. Daughters: Patsey Augustus, Peggy Augusta, Janey Augustus. Exors: not named. Witnesses: Joab Lewis, Joseph Woods, James Hughes. Date: 5 Dec. 1804. Probate: 11 Mar. 1805. Bk. A p. 60, Roll 5.

John Bailey. Wife: Mary Bailey. Son. Watt Bailey. Daughters: Frances Fleming, Martha Garrison. Other heir: Elizabeth Knox. Granddaughter Mary Bailey d/o Wiatt and Peggy Bailey. Exors: Wiatt Bailey, son-in-law John Fleming. Wits: Levi Garrison, John P. Knox, France B. Fleming. Date: 31 July 1818. Probate: 4 October 1819. Bk. A p. 240, Roll 70. Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel Barr. Wife: Mary Barr. Sons: James Sidney Barry, Andrew Leroy Barr, John Milton Barr, Felix Barr (youngest). Daughters: Ellena Barr, Polly Addaland Barr. Exors: wife Mary Barr, Andrew Warnock, Jr. Wits: Charles Wilson, Rosey O'Briant. Date: 19 Nov. 1813. Probate: 4 March 1816. Bk. A p. 191, Roll 25. Anderson Co, SC.

Richard Barry. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: none named: Daughters: none named. Heirs: sister: Sarah Gaudy. Elinder Davis. Brothers: George Barry, Hugh Barry, John Barry, William Barry, Joseph Stewart Barry. Exors: John Kilpatrick, James Wood, Sarah Gaudy. Wit: William Millsap, John Shannon, Joseph Glenn. Date: 8 Sept. 1806. Probate: 28 October 1806. Bk. A p. 74. Anderson Co, SC.

William Barry. Wife: Nancy Barry. Sons: "Bartley Barry my only son." Daughters: Catherine Barry my eldest. "To my youngest daughter." not named. "My children shall be supported and educated."(only two were named). Exors: B.C. Barry, John Barry, Nancy Barry. Wits: Jonathan Reader, William Brown. Date: 29 August 1818. Probate: 2 March 1819. Bk. A p. 235, Roll 71. Anderson Co, SC

Benjamin Barton. Wife: Darkus Barton. Sons: two youngest sons Benjamin Barton and James Matison Barton, Joshua Barton (eldest), Baley Barton, Thomas Barton. Daughters: Sela Kannon (eldest), Jean Brown, Vashti Henkay, Averillah Griffin, Darkey Barton, Eliza Barton, Sarah Barton (youngest). Exors: son Baley Barton, Sergin Griffin. Wits: Jacob Guyton, William Baker, Richard Baker. Date: 8 February. Probate: 24 March 1818. Bk. A p. 223, Roll 69. Anderson Co, SC.

Joseph Barton. Wife: none named. Sons: James Barton. Daughters: Rebecca Barton, Cassey Barton, Pheby Barton. Exors: wife not named, Megan Morgan. Wits: Henry Cobb, Jacob Chamblee. Date: 25 March 1816. Probate: 18 April 1817. Bk. A p. 213, Roll 62. Anderson Co, SC

Jack Baskins. Wife: not named. Son: Davy Baskins. Daughter: Ginny Baskins. Other Heirs: " to my former young master Robert McKinley Baskins .... to my bound boy, Hamilton." Exor: friend J.H. Baskins. Wits: John Milford, Thomas McCollough, J.H. Baskins. Date: 5 March 1831. Probate: 13 Feb. 1833. Bk. A p. 473, Roll 56. Anderson Co, SC

John Beaty, Sr. Wife: not named. Sons: William Beaty, John Beaty, Jr., Samuel W. Beaty. Daughters: Margaret Beaty, Mary McCarley. Exors: bro William Beaty, bro Thomas Beaty, son Samuel W. Beaty. Wits: Thomas Reid, William Beaty, Sr., Thomas Beaty. Date: 19 Jan. 1816. Probate: 30 Sept. 1816. Bk. A p. 199, Roll 51. Anderson Co, SC

Elisha Bennett, Sr. Wife: not named. Sons: John Bennett, Archibald Bennett, Stephen Bennett, Adam Bennett. Daughter: Jinny Bennett Property to be "equally divided among the rest of my children." Exors: William Majer, son Archibald Bennett. Wits: James Majar, John Vandiver, Robert Brown. Date: 17 Sept. 1833. Probate: 31 Oct. 1833. Bk. A p. 493, Roll 18. Anderson Co, SC

William Bennett. Wife: Abegal. Bennett Sons: Cooper Bennett, Hardeman Bennett. Daughter: Delilah Johnson. Other heirs: James M. Posey. Exors: William McGreger. Wits: Benjamin Dickson, Jeremiah D. Gee, Samuel Gee. Date: 19 Nov. 1826. Probate: 4 Dec. 1826. Bk. A. p. 341, Roll 45. Anderson Co, SC.

David L. Boyd. Wife: not named. Sons: none named. Daughters: Amey Boyd. "Collect off of Uriah Beaton bought two hundred Dollars the purchase of a tract of land sold un Union District and get my daughter Amey to make a title unto said Beaton bought." Exors: friend, Thomas Townsend and wife Elizabeth Boyd. Wits: J.C. Griffin, Major Wilbanks, Reuben Cason. Date: 11 July 1825. Probate: 1 August 1825. Bk. A p. 306, Roll 73. Anderson Co, SC.

Alexander Boyse. Wife: Jane. Sons: William Boyse, Marlen McClan Boyse, Alexander Boyse, George Boyse, Thompson Boyse (youngest son). Daughters: Jane Boyse McCluskey, Agness Boyse. Land Location: Hurricane Creek, Beaverdam Creek. Exors: John Cochran, and son, William Boyse. Date: 14 Jan. 1806. Probate 3 Feb 1806. Bk. A p. 69, Roll 49. Anderson Co, SC.

Benjamin Brimer. Wife: Rebecca Brimer. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: Jerry Brimer, Nancy Maus, Betty Leonard, Cathy Gaber, Rebecca Brimer the child of Samuel Brimer, William Brimer, Polly Henry, Jr., James Brimer, William Leonard. Exors: not named. Witnesses: I.L. Brock, Jonathan Watson. Date: 13 June 1803. Probate: 30 Sept. 1803. Bk. A p. 38, Roll 53. Anderson Co, SC.

Willibought Broughton. Wife: Joanna Broughton. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: Catherine Halkam (oldest), Winfred Davis (youngest). Other Heirs: Frederick Johnson sil, Elijah Smith (step son), Jeffee Broughton's heirs, Job Broughton. Exors: wife Joanna Broughton, Frederick Johnson, James Garvin. Witnesses: Thomas Garvin, James Garvin. Date: 28 Oct. 1804. Probate: 5 Nov. 1804. Bk. A p. 55, Roll 74. Anderson Co, SC.

David Brown. Wife: Jean Brown. Sons: John Brown, Joseph Brown. Daughters: Jean Brown, Elizabeth Brown. Exors: wife, Jean Brown, brother, Joseph Brown. Witnesses: John Reid, William Brice, William Reid. Date: 7 June 1796. Probate: 26 June 1797. Source: Bk. C p. 114, Roll 37, Rec. 26 June 1797, roll 37.Anderson Co, SC.

Joseph Brown. Wife: Mary Brown. Sons: David Brown. James Brown. William Brown, Hugh Brown, Joseph Brown, George Brown. Daughters: Fanny Brown w/o Moses Lister, Margaret Brown, w/o Benjamin Staritte, Violet Brown w/o William Reed, Elizabeth Brown w/o James Reese, Mary Brown w/o James Duff, Jane Brown w/o John Hall. Granddaughter Mary Brown d/o Joseph Brown. "I have been at great expense in the education of my son George Brown." Land: Plantation...whereon I now live...on Broadmouth Pendleton District...400 acres... 40 acres ib south fork of Broadmouth Creek."Exors: sons Hugh Brown and David Brown, Robert Telford. Wits: Aaron Broyles, Benjamin Bowen, James Harkins. Date: 17 Jan 1810. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 167, Roll 77. Anderson Co, SC.

Sarah Brown. Widow. Sons: Joseph Brown, Andrew I. Brown. Daughters: Ann Brown Hughes, Sarah Brown Hughes, dil Sarah Brown w/o Andrew I. Brown. gd. Ann Brown, d/o Andrew I. Brown. Exors: John Hughes. Wits: John McWhorter, Benjamin Hughes. Date: 20 Feb. 1821. Probate: 6 April 1821. Bk. A p. 261, Roll 19. Anderson Co, SC.

Spencer Brown. Wife: Catherine Brown. Sons: Robert M. Brown. Daughters: none named. Children not named but he left property to "my children at the death of my wife." Exors: not named. Wits: Richard T. Hardin, William Gurt, John C. Aderhold. Date: Aug. 1830. Probate: 4 April 1832. Bk. A p. 428, Roll 14. Anderson Co, SC

William Brown. Wife: Hannah Brown. Sons not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: Will Brown son of Alexander Brown. Exors: Wife, Hannah Brown. Witnesses: John Reeves, Abraham Cremin, Benjamin Busybee, Jacob Fannin. Date: 31 Aug 1792. Probate: 24 Jan. 1797. Source: Bk. C p. 103, Roll 41, Rec. 24 Jan. 1797. Anderson Co, SC.

James Bruce, Sr. Wife: Mary Bruce. No children mentioned. Exors: Stephen Adams, William Bruce. Wits: John Popham, Gabriel Sisk. Date: 13 February. 1818. Probate: 10 Feb. 1819. Bk. A p. 233, Roll 59. Anderson Co, SC.

John Bruster, Sr. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: William Bruster, Hugh Bruster, John Bruster, Jr., Sheriff Bruster, James Bruster (dec'd), Henry Bruster (dec'd). Daughters: Jenny Gray, Peggy Camp, Betsy Flinneken. Other Heirs: gs. John Dunlap Bruster youngest s/o Samuel Bruster, gd Harriett Bruster. "children of my son Samuel Bruster, dec'd." "Peggy Bruster w/o o f Samuel Bruster." Exors: son William Bruster, friend William Orr. Wits: Alexander Moorhead, James Moorhead, Jonathan Smith. Date: 1 June 1813. Probate: 4 March 1816. Bk. A p. 189. Anderson Co, SC. (Original not in the Probate Files).

Samuel Bruster. Wife: Margaret Bruster Sons: Henry Bruster, John Bruster. Daughters: Lucinda Bruster, Harriet Bruster, Malinda Bruster, Mary Bruster, Nancy Bruster. Of an unborn child it says, "one that my wife is now quick with." Exors: Wife, "my beloved brother, William Dunlap." Wit: George Nash, Archibald Collins, Meredith Hunnicutt. Date: 8 February 1810. Probate: not given. Bk A p. 114, Roll 29. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court files).

Joshua Burriss. Wife: Sarah Burriss. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: Elizabeth Casselbury, Nancy Burriss, Mary Shamly. Exors: not named. Witnesses: Elisha Herring, William Herring, John Burriss, Elisha Burriss, James Burriss. Date: 3 Jan. 1804. Probate: 4 Feb. 1804. Bk. A p. 43, Roll 20. Anderson Co, SC.

Henry Burrow. Wife: Amy Burrow. Sons: Henry Burrow, Lewis Burrow, Thomas Burrow, William Burrow, Green Burrow, Jack Burrow. Daughters: Nancy Burrow Langston, Rebecca Burrow Holliday, Amy Burrow Grey, Tobitha Burrow, Susanna Burrow Gibson, Mary Burrow Harris. Exor: Amy Burrow. Wits: Lewis Sherrill, Joseph Mahon, J.C. Anderson. Date: 12 Oct. 1829. Probate: 21 Dec. 1829. Bk. A p. 414, Roll 30. Anderson Co, SC.

Alexander Calhoun. Wife: Shuana? Calhoun. Sons: Alexander Calhoun (youngest), George Carnel Calhoun, John Calhoun, David Calhoun. Daughters: Elizabeth Calhoun. Other heirs: sil Abner Ledbetter, sil William Bell. Exors: son, Alexander Calhoun. Wits: David Ledbetter, Asa Castleberry, Benjamin Dickson. Date: 27 May 1825. Probate: 4 July 1825. Bk. A p. 302, Roll 93. Anderson Co, SC.

John Ewing Calhoun. Wife: Floride Calhoun. Sons: John Ewing Calhoun (under age in 1802), William Sheridan Calhoun (under age in 1802, died in 1802), James Edward Calhoun (under age in 1802). Daughters: Floride Calhoun (under age in 1802). Comments: "John Ewing Calhoun of St. Johns Paris SC. - attorney at law," "Wife possessed in her own right considerable property in Charleston, St. Stephens Parish" Land Location: 12 mile River, 550 acres on Little River in Abbeville County. Exors: Gen. Andrew Pickens, Henry William DeSaufause, John Ball, Andrew Norris, Joseph Calhoun. Witnesses: Ezekiel Noble, John C. Calhoun, Alexander Noble. Date: 30 May 1802. Probate: 18 Nov. 1802. Bk. A p. 22, Roll 134. Anderson Co, SC.

Russell Cannon. Wife: Jean Cannon. Sons: Elijah Cannon. Daughters: Harriett Cannon Duke. "All my personal property that I have not previously disposed of at my decease to be sold and equally divided amongst my children. Exors: son, Elijah Cannon, wife, Jean Cannon. Wits: James Hunter, James E. Heart. Date: 10 July 1824. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 296, Roll 97. Anderson Co, SC.

William Cantrell of Pickens Co, SC. Wife: not named. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Reference is made to "my youngest child." Exors: "Benjamin Haggood and his wife Elizabeth Cantrell." Wits: Jacob Lewis, Abner Lewis, Amos Waldrop. Date: 3 July 1828. Probate: 1 Sept. 1828. Bk. A p. 382, Roll 101. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Caradine. Wife: Elizabeth Caradine. Sons: JoBerry Caradine, Thomas Caradine, William C Caradine. Daughters: Avalina Caradine, Patsy Caradine, Polly Caradine, Elizabeth Caradine, Sara Caradine. Exors: son, William Caradine, Wife, Elizabeth Caradine. Wits: Thomas Lamar, Hiram P. Caradine, Elizabeth Caradine, Jane Wright. Date: 26 April 1820. Probate: 19 May 1820. Bk. A p. 243, Roll 136. Anderson Co, SC

Burwell Carpenter. Wife: Elizabeth Carpenter. Sons: Willis Carpenter, Burwell Carpenter, Jr., (retarded), Asberry Carpenter, dec'd, Thomas L. Carpenter, Alfred M. Carpenter, John Carpenter. Daughters: Polly Carpenter, Elizabeth Stone, Delany Crawford, Sarah Greer. Laban Massey h/o Polly Carpenter. Exors: sons John Carpenter, Alfred Carpenter. Wits: Eli Bowers, Henry D. Acker. Date: 20 Aug. 1830. Probate: 24 Jan. 1831. Anderson Co, SC

Jesse Chappell. Wife: Martha Chappell. Sons, John Chappell, Robert Chappell, Thomas Chappell, Humphreis Chappell, Caleb Chappell. Daughters: Sarah Thomas, Ann Morris, Morgan Chappell. Exors: Wife, Martha Chappell, John Chappell, Charles Webb. Wit: F. Stribling, Charles Webb, Thomas Chappell. Date: 6 April 1810. Probate: 18 April 1810. Bk. A p. 116, Roll 131. Anderson Co, SC.

John Chastain. Wife: Mary Chastain. Sons: William Chastain (youngest), Benjamin Chastain, John Chastain, Edward Chastain, Joseph Chastain. Daughters: Violet Chastain (youngest), Cloe Chastain, Nancy Chastain. Comments: "Chloe then to her daughter Polly." Exors: Sons, Edward Chastain and John Chastain. Witnesses: Nathaniel Reese, Abel Anderson. Date 15 June 1803, Probate: 31 July 1805. Bk. A p. 62, Roll 128. Anderson Co, SC.

William Clarkson, Jr. Wife: Esther Susannah Clarkson. Sons: Mentioned by not named. Daughters: mentioned bu not named. Exors: Lewis Ciples, wife, Esther Susannah Clarkson, and "my dear cousin William Clarkson, Sr." Wits: Peter Dubois, Thomas W. Carne, Elizabeth Carne, Cornelius Dupree, Mary Dupree. Date: 20 March 1815. Probate 5 April 1824. Bk. A p. 283, Roll 137. Anderson Co, SC.

Isaac Clements, Sr. Wife: Ann Clements. Sons: Aaron Clements, Stephen Clement, Hugh Clements, Isaac Clements, Jr., Daniel Clements, Benjamin Clements. Daughter: Rachel Butterworth. Land: 636 A. (All that tract or parcel of land in Pittsylvania County, Virginia." Exors: sons Stephen Clements, Hugh Clements, Benjamin Clements. Wits: James R. Webster, H. Webster, James Hawthorne, Jr. Date: 30 Oct. 1805. Probate: 27 Jan. 1817. Bk. A p. 206, Roll 100. Anderson Co, SC.

Benjamin Cleveland. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: Absolom Cleveland, John Cleveland. Daughters: none named. Grandchildren: John Cleveland s/o Absolom Cleveland, Betty Smith d/o Absolom Cleveland, Benjamin Cleveland s/o John Cleveland, Absolom Cleveland s/o John Cleveland, Betsy Cleveland d/o John Cleveland, Patsy Cleveland d/o of John Cleveland, Chapley Welborn, Bidney Franklin, Jesse Coffee my friend. Land: located on Chauga River and Tugaloo River. Exors: Absolom Cleveland, Jesse Coffee, Bidney Franklin Wit: Bill Hawkins, Daniel Cleveland, Ninrod Leathers. Date: 10 Sept. 1806. Probate: 21 Oct. 1806. Bk. A p. 76, Roll 99. Anderson Co, SC.

William Cleveland. Wife: Nancy Cleveland. Sons: Robert Harrison Cleveland, Oliver F. Cleveland, William Earle Cleveland. Daughters: Patsy Wright, Fanny Wright, Catherine Wright, Nancy Cleveland w/o George Cleveland, Polly Cleveland, Jane Cleveland, Lucinda Cleveland, Elizabeth Cleveland. Land: "On Toogooloo" "land on the Beaverdam." Exors: wife Nancy Cleveland, son Robert H. Cleveland, sil Thomas Wright, Benjamin Harrison. Wits: Samuel Earle, Jeremiah Cleveland, Osburn Cleveland. Date: 31 June 1820. Probate: 22 Oct 1821. Bk. A p. 263, Roll 111. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Cobb, Sr. Wife: not named. Sons: Robert Cobb, Tobias Cobb (dec'd. Daughters: Catherine Cobb w/o William Kirksey, Penelope Cobb w/o William Moore. Other Heirs: gd Penelope Cobb, Elizabeth Cobb and Leah Cobb all daughters of Tobias Cobb. gs. Jesse G. Cobb, gs Presley C. Cobb, gs Samuel P. Cobb all sons of Robert Cobb. dil Jemima Cobb. Exors: Moody Burts, Jesse C. Cobb. Wits: James Griffin, Jesse C. Cobb. Date: 30 March 1823. Probate 1 Oct. 1827. Bk. A p. 359, Roll 86. Anderson Co, SC.

James Compton. Wife: not mentioned. sons: not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: Jane Campble, my friend, Bazzel Hallum, Sr, Charles Wilson, Benjamin Smith, John Wilson. Exors: Trusted friend John Wilson, Esqr, Benjamin Smith. Witnesses: William Owens, Charles Wilson, Bazzel Hallum. Date: 11 Feb. 1794. Probate: not given. Source: Bk. C p. 30, Roll ?, Rec. 25 June 1794. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Thomas Cooper. Wife: Elizabeth Cooper. Sons John Cooper, James Cooper. Daughters: JoHannah Cooper Perry. Exors: sons John Cooper and James Cooper. Wits: John Edmondson, William Singleton. Date: 2 April 1821. Probate: 2 July 1821. Bk. A p. 256, Roll 84. Anderson Co, SC.

Peter Corben. Wife: Elizabeth Corben. Sons: Samuel Corben, John Corben, William Corben, Elijah Corben, David Corben, Jasper Corben, James Corben. Daughters: Judy Corben, Sarah Corben, Elizabeth Corben. Exors: Trusty Friends, John McClure and Charles Bowen. Date: 7 June 1794. Probate: not given. Source: Bk. C p. 37, Roll 109, Rec. June 1795. Anderson Co, SC

Beverly Cox. Wife: Mary Cox. Sons: not named. Daughters: not named. Comments: "schooling of my children" Exors: Wife, Mary Cox, Trusty friend James Jones. Witnesses: Thomas Turner, John Cox, James Shields. Date 13 Sept. 1794. Probate: 19 Sept. 1796. Source: Bk. C p. 91, Rec. 19 September. 1796. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Elizabeth Cox. Husband: not mentioned. Sons: James Cox, John Cox. Daughters: Elizabeth Cox. (Only one named. Other heirs: gd Elizabeth Cox d/o John Cox, gd Lucinda Riley, James Sims, Davis McCutchen, Henry Cox, Gambrell Cox, Ninrod Bartlet. Charles White, Hollingsworth Anderson. Exors: James C. Griffin, son John Cox. Wit: George Riley, James Cox. Date: 22 July 1809. Probate 7 August 1809. Bk. A p. 112, Roll 105. Anderson Co, SC.

John Cox. Wife: Sarah Cox. Sons: William Cox (eldest), Ned Cox, John Cox, James Cox, Tilman Cox (-21), Azariah Cox (-21, Israel Cox (-21), Hiram Cox (-21). Daughters: Elizabeth Skelton, Naomi Cox (-18), Casiah Cox (-18), Delilah Cox (-18), Sarah Cox (-18), Sally Cox (-18). Land: "Plantation lying on Savannah River and Generestee Creek." Exors: wife Sarah Cox, sons William Cox and John Cox. Wits: Jesse Couch, Edward Cox, Samuel Fitzgerald. Date: 18 Aug. 1815. Probate: 9 Aug. 1816. Bk. A p. 196, Roll 105. Anderson Co, SC.

William Cox. Wife: Mary Cox. Sons: William Bolen Cox, John Wesley Cox, Guner Book Cox to receive nothing but his son, William Tomson Brooks Cox I leave equal share. Exors: Richard Madden, Isaac Sleat. Wits: Thomas Jones, Ezekiel Madden, Thomas Riley. Date: 16 April 1821. Probate: 25 May 1821. Bk. A p. 255, Roll 108. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Craig. Wife Sarah Craig. Sons: not mentioned: Daughter: Martha Craig (under age). Other Heirs: John Craig (Bro).: Land Location: South side of Saluda River on Rock Branch. Exors: Wife Sarah Craig, John Craig. Witnesses: John Wilson, Jr., Samuel Barkley. Date: 1 Oct 1797. Probate: 29 Jan. 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 164, Rec. 29 Jan 1799. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Abraham Crenshaw. Wife: Nancy Crenshaw. Son: Robert Crenshaw. Daughters: Names are not readable. Exors: Wife, Nancy, John McClure. Wit: Francis Freeman, Henry Hester. Date: 6 Mar. 1807. Probate 6 July 1807. Bk. A p. 85, roll 123. Anderson Co, SC.

James Cunningham. Wife: not named. Sons: not named. Daughters: not named. Other Heirs: bro. John Cunningham, Elizabeth Wandsley d/o of previous name John Cunningham, sis. Jane Moore, Moses Fleming. "All money that may be coming to me in the State of Georgia." "John Moore has left my sister who was his lawful wife for many years and without cause.: Land: lying on the waters of Weems Creek water of Savannah River." Exors: James Thompson, William Underwood, Joseph Taylor. Wits: Joseph Taylor, Joseph T. Earle, Samuel I. Taylor. Date: 10 Nov. 1826. Probate: 23 Oct. 1827. Bk. A p. 355, Roll 107. Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel Dalhrumple. Wife: Sarah Dalrumphle. Son: James Dalrumphle. Daughters: Rachel Laughlin, Sarah Dalrumphle, Mary Dalrumphle, Elizabeth Dalrumple, Ann Dalrumphle, Elinor Dalrumphle, Rosannah Dalrumphle, Rebeckah Rumple. Other Heirs: Nephew, Samuel Dalrumphle of Abbeville Co, SC. Land Located: a branch of Rocky River. Exors: wife, Sarah Dalrumphle, brother, John Dalrumphle. Witnesses: James Pollock, George Dalrumphle, Lewis Sherrill. Date: 21 Nov 1791. Probate 15 April 1792. Source: Bk. C p. 5. Anderson Co, SC.

Nathaniel Davis. Wife: Piety Davis. Son: Thomas. Daughters: Elizabeth Burriss, Nancy Cox, Piety Hobson, Judy Hix, Rebecca Davis. Grandson: Amstead Hobson son of my daughter Piety. Exors: son Thomas Davis, Enoch Davis. Wits: John May, A. McElroy, Martha McElroy. Date: 4 June 1817. Probate: 9 May 1820. Bk. A p. 247, Roll 143. Anderson Co, SC.

Vann Davis. Wife: Lucy. Sons: Hezekiah Davis, Abijah Davis dec'd, Nathan Davis, Jesse Davis, Eliphas Davis, Vann Davis. Daughters: Martha Davis, Hannah Davis, Milea Davis, Jean Davis, Rhoda Davis, Rachel Davis. Other heirs: gs John Davis. Exors: Wife Lucy Davis. Wit: James Hembree, Mark Pitts, Susannah Pitts. Date: 14 April 1810. Probate: 23 November 1810. Bk. A p. 121, Roll 179. Anderson Co, SC.

Ballard Day. Wife: Silvey Day. Sons: Johnson Day, Middleton Day. Daughters: Mary Breazeale. "My will is that each of my children that are now living with me whenever they arrive to an estate of marriage...may receive equivalent with my son Johnson that is daughters equal to Mary Breazeale." Exors: Wife Silvey Brown, Abraham Mayfield. Wits: Reuben Clements, Timothy Buford, Richard Harrison. Date: 13 January 1815. Probate: not given. Bk. A. p. 168, Roll 171. Anderson Co, SC.

William Dickey. Wife: Ann Dickey. Sons: John dickey, William Dickey, Alexander Dickey, Daughters: Ann Dickey, Martha Dickey, Sarah Dickey, Jane Dickey, Elizabeth Dickey, Janet Dickey. Land: "plantation on Rocky River." Exors: Wife, bro Alexander Sherrard. Wit: Robert Irwin, James Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart. Date: 9 January 1806. Probate: 15 August 1808. Bk. A p. 99, Roll 163, Anderson Co, SC.

Margaret Dickson. Sons: William Dickson, Robert Dickson. Daughters: Mary Dickson, Jean Dickson. Exors: William Simpson. Wits: O.B. Trimmier, Rebecca Simpson. Date: 15 April 1823. Probate: 30 January 1826. Bk. A p. 312, Roll 160. Anderson Co, SC.

Matthew Dickson. Wife: not named. Sons: Alexander Dickson, Benjamin Dickson. "Daughters living with me, Polly Dickson, Nelly Dickson, Jane Dickson, Peggy Dickson." Exors: Benjamin Dickson, Hugh Gaston. Wits: Hugh Gaston, John C. Elliott, William B. Dickson. Date: 20 May 1827. Probate: 2 Aug. 1830. Bk. A p. 430, Roll 155. Anderson Co, SC.

George Dilworth. Wife: Frances Dilworth. Sons: Billy Green Dilworth (under age 21), George Benjamin Dilworth, Anthony Dilworth. Daughters: Rachel Dilworth, Jenny Dilworth Orr. Son, George Dilworth died 21 July 1813. Exors: John Morgan, James Merritt. Wits: James Merritt, Jacob Boyer, John Morgan. Date: 20 July 1813. Probate: 11 August 1813. Bk. A p. 158, Roll 154. Anderson Co, SC.

James Dobbins. Wife: Elizabeth Dobbins. Sons: James Dobbins, Jr., Robert B. Dobbins, John Dobbins. Daughters: Mary Morris, Elizabeth Hillhouse, Sarah Calaham, Jean Liddle. Exors: son James Dobbins, Jr., wife Elizabeth Dobbins. Wits: John Bryce, Abraham Barron, William Hillhouse. Date: 11 March 1813. Probate: 29 March 1817. Bk. A p. 215, Roll 174. Anderson Co, SC.

Lodowick Dobbs. Wife: Sarah Dobbs. Sons: Joshua Dobbs, David Dobbs, John Dobbs, Silas Dobbs, Charles Dobbs, Peter Dobbs, Jesse Dobbs. Daughters: Nancy Dobbs, Jane Dobbs, Lucy Dobbs. Six youngest children: Lewis Dobbs, Dotia Dobbs, Loddowick Dobbs, Stephen Dobbs, William Dobbs, James Dobbs." Exors: son Jesse Dobbs, David Humphreys. Wits: Mcajah Turner, Jane Ingland, Delila Nichols. Date: 21 September 1813. Probate: 13 May 1814. Bk. A p. 162, Roll 148. Anderson Co, SC.

Daniel Doughty. Wife: Rachel Doughty. Sons: Joseph Doughty, Laban Doughty. Daughters: not mentioned. Exors: Father, Joseph Doughty, Jeremiah Doughty, Alexander Kilpatrick. Witnesses: J.C. Kilpatrick, Thomas Chey, Joseph Doughty. Date: 24 Nov. 1804. Probate: 21 Feb. 1805. Bk. A p. 58, Roll 178. Anderson Co, SC.

Joseph Doughty. Wife: Nancy Doughty. Sons: Jeremiah Doughty, Joseph Doughty, Jr., Daniel (dec'd). Daughters: Sarah Kilpatrick, Rhody Clayton, Nancy Barrett. "Children of Daniel Doughty, Joseph Doughty and Daniel Doughty." Exors: James Kilpatrick, Jeremiah Doughty, Joseph Doughty. Wits: J.C. Kilpatrick, Thomas B. Singleton. Date: 5 January 1810. Probate: 14 April 1815. Bk. A. p. 170, Roll 182. Anderson Co, SC.

John Douthit. Wife: not named. Son: Evan Douthit, James Douthit.. Daughters: none named. "Property to be divided among all my children. Exors: son James Douthit, son-in-law John Stanton. Wits: Adam Elrod, Daniel Towny. Date: 30 March 1813. Probate: 2 August 1813. Bk. A. p. 158, Roll 164. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Dowdle. Wife: Mary Dowdle. Sons: Samuel Dowdle, James Dowdle, Robert Dowdle, John Dowdle. Daughters: Elenor Warnock, Margaret Pickens. "My said wife's two daughters Margaret Dowdle and Esther Liddle." "My son Samuel's son James Dowdle? " "daughter-in-law Martha Dowdle." "Grandson Robert Barr Dowdle son of Samuel Dowdle." "Peggy and James Dowdle children of Samuel Dowdle. "Grandson William Dowdle son of Samuel Dowdle." Exors: Wife, Mary Dowdle, son-in-law John Warnock, William Acker, Esqr. Wits: Joseph Whitner, Major Lewis, Adam Todd. Date: 2 September 1819. Probate: 7 August 1820. Bk. A p. 249, Roll 142. Anderson Co, SC.

David Drennan. Wife: "Mary Wheems Drennan." Sons: James Wilson Drennan, Billy Gilliland Drennan (both sons under age 21). Daughters: none mentioned. Exors: Wife, James Anderson. Wit: Nathan Lufk, Arthur McAdam, Abner A. Steele. Date: 29 April 1809. Probate: 8 July 1809. Bk. A p. 110, Roll 300. Anderson Co, SC.

James Duff. Wife: Mary Duff. Sons: none named. Daughters: none named. "My children," "Youngest child becomes of lawful age," "Educate my children." Exors: Wife, Mary Duff. Brother David Brown. Wits: Isaiah Kirksey, Philip May, Mark Kirksey. Date: 19 June 1814. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 164, Roll 157. Anderson Co, SC.

James Duff, Sr. Wife: Agness Duff. Sons: Samuel C. Duff, Walter Duff, Abraham Duff, James Duff, Robert Duff. Daughter: Nancy Duff. Other Heirs: James McCrosecy, son-in-law William Hellams, son-ibn-law. Land Location: Head of George's Creek. Exors: John Hamilton, Nathan Henderson Caller, John Armstrong. Date: 27 Mar. 1804. Probate: 18 April 1804. Bk. A p. 48, Roll 157. Anderson Co, SC.

Abraham Duke. Wife: Rosanna Duke. Sons: Abraham Martin Duke. Daughters: none named. Exors: wife Rosanna Duke, John Tatum, William Orr. Wits: Jesse Miller, John H. Roe, Hugh Tatum. Date: 3 July 1816. Probate: 9 Oct. 1816. Bk. A p. 205, Roll 162. Anderson Co, SC

David Durham. Wife: Sena Durham. Son: Littleberry Durham. Exors: Littleberry Durham. Wits: J. Douthit, Benjamin H. Douthit, Susannah Douthit. Date: 2 June 1828. Probate: 7 Feb. 1831. Bk. A p. 426, Roll 156. Anderson Co, SC.

Elias Earle. Wife: not named. Sons: Samuel G. Earle, Robinson M. Earle, B John Boyles Earle. James Harrison Earle, "Two youngest sons, Elias Earle, John B. Earle." Daughters: Elizabeth Earle, Nancy M. Earle Calaham. Other Heirs: Tolly Harrison. gs. Elias Henry Tillinghast. Land: "Lying on Twenty-Three Mile Creek." Exor: son Elias Earle. Wits" Posiah McClure, James Clarke, T. Stribling. Date: 2 May 1823. Probate: 2 June 1823. Bk. A. P. 273, Roll 198. Anderson Co, SC.

Patrick Earley. Wife: Pheby Earley. Sons: James Early (eldest), Enoch Early (youngest). Daughters: Mary White (eldest), Ruth Early (youngest), Lettice Early. Exors: wife Pheby Early, Moses Haynes. Witnesses: Hugh Simpson, Thomas Scales. Date: 10 June 1798. Probate 16 Sept. 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 176, Roll 185, Rec. 16 Sep. 1799, roll 185. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Easley. Wife: Catherine Easley. Sons: Samuel Easley, John Easley. Daughters: Elizabeth Blassingame w/o John Blassingame, Nancy Easley w/o Thomas Blassingame, Granddaughters: Mary Blassingame d/o Elizabeth Blassingame, Mary Blassingame d/o Nancy Blassingame, Polly Blassingame d/o Nancy Blassingame. Wife's father is named as Enoch Benson. Land: 3 tracts located on Saluda River and George's Creek. Exors: Major John Blassingame, William Easley. Wit: Thomas Lorton, John Dyres, Samuel Townes. Date: 31 March 1806. Probate 9 Dec. 1806. Bk. A p. 78. Anderson Co, SC.

Caleb Edmondson. Wife: Margaret Edmondson. Son: Joseph Edmondson. Daughters: Elizabeth Ann Edmondson, Hester Edmondson (both unmarried). Exors: Wife, Margaret Edmondson, Nicolas Welsh. Witnesses: Robert Rankin, William Welch. Date: 26 Sept. 1799. Probate: 14 Oct. 1800. Bk. A p. 13, Roll 193, Rec. 14 Oct. 1800. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Edmondson. Wife: Ann Edmondson. Sons: William Edmondson, James Edmondson, George, Edmondson, Benjamin Edmondson. Daughters: Elizabeth Boulware. Exors: Col. John Brown, Henry Norton. Wit: none. Date: 16 May 1807. Probate: 29 March 1809. Bk. A p. 107, Roll 188. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Edwards. Wife: not named. Sons: William. Edwards. Daughters: none named. Exor: "Loving wife" not named. Wits: Joseph Watkins, Drue Wall, Robert Taylor. Date: 3 Sept. 1805. Probate: 28 Oct. 1806. Bk. A p. 80. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas K. Edwards. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: none mentioned. Other heirs: Elizabeth Ashby Shackelford, Susan Rose, Thomas Ashby, Francis W. Kane. Exors: Thomas Ashby. Wits: Leroy Barr, Milton Barr, Francis W. Kane. Date: 18 March 1826. Probate: 26 June 1826. Bk. A p. 327, Roll 189. Anderson Co, SC.

Charles Elliott. Wife: Juriah Elliott. Sons: William Elliott, James Elliott. Daughter: Sarah Elliott. Comments: "rest of the younger children." Land Location: Bush Island Creek in Stokes Co, NC. Exors: Wife, Juriah Elliott, son, William Elliott. Witnesses: John Nickelson, James Elliott. Date: 17 Sept. 1799. Probate 20 Aug. 1804. Bk. A p. 51, Roll 201. Anderson Co, SC.

Jacob Ernest. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: Lodowich Ernest, Nathaniel Ernest. Daughter: Jenny Ernest. Other Heirs: William Meeds SIL, Thomas Coddle, SIL. Exors: not named. Witnesses: William Allen, John Williams. Date: 9 Nov. 1803, Probate: 16 Dec. 1803. Bk. A p. 41, Roll 101. Anderson Co, SC.

Elizabeth Evens. No sons or daughters mentioned. Other heirs: brother John Evens, Danneal Earpe, Hannah Barnett, Elizabeth Evens daughter of John Evens, Geane Evens son of John Evens, Amos Barnett's two daughters and John Evens daughter, Sister Hannah Evens, Ealey Evens, wife of John Evens. Exors: John Cox, David Beaty. Wits: William Turner, John Barnett. Date: 9 February 1814. Probate: 18 February 1814. Bk. A p. 151, Roll 204. Anderson Co, SC.

William Felton. Wife: Mary Felton. Son: Carey Felton. Daughters: none named. Other Heirs: sil John Richland. Exors: none named. Wits: Sarah Harden, David Moore, Jr., John Crocker. Date: 18 Nov. 1828. Probate: 10 Oct. 1832. Bk. A p. 457. (Original not in Probate Files). Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel Findley, Sr. Wife: Anna Findley. Sons: John Findley, Samuel Findley, Alexander Findley (youngest son). Daughters: Mary Bowen, Agnes Moore (youngest dau.) Elizabeth Findley, Margaret Findley, Jane Findley. Exors: wife Anna Findley, Richard Hall. Wits: Robert Sloan, Edwin Smith, Daniel C. Cook. Date: 1 Sept. 1794. Probate: 24 Jan. 1795. Anderson Co, SC.

James Foster. Wife: Mary Foster. Sons: Gabriel Foster, James Foster. Daughters: Sally Merritt, Abigail Merritt, Rachel Foster. Land Location: 23 Mile Creek. Exors: son, Gabriel Foster, Rev. Robert Orr. Witnesses: Robert McCann, Thomas Brown, Elizabeth Wiggington. Date: 23 Jan. 1801, Probate 4 Jan. 1802. Bk. A p. 35, Roll 210. Anderson Co, SC.

James Foster. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: none named: Daughters: Elizabeth Foster, Aggey Foster (both under age). Other Heirs: Bro. Gabriel Foster, His mother not named, sister, Sary Merritt son John Merritt, my sister Rachel Foster. Brother Gabriel Foster's oldest son, John Foster. Exors: Gabriel Foster. Witnesses: John Booth, William Pegg, Martin Pegg. Date: 17 July 1804. Probate: 5 Sept. 1804. Bk. A p. 53, Roll 210. Anderson Co, SC.

John Fountain. Wife: Nancy Fountain. Sons: Littleton Fountain, Simpson Fountain. Daughter: Hannah Fountain. Other Heirs: gd. Matty Fountain d/o Hannah Fountain. Exors: bil Daniel Mason, son Simpson Fountain when he reaches the age of 21. Wits: Thomas Pinckney, John Armstrong, Mary Anne Lambert, son Littleton Fountain. Date: 28 July 1831. Probate: 10 Nov. 1831. Bk. A p. 460, Roll 214. Anderson Co, SC.

John Gambrell. Wife: Barbara Gambrell. Sons: Matthew Gambrell, Henry Gambrell and Susannah his wife, William Gambrell, John Gambrell, James Gambrell, David Gambrell. Daughters: Elizabeth Cox. Nancy Breazeale. Property to be "equally divided between all my children." Land: On Broadmouth Creek. Exors: sons John Gambrell, Matthew Gambrell. Wits: Samuel Hammond, Elijah Griffin, Barbara Casey. Date: 10 May 1830. Probate: 29 Sept. 1834. Bk. A p. 500, Roll 228. Anderson Co, SC.

James Gassaway. Wife: Elizabeth Gassaway. Sons: Benjamin Gassaway, Samuel Gassaway, Daniel Gassaway (my 3 youngest sons). Thomas Gassaway. Daughters: Rebeccah Gassaway, Hannah Gassaway, Lucy Gassaway. Land Location: 105 acres from William Griffin. 200 Acres granted to Samuel Lofton. Exors: Thomas Gassaway, Jonathan Reeder. Witnesses: Samuel Dickson, Simon Reeder. Date: 14 Feb. 1804. Probate: 26 Mar. 1804. Bk. A p. 44, Roll 250. Anderson Co, SC.

John George. Wife: Margaret George. Sons: James George, William George, Francis George, John George, Thomas George. Daughters: Margaret George w/o John Bryce. Other Heirs: Ezekiel George s/o William George. "It is uncertain where my son Thomas is." Exors: son William George, Benjamin Dickson, Samuel McCoy. Date: 1 Nov. 1827. Probate: 19 Dec. 1827. Bk. A p. 362, Roll 244. Anderson Co, SC.

Lewis L. Gibbs. Wife: Lucinda Gibbs. Sons: none named. Daughters: none named. "Bequeath to my children all of my property. Exors: John L. North, Lewis R. Gibbs, Charles D. Gibbs, my executors and the last two last guardians of their younger brothers and sisters. Wits: James Stuart, Rodolphus Dickinson, Anthony W. Ross, George Hall. Date: 11 Aug. 1828. Probate: 3 Dec. 1830. Bk. A p. 11, Roll 232. Codicil dated 15 Aug. 1828. Anderson Co, SC.

Randolph Gibson. Wife: not named. Sons: Jacob Gibson, James Gibson, Willis Gibson, Randle Gibson, John Gibson. Daughters: Elizabeth Gibson, Mary Gibson, Netta Gibson. Other Heirs: Gs, Landy James (under 21), Gs, Joseph Gibson. Exors: sons, Randle Gibson and Jacob Gibson. Witnesses: William Bruce, Jesse Gibson, George Gibson. Date: 27 Jan. 1794. Probate: not given. Source: Bk. C p. 28, Roll 223. Rec. 24 June 1794, roll 223. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Gibson. Wife: not named. Sons: John Gibson, Thomas Gibson, William Duke Gibson. Daughter: Polly Gibson. gd. Elizabeth Gibson and her son by her first husband was Thomas Montgomery, her second husband was John Feagan and their children were Bersheba Feagan, Hannah Feagan and Nancy Feagan, Her third husband was William Duke and their children were Mark Duke, James Duke, Gibson Duke and July Duke. Exor: John Tomkins. Wits: J. Douthit, B.H. Douthit, Sarah R. Douthit. Date: 13 Nov. 1830. Probate: 4 May 1833. Bk. A p. 478, Roll 245. Anderson Co, SC.

Archibald Gillison of Abbeville County. Wife: Jean Gillison. Son: James Gillison. Daughters: Elizabeth Price, Mary Harris, Karen Harris, Ann Gillison. "My four children." "John Gillison son of my daughter Ann Gillison." Exors: friends: James Nash, Stephen Harris, Larkin Nash. Wits: George Nash, James Thornhill, Valentine Nash. Date: 3 January 1792. Probate: 20 September 1792. Bk. B p. 63, Roll 218. Anderson Co, SC.

Giles Grant. Wife: Elizabeth Grant. Sons: William Grant (under 21), Hugh Grant, John Grant. Other Heirs: Niece Abigail Grant. Exors: Wife, Elizabeth Grant, Robert Telford. Witnesses: William Grant, William Armstrong, Margaret Armstrong. Date: 1 July 1792. Probate 24 Jan. 1793. Source: Bk. C p. 9, Roll 247. Rec. 4 Feb. 1794, roll 248. Anderson Co, SC.

Isham Green. Wife: Nancy. Son: Samuel Green. Daughters: Polly Green, Betsey Green, Nancy Green, Rebecca Green. Exors: Nancy Green, Trusted friends Joseph Thompson and Ransom Thompson. Wit: Joseph Johnson, Benjamin Harris, Joseph Green. Date: 28 April 1808. Probate: 6 June 1808. Bk. A p. 95, roll 239. Anderson Co, SC.

Mishach Green. Wife: Creory Green. Sons: Thomas Green, Daniel Green, Henry Green, Joney Green, John Green. Daughters: Nancy Green. Other Heirs: John Caldwell, Elizabeth Smith, Isaac Horton. Land Location: waters of Coxes Creek. Exors: wife Creory Green, son Thomas Green. Witnesses: George Anderson, Lemiel Thomson, Molley Anderson. Date: 19 Mar. 1798. Probate: 24 Jan. 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 151, Roll 242, Rec. 24 Jan. 1799, roll 461. Anderson Co, SC.

William Green. Wife: Ann Green. Son: John Green. Daughters: not mentioned. Comments: "All my children" none named except John Green. Exors: Wife, Ann Green, son, John Green. Witnesses: Aaron James, James Turner, Rhody McCurdy. Date: 26 Jan. 1801. Probate 9 March 1801. Bk. A p. 7, Roll 241, Rec. 9 March 1801. Anderson Co, SC.

James Greer. Wife: not mentioned. Son: William Greer. Daughters: Mary Gilliam, Jane Wiley, Martha Greer. Other Heirs: John Hamilton, SIL, James Gilliam, SIL, Samuel Wiley, SIL, Jane Greer, gd. Exors: not named. Witnesses: Thomas Henderson, James Compton, Stephen V. Runels. Date: 26 Jan. 1792. Probate: not given. Source: Bk. C p. 50, Rec. April 1795. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

William Griffin. Wife: Elizabeth Griffin. Sons: John Griffin, Henry Griffin, Sergeant Griffen, Creswell Griffin. Daughters: Rebecca Breazeale, Rosanna Blocker, Hasky Breazeale, Martha Griffin, Elizabeth Griffin. Comments: "Remaining balance to be equally divided among my last wife's children." ( none named). Land Location: 12 Mile Creek on Middle Fork. Exors: Wife, Elizabeth, sons, Sergeant Griffin, Henry Griffin, my trusty friend Elnathan Davis, Sr. Witnesses: I.D. Meroney, Christopher Kirksey, Thomas Hunt, Andrew Townyhill, Charles Morgan. Date: 5 Oct. 1800. Probate: 14 Oct. 1800. Bk. A. p. 3, Roll 221. Anderson Co, SC.

James Griffith. Wife: Mary James Griffith. Sons: John Griffith, James Griffith, Samuel Griffith, Daughters: Hannah Leonard, Jenny Dean, Mary Cummins. Exors: John James, Samuel James. Witnesses: James Jones, Owen McCorkel, Jane Lisly. Probate: not given. Source: Bk. C p. 82, Rec. 12 April 1796. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Robert Hackett. Wife: Lucinda Hackett. Son: Albert Hackett. Daughters: Harriett Hackett, Francy Hackett, Sophrona Hackett. "My three daughters Harriett, Francy and Sophrona .... all my other children .... those by my first wife and the present wife included." Exors: son Albert Hackett, friend Garrison Linn. Wits: J.T. Whitefield, Gideon Smith, Silvanies Minton. Date: 14 Nov. 1832. Probate: 17 Dec. 1832. Bk. A p. 475, Roll 272. Anderson Co, SC.

William Halbert. Wife: Elizabeth Halbert. Sons: Joel Halbert, John Halbert, Enos Halbert, Arthur Halbert, James Halbert, Joshua Halbert. Daughters: Martha Grisham, Susannah Acker, Frankah Garrison, Elizabeth Barry, Mary Halbert, Lucinda Halbert. Grandchildren: Harry Halbert, John Halbert, Sinda Halbert, Arthur Halbert, "all Arthur's children. Land: mill on Big Creek. Exors: Joel Halbert, John Halbert, Enos Halbert, John Grisham. Wit: William Harper, James Brown, David Brown. Date: 13 July 1806. Probate: 6 March 1809. Bk. A p. 103, Roll 301. Anderson Co, SC.

Absolom Hall. Wife: Sarah Hall. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: none mentioned. Exors: John Hall, Ezekiel Hall. Wits: David Hall, Deg Tucker, Hannah Hall, Sarah Hall. Date: 8 February 1824. Probate: 26 April 1824. Bk. A p. 285. Roll ?. Anderson Co, SC.

Fenton Hall. Wife: Hannah Hall. Sons: William Hall, Jonathan Hall, Fenton Hall, Jr., James Hall, Lemuel Hall, Fleming Hall, Johnson Hall. Daughters: Polly Hall, Rhoda Hall, Peggy Hall, Hannah Hall. Property to be "divided amongst my children whose names are enrolled." Exors: sons Johnson Hall and Fenton Hall, Jr. Wits: Harbert Tucker, William Pickens. Date: 20 Nov. 1809. Probate: 25 March 1817. Bk. A p. 210. Anderson Co, SC. (Original not in Probate Records).

Nathaniel Hall. Wife: Elizabeth Hall. Son: Nathaniel Hall. Daughters: not mentioned: Comments: "all that estate that was deeded to me by John Falkner as may be seen on the records of Laurens County ...if other boys stays with their mother until they are 21" Exors: Fenton Hall (bro), John Hall (Bro). Witnesses Robert Norris, George Irwin, Benjamin Hall. Date: 19 Oct 1793. Probate: 24 Jan. 1797. Source: Bk. C p. 104, Roll 313, Rec. 24 Jan. 1797. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Hall. Wife: Mary Hall. Sons: James Roddy Hall, John Hall (both under 21). Daughters: none mentioned. Comments: "My wife now pregnant". Land Location: Goldings Creek. Exors: Wife Mary Hall, Trusty friend Robert Bowen, Esqr., Capt. David Hamilton, W. Matthews. Witnesses: Frances Dover, Robert Glenn, William Pugh. Date: 1 Aug. 1797. Probate: 18 Sept. 1797. Source: Bk. C p. 121, Rec. 18 Sept. 1797. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

John Hallum. Wife: Ann Hallum. Sons: Bazzel Hallum, Richard Hallum, John Hallum, Jr., William Hallum, Thomas Hallum. Daughters: Martha Bowen, Rachel Hallum w/o William Hallum, Mary Overly, Nancy Hamilton, Elizabeth Hallum, Sally Hallum. Exors: John Wilson, William Hubbard, Rignel Odell. Date: 27 July 1815. Probate: 7 Nov. 1815. Bk. A p. 172, Roll 261. Anderson Co, SC.

William Hallum. Wife: Mary Hallum. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: Rebeccah (under age). Other Heirs: bro. James Hallum, bro. Josiah Hallum. Exors: Wife, Mary Hallum, Andrew Pickens, James Hallum. Witnesses: James Chapman, William Hallum, Besel Smith. Date: 15 Sept. 1803. Probate: 11 Oct. 1803. Bk. A p. 39, roll 309. Anderson Co, SC.

Archibald Hamilton. Wife: Jean Hamilton. Sons: William Hamilton, Andrew Hamilton, Vincent Hamilton. Daughters: Ann Hamilton, Nancy Greenlee. Son-in-law Lenuel Greenlee. Exors: Wife, friend Samuel G. Barr. Wit: John Willson, Mary Barr, William Hamby. Date: 28 September 1811. Probate: 2 Dec. 1811. Bk. A p. 133, Roll 317. Anderson Co, SC.

Luke Hamilton. Wife: Elizabeth Hamilton. Sons: William Hamilton, Luke Hamilton. Daughters: Margaret McCollister, Jane Hamilton, Lean Hamilton, Mary Reid, Nancy Hamilton, Letita Long, Sarah Carson, Fanny Hamilton. Land: "Lying on the S.W. of the road leading from Montagues to Baskens Ford." Exors: William Hamilton, Luke Hamilton. Wits: James Thompson. Fenton Hall, Matt Thompson. Date: 22 February 1822. Probate: 12 April 1825. Bk. A p. 297, Roll 302. Anderson Co, SC.

Lucy Hammond. Son: Herbert Hammond. Exor: Herbert Hammond. Wits: Matthew Gambrell, John Willingham, William B. Willingham. Date: 30 Aug. 1832. Probate: 18 Nov. 1833. Bk A p. 488, Roll 329. Anderson Co, SC.

Michael Hammond. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: "my bastard son, Alberto Hammond...called Robert Martin...bastard son of Lucinda Martin d/o Major Louis Martin." Alberto was born 24 June 1807. Daughters: none mentioned. Brothers: John Hammond, Thomas Hammond, David Hammond. Exors: John Martin, Jonathan Reeder. Wit: William Brown, A. Lawhon, David Cherry. Date: 4 April 1810. Probate: 28 Dec. 1810. Bk. A p. 123, Roll 288. Anderson Co, SC.

Sarah Harkins. Husband dec'd. Sons: John Harkins, Hugh Harkins. Daughter: Sarah Harkins. Exors: not named. Wits: Robert S. Telford, William Telford, Robert Telford, Sr. Date: 2 Jan. 1819. Probate: 4 Aug. 1828. Bk. A p. 380, Roll, 334. Anderson Co, SC.

Handy Harris. Wife: Ann Harris. Son: Nathaniel Harris (under age). Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: sister Anna McCurdy. Land Location: Little Beaverdam Creek and a tract in Abbeville District. Exors: wife, Ann Harris, brothers: John Harris and Thomas Harris, Joseph Irwen. Witnesses: William Davis, Mary Harris, Martha Harris. Date: 27 May 1805. Probate: 17 July 1805. Bk. A p. 64, Roll 320. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas L. Hart. Wife: Mary Louisa Hart. Sons: Isaac Matthew Hart. Daughters: Elizabeth Martin, Arabella Ann Rend, Mary Louisa Hart, Georgia Ann Hart, Henrietta Hart, Catherine Barnwell Hart. Land: on Garven's Creek. Exors: Mary Louisa Hart, C.C. Pinckney, Sr., C.L. Gailliard. Wits: William T. Potts, Thomas Reese, William Sanders. Date: 2 May 1835. Probate: 26 June 1835. Bk. A p. 503, Roll 145. Anderson Co, SC.

Harry Hasel. Wife: Sarah Hazel. Sons: not mentioned: Daughters: Barbara Hasel (my little Daughter), Feribee? Hasel, Rhoda Hasel, Fanny Hasel, Lilah Hasel. Other Heirs: Sterling Hazel, Darling Hasel. Exors: Daniel Earp. Witnesses: Jesse Chapell, John Marolm, Charles Varner. Date: 29 Sept. 1804. Probate: 23 Feb. 1805. Bk. A p. 59, Roll 254. Anderson Co, SC.

George Head. Wife: not named. Sons: George Head, Jr., John Head. Daughters: Elizabeth Head w/o John Williams (1st. husband was Amos Adkinson with whom she had 7 children. Dau?, dec'd w/o Stephen Siddall. Other Heirs: sil Stephen Siddall, gd Nancy Siddall, gd Elizabeth Williams, gd Rebecca Yancey, gd. Mary Yancey, gd Sally Siddall, gs John Siddall, sil William Pegg. Exors: not named. Wits: James Douthit, Susanna Douthit, Elijah Satterfield. Date: 8 March 1817. Probate: 2 March 1818. Bk. A p. 217, Roll 291. Anderson Co, SC.

Nicholas Heaton. Wife: not named. Sons: none named. Daughters: none named. Other heirs: bro. Fred David Heaton, bro. William Heaton, bro. Timothy P. Heaton, Sis. Matilda Heaton, sis. Sally Heaton. Exor: Bryan Burriss. Wits: David Gambrell, Robert Black, George W. Masters. Date: 2 July 1826. Probate: 4 Sept. 1826. Bk. A p. 325, Roll 284. Anderson Co, SC.

William Heaton. Wife: Esther Heaton. Sons: James Heaton (youngest) Salithiel? Heaton, Thomas Heaton, Benjamin Heaton, William Heaton, Smith Heaton, Joseph Heaton. Daughters: Mary Heaton, Sarah Heaton, Anna Heaton. Exors: wife Esther Heaton, James Hembree. Witnesses: Thomas Riddels, Mark Pitts, James Heaton. Date: 11 Jan. 1799. Probate: 25 June 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 174, Roll 304, Rec. 25 June 1799. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Henderson. Wife: Isabell Henderson. Sons: Nathaniel Henderson, David Henderson, John Henderson, William Henderson, James Henderson, Robert Henderson. Daughters: not mentioned. Land Location: Waters of Packelette in Spartanburg Co, SC. 300 acres. Exor: son, David Henderson. date: 7 Oct. 18--. Probate: 13 Oct. 1801. Bk. A p. 21, Roll 278. Anderson Co, SC.

Abel Hill. Wife: Elizabeth Hill. Sons: James Hill, Rubin Hill. Daughters: not mentioned. Exors: Elizabeth Hill, son, Rubin Hill. Witnesses: Thomas Cureton, Mary Cureton, Rachel Harkins. Date: 18 July 1799. Probate: 14 March 1803. Bk. A p. 33, Roll 264. Anderson Co, SC.

George Hoge, Sr. Wife: not named. Sons: George Hoge, Jr., John Hoge. Daughters: Barbara Ross, Georgetta Brandon. Other Heirs: sil John Ross. Exors: sil John Ross, son George Hodge. Wits: John Woodall, Sr., John Woodall, Jr. Judith Woodall. Date: 3 Nov 1798. Probate: 14 April 1801. Bk. A p. 6. Anderson Co, SC.

Benjamin Holland. Wife: Peggy Holland. Sons: Thomas Holland, John Shunnon Holland, Jacob Holland. Daughters: Rutha Holland (eldest), Polly Holland, Sally Holland (3rd dau). Exors: wife Peggy Holland, Ambrose Mason. Wits: J.H. Terryman, Joshua Inman, John A. Blackburn. Date: 3 Aug. 1816. Probate: 9 Oct. 1816. Bk. A p. 202, Roll 258.Anderson Co, SC.

Moses Holland. Wife: Gracey Holland. Sons: James Holland, John Holland, Thomas Holland. Daughters: Ellender Holland, Fanny Holland. " Lawful heirs of her body; Moses Holland, Aaron Holland, Caleb Holland, Joshua Holland, Tabitha Holland, Eliab Holland." "Heirs of Chesley Holland." Exors: William Acker. Wits: Henry Cobb, William McGee, H. Rice. Date: 4 Sept. 1829. Probate: 9 Nov. 1829. Bk. A p. 397, Roll 295. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Houston. Wife: "dearly beloved wife" not named. sons: Thomas Houston, Josiah Houston, John Houston. Daughters: not mentioned. Exors: wife, not named, Samuel Houston. Witnesses: William Woods, William Henry, John Hillhouse. Date: 26 April 1800. Probate: 14 Oct. 1800. Bk. A p. 12, Roll 318. Anderson Co, SC.

Ambrose Hudgens, Sr. Wife: Joanah Hudgens. Sons: Ambrose Hudgens, John Hudgens, Robert Hudgens. Daughters: Phebe Anderson, Margaret Milwee. Other Heirs: Sarah Robertnett. Exors: John Brown, Abednego Green, Sr. Witnesses: John Brown, Nancy Tarrant, Anna Brown. Date: 21 Sept. 1799. Probate: 13 Nov. 1800. Bk. A p. 5, Roll 290. Anderson Co, SC.

John Humphreys. Wife: Catherine Humphreys. Sons: William Humphreys, Isaac Humphreys, John Humphreys, Jacob Humphreys. Daughters: Betsy Jones, Rebecca Thomas, Catherine Humphreys. Exors: Wife, John Humphreys. Wit: David Glenn, Thomas Grogin. Date: 1 October 1808. Probate: 25 October 1808. Bk. A p. 100, Roll 285. Anderson Co, SC

Mary Hunter, Sr. Sons: none. Daughters: Mary Hunter, Mandanna Hunter, Ethelinda Hunter. "My children not heretofore mentioned twenty-five cents together with my blessings." Exors: Friend David Cherry, Elam Sharpe. Wits: Mary D. Hunter, Martha Whitefield, J.T. Whitefield. Date: 15 March 1822. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 286, Roll 265. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Hunter. Wife: Sarah Hunter. Sons: John Hunter. Daughters: Mary Anderson. Land: "400 acres in Rutherford County, NC. on the waters of Buck Creek." Exors: son, John Hunter, friends Samuel Cherry and James C. Griffin. Wits: W.R. Webb, H.W. Davis, George E.W. Foster. Date: 4 April 1825. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 300, Roll 267. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Irwin, minster of the Gospel. Wife: Eleanor Irwin. Sons: none named. Daughters: none named. Other Heirs: "John Black who was bound to me by indenture by his mother." "My brother John Irwin's sons in Georgia Samuel Irwin and Robert Irwin." "I leave...said plantation to support the Gospel in the Associate Reform Congregation of Little Gennerostee." "To the rest of my brother John Irwin's children in the state of Georgia and to my sister, Sarah Pendrey's son, John lying on the waters of Duhearts Creek in the county of Jefferson and the state of Georgia." "My wife's brothers and sisters in this state and in the state of Georgia." Exors" James Sharrard of Pendleton District and John Gordon, Esqr. Of Elbert County Georgia...and my wife Eleanor Irwin. Wits: William Patterson, Thomas Henderson, James Henderson. Date: 15 June 1822. Probate: 22 Dec. 1823. Bk. A p. 279, Roll 348. Anderson Co, SC.

Elijah Isaacs. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: George Isaacs (youngest under 21). Daughters: Rebecca Isaacs, Abbee Isaacs, Jenny Isaacs, Winny Isaacs (youngest). Exors: James Blair, Samuel Isaacs. Witnesses: Thomas Gibson, William Nance, Hayes Blair. Date: 4 April 1799. Probate: 24 June 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 173, Roll 338. Anderson Co, SC.

Elizabeth James w/o Thomas James dec'd. Sons: James Brown. Daughters: Nancy Brown. Exors: James Dobbins. Wits: James Dobbins, Martha Dobbins. Date: 4 January 1824. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 288, Roll 240. Anderson Co, SC.

John Johnson. Wife: not named. Son: Joseph Johnson. Daughter: Elizabeth Johnson. Land: "lying on Great Saltketchen in Winston County in Orangeburg District...Three Mile Creek being waters of Saltketchen." Exor: Andrew Jones. Wits: Stephen Sullevant, Elizabeth Jones, Joseph Dunklin. Date: 16 Aug. 1790. Probate: 1 December 1790. Bk. A p. 181.Anderson Co, SC.

Joseph Jolly. Wife: Jean Jolly. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: Elizabeth Jolly. Exors: Wife, Jean Jolly; Brother: William Jolly, Alex Moorhead. Wit: George Nash, Jonathan Smith. Date: 2 Nov. 1807. Probate: 7 Dec. 1807. Bk. A p. 87, roll 343. Anderson Co, SC. Anderson Co, SC.

Asa Kemp. Wife: Mary Kemp. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: Judah Kemp (oldest), Martha Kemp. Comments: "Child that my wife is now pregnant with." Land Location: Little Beaverdam Creek. Exors: John C. James, Alexander Kilpatrick. Witnesses: Charles Rice, John Burchfield. date: 26 Dec. 1805. Probate not given. File 353. Anderson Co, SC.

George Kennimoore. Wife: Elizabeth Kennimoore. Sons: Michael Kennimoore, Lot Kennimoore (youngest). Daughters: Ruth Kennimoore Mullinix, Nancy Kennimoore Gibson, Temperance Kennimoore Mayfield, Rosanna Kennimoore, Judith Kennimoore, Vicey Kennimoore. Exor: Lot Kennimoore. Wits: William Clanahan, Andrew Hamilton, James Henderson. Date: 7 Dec. 1824. Probate: 5 May 1828. Bk. A p. 370, Roll 355. Anderson Co, SC.

Adam Kilby. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: William Kilby, Edward Kilby, James Kilby. Daughters: Sarah Kilby, Kisseah Kilby Duncan, Fanny Kilby White, Nancy Kilby Harris. Other Heirs: Nathaniel Duncan. Exors: Daniel Duncan, John Morris, Jr. Wits: John Morris, Jr., John Harris, Daniel Duncan. Date: 25 September 1819. Probate: 11 April 1823. Bk. A p. 271, Roll 360. Anderson Co, SC.

Christopher Kirksey. Wife: Parthany Kirksey. Sons: William Kirksey, Jehu Kirksey, Christopher Kirksey, Elisha Kirksey, Isaiah Kirksey, Mark Kirksey. Daughters: Lucy P. Kirksey, Nancy Davis, Sarah Foster. Exors: sons, William Kirksey, Isaiah Kirksey, Mark Kirksey. Wits: Philip May, Andrew Davis, Jonathan Davis. Date: 13 August 1814. Probate: 27 October 1818. Bk. A p. 23, Roll 235. Anderson Co, SC.

John Knox. Wife: Fanny Knox. Sons: Washington Knox, Andrew Knox, Isaac Knox, Matthew Knox, James Knox, William Knox, Samuel Knox. Daughters: Elizabeth Knox Dandy. Mary Ann Knox, Susannah Knox. Land: "Tract of land in the state of Georgia." Exors: wife Fanny Knox and son Samuel Knox. Wits: Alexander Ramsay, William Knox, Thomas Lamar. Date: 20 Jan. 1828. Probate: 21 July 1828. Bk. A p. 372, Roll 365. Anderson Co, SC.

Peter LaBoon. Wife: Rachael LaBoon. Sons: Peter LeBoon, Joseph LaBoon, Mason Canada LaBoon. Daughters: Sarah LaBoon, Rebecca LaBoon, Ann LaBoon Watkins, Mary Laboon Robins, Rachael LaBoon Elrod. Other Heirs: "John LaBoon's two children, Eada Laboon and Susannah Laboon." Exor: Rachael LaBoon. Wits: Bink Williams, Solomon West, Joseph Cason. Date: 9 Jan. 1828. Probate: 3 March 1828. Bk. A p. 368, Roll 367. Anderson Co, SC.

Benjamin Lawrence. Wife: Rachel Lawrence. Sons: James Lawrence, Elisha Lawrence. Daughters: Sarah Lawrence Speed w/o William Speed, Margaret Lawrence w/o Alexander Deal. gd Rachel Speed. Land: "land on Coroross containing original survey 188 acres." Exors: sons James Lawrence, Elisha Lawrence. Wits: John T. Lewis, John Hunter, Warner N. Davis. Date: 17 July 1819. Probate: 5 June 1826. Bk. A p. 318, Roll 408. Anderson Co, SC.

Joab Lawrence. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Brothers: John Lawrence, Joab Lawrence son of brother John Lawrence, Joab Ashworth son of Benjamin Ashworth. Exor: Col. John B. Earle. Wits: Joseph B. Earle, Sarah Earle, William Taylor. Date 8 April 1803. Probate: 24 March 1813. Bk. A p. 156, Roll 381. Anderson Co, SC.

Michael Leathers. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: Elijah Leathers, Nimrod Leathers. Daughters: Rhoda Leathers, Franky Leathers Teal. Exors: Ninrod Leathers. Wit: John Cleveland, Daniel Cleveland, Ann Downs. Date: 16 May 1805. Probate: 21 Feb 1806. Bk. A p. 71, Roll 381. Anderson Co, SC. Anderson Co, SC.

Abner Ledbetter. Wife: Sarah Ledbetter. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: none mentioned. Exors: Alexander Calhoun, Joseph N. Whitner. Wits: George Reese, Jr., William Miller, John Mullinix. Date: 4 May 1830. Probate: 6 Aug. 1830. Bk. A p. 401, Roll 400. Anderson Co, SC.

Daniel Ledbetter. Wife: Nancy Ledbetter. Sons: Abner Ledbetter, William Ledbetter. Daughters: Ede Russell, Rhoda Gordon, Leah Tippen, Nancy Calhoun, Jenny Ledbetter, Lavina Ledbetter. Codicil, "said Jenny is now married (1825)." Exors: John L. North, Rev. Sanford Vandiver, Edman Webb. Wits: Benjamin Dickson, Thomas G. Dickson, Charles Alexander. Date: 6 Aug 1824. Probate: 26 Jan. 1827. Codcil dated 21 Jan. 1825. Bk. A p. 343, Roll 401. Anderson Co, SC.

Henry Ledbetter. Wife: Patience Ledbetter. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: none mentioned. Exors: Elijah Brown, Esq., James Jones. Witness: Milley Brown. Date: 1 April 1804. Probate: 23 April 1804. Bk. A p. 50. Anderson Co, SC.

John Ledbetter. Wife: Mary Ledbetter. Sons: Three youngest sons, Henry Ledbetter, James Ledbetter and John Ledbetter, Joel Ledbetter, Daniel Ledbetter, George Montgomery Ledbetter. David Ledbetter. Daughters: Chatheron Ledbetter, Bestee Ledbetter, Mary Caroline Ledbetter. Property "to be equally divided among all my minor children. Exors: oldest sons Henry Ledbetter and James Ledbetter. Wits: Benjamin Dickson, John Binning, James Gilmer. Date: 20 Jan. 1831. Probate: 7 March 1831. Bk. A p. 422, Roll 403. Anderson Co, SC.

William Leonard. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: Samuel Leonard. Daughters: Elizabeth Leonard, Mary Ann Tatum, Agnes Leonard, Malinda Leonard. "My five youngest children, Elizabeth Tatum, Samuel Tatum, Mary Ann Tatum, Agnes Tatum, Malinda Tatum." Exors: George Leonard. Wit: William Hillhouse, Tamison Baron. Date: 12 February 1811. Probate 29 March 1811. Bk. A p. 129, Anderson Co, SC. (Not in the Probate Court files.),

David Lewis. Wife: Penelopy Lewis. Sons: Isaiah Lewis, Jacob Lewis, Joab Lewis, Neriah Lewis, Benjamin Lewis, Turleton Lewis. Daughters: Prisilla Lewis w/o Thomas Field, Elizabeth Lewis w/o Micajah Alexander, Cozby Lewis w/o John Woodall, Hannah Lewis w/o Ezekiel Norton, Rosanna Lewis. Exors: Pentopy Lewis. Wits: Gabriel Barron, Samuel Barron, George W. Liddel. Date: 19 January 1822. Probate: 2 September 1822. Bk. A p. 270, Roll 404. Anderson Co, SC.

Researcher Note by Nina Flannery, Nina has Hannah Lewis married to Ezekiel Harlan.

Thomas Liddell. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: not mentioned: Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: John Liddell son of Andrew Liddell, Jerrett Liddell son of Andrew Liddell, children of Moses Lidell, William Liddell son of John Liddell. Land location: 1000 acres lying near Lexington, Ky. Land lying at the Falls on Duck River in Cumberland. Exors: Moses Liddell, Andrew Liddell. Witnesses: John Simpson, Elijah Nickolson, Alexander Young. Date: 20 Feb. 1798. Probate: April 1798. Sources: Bk. C p. 126. Rec. 1798. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Andrew Liddel. Wife: Jane who calls her name Jenny Liddell to whom I was married and who lived with me about four years and who voluntarily left my bed and boarding and hath not returned any more to me nor been in my house for upwards of ten years." Sons: John Liddel, Andrew J. Liddel, George Liddel, Moses Liddel, James Liddel, Francis Liddel. Daughters: Jane Liddel widow of Joab Maulding (dec'd). Elizabeth Liddel w/o John Miller, Mary M. Liddell w/o William McGee. Land: "waters of 26 Mile Creek." Exor: James S. Liddell. Wits: John Harris, James C. Griffin, Joseph Grisham, William Grisham. Date: 5 Jan. 1820. Probate: 6 May 1833. Bk. A p. 484, Roll 376. Anderson Co, SC.

Moses Liddle. Wife: Elizabeth Liddle. Sons: Moses Liddle, James Liddle. Daughters: Elizabeth Liddle, Esther Liddle, Isabella Liddle, Jean Liddle. Other Heirs: Mary Liddle, Niece. Exors: wife, Elizabeth Liddle, John Henderson, Andrew Liddle, Daniel Keith. Witnesses: William B. Ross, Thomas Morrow. Date: 1 May 1802. Probate: 21 August 1802. Bk. A p. 15, Roll 375. Anderson Co, SC.

John Lindley. Wife: Sarah Lindley. No children were named "Said property I hereby bequeath to be equally divided between wife, Sarah Lindley, and my unmarried children." Exors: Wife, Sarah Lindley, William Pytoson?. Wits: John Robinson, Joel Halbert, Jacob Visage. Date: 9 September 1790. Probate: 11 November 1790. Bk. A p. 182, Roll 406. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Love. Wife: Rebecca Love. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: none mentioned. "250 acres to my nephew Robert D. Love s/o Robert Love."Exors: Rebecca Love, Thomas Drennon. Wits: John Warnock, Samuel Dowdle, James Norell. Date: 2 September 1814. Probate: not given. Bk. A. p. 169, Roll 377. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert M. Lynn. Wife: Sarah Lynn. Sons: James Lynn, Alfred Lynn. Daughters: none named. Exors: James Lynn, Thomas H. McCann. Wits: Thomas Carpenter, Thomas McDonald, James Dannelly. Date: 22 Oct. 1832. Probate: 3 Dec. 1832. Bk. A p. 471, Roll 370. Anderson Co, SC.

Epps Major. Wife: Susannah Major. Sons: George Major, Elijah Major, Marion Major. Daughters: Dorothy Major McWhorter, Rebecca Major, Sarey Major, Elizabeth Major, Nancy Major. Exors: Susannah Major, Barnett H. Allgood, Isaac Miller. Wits: David Hendricks, Henry Sarjent, Isaac Miller, Jr. Date: 12 April 1827. Probate: 28 May 1827. Bk. A p. 351, Roll 447. Anderson Co, SC.

Louis D. Martin. Wife: not named. Son: John Martin. Daughters: Caroline S. Martin, Margaret Crow, Hannah Smith, Louisa Martin. Son "John Martin .... a horse which he left in my care when he left this district." Land: on 18 Mile Creek ... near village of Pendleton on Cornnross Creek." Exors: Samuel Cherry, Dr. William Hunter, John Martin. Wits: John Taylor, Madison M. Lewis, John B. Earle. Date: 29 Sept. 1815. Probate: 4 Dec. 1815. Bk. A p. 183, Roll 430. Anderson Co, SC.

John Mauldin. Wife: not named. Sons: Godfrey Mauldin, Joab Mauldin, Taliaferro Mauldin, James Mauldin. Daughters: Sarah Hughes, Mary Mauldin, Elizabeth Mauldin, Frances Mauldin. Exors: Joab Mauldin, Taliaferro Maulldin. Wits: John Siddall, Samuel Mauldin, R.H. Briggs. Date: 3 Dec. 1831. Probate: 5 March 1832. Bk. A p. 462, Roll 410. Anderson Co, SC.

Andrew McAlister. Wife: not named. Sons: none named. Daughters: none named. Other Heirs: bro. Nathan McAlister, neph. Andrew Todd. "Robert Todd's six children: Jane M. Gordon, Mary Ann Todd, Elizabeth Todd, Margarette Todd, James Todd, John Todd. bro. (not named) 3 children: Elizabeth McAlister, Andrew McAlister, Syrena Evaline McAlister. bro William's children: Jane McAlister, Mary McAlister, William McAlister. bro John's child: James McAlister. Exor: Andrew Todd. Robert Todd. Wits: Thomas Hanna, Andrew McAlister, John McPhail. Date: 28 March 1829. Probate: 23 July 1833. Bk. A p. 489. Anderson Co, SC. (Original not in Probate records).

Andrew McAlister. Wife: not named. Sons: John Alexander McAlister, Nathan William McAlister, Robert McAlister, Thomas McAlister. Andrew McAlister, Jr. Daughters: Ginny McAlister, Elizabeth McAlister, Fanny McAlister, Sarah McAlister, Polly McAlister. Rossey McAlister. Exor: Andrew McAlister. Wits: David Floyd, George Watson, Israel McAlister. Date: 14 Dec. 1831. Probate: 6 March 1832. Bk. A p. 459, Roll 503. Anderson Co, SC.

Daniel McAlister. Wife: Nancy McAlister. Sons: Daniel McAlister, William McAlister (My two eldest sons). Daughters: none named. Comments: "All my children." Exors: Sons: Daniel McAlister and William McAlister. Wit: Thomas Poldson, Mary Ann Tevery, Stephen Fuller. Date: 3 Sept. 1804. Probate: 26 Nov. 1805. Bk. A p. 67, Roll 480. Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel McCalley. Wife: Jannet McCalley. Sons: none named. Daughters: Mary Liveney, Margaret Wardlaw. Grandson: Samuel Deviney. Exors: Wife, Jannet McCalley, John McFall. Wit: John George, James Wardlaw. Date: 2 Oct. 1805. Probate: 2 June 1806. Roll 485. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert McCann. Wife: not named. Sons: Hugh McCann, James McCann, Thomas McCann. Daughter: Martha Orr. Other Heirs: bro James L. McCann, sis Martha Orr, bro. Hugh McCann, gd Jane Hamilton. "Have stones placed at the graves of each of my wives." "I subscribe to the Theological Seminary established at Columbia." Land: on Preater's Creek. Exors: son James McCann Thomas Hampton. Wits: Kezia Dannelly, Hannah Linn. Date: 5 April 1831. Probate: 4 July 1831. Bk. A p. 455, Roll 489. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert McCann. Wife: not named. Sons: James L. McCann. Daughters: None named. Other heirs: gs Samuel Morrow Hamilton, Hannah Linn Hamilton, Thomas Morton Hamilton, Martha A. Hamilton. Their father was William K. Hamilton. Exor: son James L. McCann. Wits: I.T. Whitfield, John Mullikin, William Anderson, John R. Smith. Date: 28 May 1827. Probate: 15 July 1831. Bk. A p. 491, Roll 489. Anderson Co, SC.

Joseph McCleskey. Wife: Agness McCleskey. Sons: Joseph McCleskey, David McClesky, Alexander McCleskey, William McCleskey. Daughters: Agness McCleskey. Other Heirs: Joseph McCleskey s/o David McCleskey, gs Joseph Hall s/o Alexander Hall, Gs Joseph McCleskey s/o William McCleskey, gd. Nancy McCleskey d/o David McCleskey, Nancy McCleskey d/o Alexander McCleskey, Nancy McCleskey d/o William McCleskey. Exors: wife, Agness McCleskey, son, Alexander McCleskey, Nathan Lufk. Witnesses: William Kerr, Nathan Lufk, Alexander White, John Ferguson. Date: 25 Oct. 1798. Probate: 13 Oct. 1808. Bk. A p. 9, Roll 470. Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel McCulley. Wife: Jennet McCulley. Sons: none named. Daughters: Mary Deviney, Margaret Wardlaw. Other Heirs: gs Samuel Deviney. Exors: wife Jennett McCulley, John McFall. Wits: John George, James Wardlaw. Date: 2 Oct 1805. Probate: 2 June 1806. File 485. Anderson Co, SC.

John McCullough. Wife: Elizabeth McCullough. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: none mentioned. Heirs: step daughters: Mary Cash and Betsey Cash. There must have been children since it reads "till the youngest child comes of age/" Exors: James Crowther, John Milford. Wit: David Steal. Date: 4 Nov. 1806. Probate 2 Mar. 1807. Bk. A p. 84, roll 467. Anderson Co, SC.

Patsey McDaniel. Sons: John McDaniel, Philip McDaniel (my two youngest sons). Daughters: not mentioned. Exors: Caleb Mauldin, David Sloan, John McDaniel. Witnesses: Ann Stribling, Mary Ann Terry, Thomas Stribling. Date: 20 May 1805. Probate: 18 June 1805. Bk. A p. 61, Roll 498. Anderson Co, SC.

Frances McKinstrey. Spinster. Sons: Thomas McKinstrey, Newman McKinstrey. Exors: John George, Sr., Alexander Moorhead. Wits: Abram Massey, John Richardson, Albert McAlister. Date: 4 July 1822. Probate: 28 October 1823. Bk. A p. 277, Roll 469. Anderson Co, SC.

William McPherson, Sr. Wife: Elizabeth McPherson. Sons: Elijah McPherson (youngest). Daughters: Elizabeth Stevenson, Nancy Brown, Milly McGee. Children of Elizabeth Stevenson (dec'd), Sarah Stevenson, William Stevenson, John Stevenson, Joseph Stevenson, Elijah Stevenson, James Stevenson. Other Heirs: Arthur McFall, Alexander Stevenson. Land: on Mill Branch. Exors: wife Elizabeth McPherson, sons William McPherson, John McPherson. Wits: James Armstrong, Adam Stuart, George Stuart. Date: 9 July 1830. Probate: 20 Aug. 1832. Bk. A p. 452, Roll 466. Anderson Co, SC

James Merritt. Wife: Sarah Merritt. Sons: none named. Daughters: Rebecca Hambrie, Sarah Merritt. Exors: trusty friend Josiah Merritt. Wits: David Durham, James H. Atkinson, William Holcombe. Date: 24 Feb. 1832. Probate: 2 Dec. 1833. Bk. A p. 496, Roll 431. Anderson Co, SC.

John Middleton, Sr. Wife: Elizabeth Middleton. Sons: John Middleton, Richard Middleton. Daughters: Elinor Patterson, Susannah Margaret Buchanan, Frances Patterson, Elizabeth Buchanan, Ann Middleton, Arabella Canty Middleton. Other Heirs: Samuel Norwood (Gs), John Norwood (Gs), Richard Norwood (Gs). Exors: Wife, Elizabeth Middleton, Samuel Prater, Nathaniel Lusk. Witnesses: Nathaniel Lusk, William McCurdy, Robert Bond. Date: 23 July 1795. Probate: 17 April 1797. Source: Bk. C p. 113, Rec. 17 April 1797. (Not in Probate Court Files). Anderson Co, SC.

Jesse Miller. Wife: Patsy Miller. Sons: Archibald Miller, William Miller, George Miller, Emerson Miller, Howell Miller, James Miller. Daughters: Sarah Bruce, Amy Young, Susanna McCollum, Rebecca Tatum, Peggy Perts, Mary Miller. Land: "Lying on the south side of Wolf Creek." "My five other sons: William, George, Emerson, Howell and James." (Same as above). "My six daughters." (Same as above). Exors: "my friend William McCollum" and Patsy Miller. Wits: William Miller, William McCollum, William Tatum. Rebecca Tatum. Date: 3 March 1819. Probate: 17 April 1819. Bk. A p. 237, Roll 444. Anderson Co, SC.

John Miller. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: John Miller, Wilkes Miller, William Miller. Daughters: Elizabeth Miller. Grandchildren: Marian Edwards, Mary Ann Hutson. Land: "on 18 Mile Creek and Bear Swamp. Exors: not named. Wit: William Robertson, Joseph B. Earle, James Wood. Date: 16 May 1807. Probate 4 Jan. 1808. Bk. A p. 90, roll 443. Anderson Co, SC.

John Miller. Wife: Jane Miller. Sons: Joseph Miller, George Miller, James Miller, William Miller, Charles Miller. Daughters: none named. "I have but little to give my dear children to whom I have given nothing. I wish to express to them my affectionate regards and regret that I am unable to leave the legacies worthy of children so affectionate." Exors: wife, Jane Miller, son, Charles Miller. Wits: Martha M. Dart, Susan Dupre, Joseph Grisham. Date: 17 Aug. 1826. Probate: 6 Nov. 1826. Bk. A p. 338, Roll 424. Anderson Co, SC.

John Mills. Wife: Elizabeth Mills. Sons: none named. Daughters: none named. Other Heirs: Berry Beasley (commonly called Berry Mills), Lucinda Williams w/o Eivil Williams. Exor: wife Elizabeth Mills, friend Sampson Pope. Wits: James Dickson, Shadrach Wilbanks, Sampson Pope. Date: 31 Aug. 1825. Probate: 24 Sept. 1832. Bk. A p. 366, Roll 458. Anderson Co, SC.

Curtis Moore. Wife: Mary Moore. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: Winny Moore, Rachel Moore, Cintha Moore. Exors: wife, Mary Moore. Witnesses: Edward Williams, Samuel Thacker. Date 16 April 1798. Probate: 17 Sept. 1798. Source: Bk. C p. 141, Roll 461, Rec. 17 Sept. 1798. Anderson Co, SC.

Eliab Moore. Wife; Rebecca Moore. Sons: Samuel Moore, Eliab Moore, Jr. Daughters: none named. Exors: George Manning, Thomas Hays. Wits: E. Browne, Thomas Taylor, Archibald Heaton. Date: 13 Feb. 1826. Probate: 27 March 1826. Bk. A p. 314, Roll 456. Anderson Co, SC.

Newman Moore. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: none mentioned. "Mother, Mary Moore .... sisters Martha Moore, Jane Moore, Leah Moore .... divide the amount to my mother and three sisters." Exors: James Crawford, John McFall, Peter Keys, John Bryce. Wits: Lent Hall, Robert Neill, E. Brown. Date: 19 March 1816. Probate: 21 March 1816. Bk. A p. 194, Roll 435. Anderson Co, SC.

John Moorhead. Wife: Elizabeth Moorhead. Sons: William Moorhead, James Moorhead, Joseph Moorhead, Alexander Moorhead. Daughters: Elenor Robertson, Jean Jolly, Elizabeth Lewis. Exors: James Moorhead, son Alexander Moorhead. Wit: George Nash, John Watson, Miles Glasco. Date: 18 April 1809. Probate: 5 June 1809. Bk. A p. 109, Roll 451. Anderson Co, SC.

John Morris. Wife: Baylis Morris. Sons: John Morris. Daughters: Elizabeth Ragon, Nancy Poe, Susannah May, Frances King. Exors: Wife, son, John Morris. Wit: James Jett, Bryant Mayfield, Simeon Smith. Date: 29 May 1809. Probate: 15 August 1809. Bk. A p. 113, Roll 432. Anderson Co, SC.

John Morrow. Wife: Mary Morrow. Sons: Samuel Morrow, John Morrow, Archibald Morrow. Daughters: Betsey Morrow, Nancy Morrow, Jane Morrow, Mary Morrow. Exors: Wife, Thomas Walker. Wit: Samuel Maverick, William Walker. Date: 14 September 1812. Probate: 28 October 1812. Bk. A p. 143, Roll 437. Anderson Co, SC.

John Mullinix. Wife: Alsey Mullinix. Sons: Matthew Mullinix, Lawson Mullinix, youngest sons: William G. Mullinix, Emmanuel G. Mullinix, John Mullinix. Daughters: Jinny G. Mullinix, Nancy Smith, Fanny G. Mullinix. "My eight children" Exors: James Gaines, John Mullinix, Jr. Wits: Samuel McDow, Thomas Evatt. Date: 3 October 1819. Probate: 5 June 1820. Bk. A p. 245, Roll 412. Anderson Co, SC.

James Nash. Wife: Ann Nash. Sons: Larkin Nash, James Nash, George Nash, Valentine Nash. Daughter: Nancy Nash. Exors: Wife, Ann Nash, sons, Larkin Nash and George Nash. Wit: none named. Date: 31 July 1805. Probate: 19 Jan. 1807. Bk. A p. 81, roll 511. Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel Neel. Wife: Rebecca Neel. Sons: David Neel. Daughters: Mary Armstrong w/o James Armstrong, Ann Miller w/o Nathaniel Ernest Miller. Exors: Dr. William Hunter, Crosby W. Miller. Wit: J. Miller, Robert Anderson, Jr. William Hunter. Date: 25 September 1811. Probate: 7 Oct 1811. Bk. A p. 131, Roll 508. Anderson Co, SC.

John Newman. Wife: Frances Newman. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: none mentioned: Exors: wife, Frances Newman, Moses Haynes. Witnesses: Charles Bond, Daniel Putman. Date: 13 August. 1791, Probate 13 Mar. 1804. Bk. A p. 47, Roll 506. Anderson Co, SC.

William Nickolson. Wife: Martha Nickolson. Sons: William Nickolson, Lemuel Nickolson, Evan Nickolson. Daughters: Sarah Nickolson, Martha Nickolson, Harriet Nickolson, Belinda Nickolson, Mary Nickolson. Land: "on Waters of Craven Creek." Exors: Wife, Martha Nickolson, sons, William Nickolson, Evan Nickolson. Wits: John McWhorter, Robert Partain. Date: not given. Probate: 7 August 1820. Bk. A p. 252. Anderson Co, SC.

John Norris. Wife: "Loving wife" not named. Sons: John Norris, James Norris, Robert Norris, Ezekiel Norris, Jesse Norris. Daughters: Mary Norris, Nancy Norris, Elizabeth Norris. Land Location: Rocky River, plantation on Long Cane (sic), Exors: trusty and well beloved brother, Patrick Norris, Charles McCleen, James Thompson. Witnesses: Thomas Hays, James Hays, Elizabeth Thompson. Date: 10 Jan. 1797. Probate 24 Jan 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 102, Roll 516, Rec. 24 Jan. 1797, roll 516. Anderson Co, SC.

Alexander Oliver. Wife: Mary Oliver. Sons: John Oliver, Samuel Oliver, James Oliver, Andrew Oliver. Daughters: Gome Oliver White, Jemima Oliver Casin, Mary Oliver, Susannah Oliver. Exor: son, Andrew Oliver. Wits: R.M. Cann, Susannah M. Mahon, Dorcas King. Date: 28 Nov. 1821. Probate: 16 Aug. 1830. Anderson Co, SC.

John Orr. Wife: Jane B. Orr. Son: Christopher Orr. Daughters: none named. Exors: wife, Jane Orr, son, Christopher Orr. Wits: William F. Clinkscales, John Martin, Amaziah Rice. Date: 15 Feb. 1827. Probate: 30 March 1827. Bk. A p. 34, Roll 524. Anderson Co, SC.

John Pepper. Wife: not named. Sons: Samuel Pepper, William Pepper, Elijah Pepper, John Pepper, Jr., Jesse Pepper, Daughters: Ruth Pepper, Polly Pepper, Fanny Pepper, Betsy Pepper (-21). Exors: Elijah Pepper, Thomas Bennett. Wits: William Harper, John Wilson, Fr., Edward Harper. Date: 25 Jan. 1816. Probate: 4 March 1816. Bk. A p. 186, Roll 542. Anderson Co, SC.

Isaac Perkins. Wife: "dear and loving wife" not named. Son: Richard Perkins. Daughters: none named. Exor: Wife, not named. Witnesses: John C. Patrick, Alexander Patrick, Barthoolmew Wollam. Date: 10 Feb. 1794. Probate: 20 April 1795. Source: Bk. C p. 53, Roll 557. Rec. April 1795, roll 557. Anderson Co, SC.

Philip Phagan. Wife: Ann Phagan. Sons: Philip Phagan, Moses Phagan. Daughters: Rebekah Phagan, Lydia Phagan, Margaret Phagan, Martha Tillman. Other mentioned in the will but not heirs: Thomas Jones, Isaac Mitchell, James Crowther. Exors: George Tillman, Jeremiah Starks. Witnesses: James Crowther, Philip Phagan. Date: 5 Oct. 1796. Probate: April 1798. Source: Bk. C p. 129, Roll 561, Rec. 16 April 1798. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Ezekiel Pickens of St. Thomas Parish: Wife: Elizabeth Pickens. Sons: Ezekiel Pickens (oldest), Samuel Bonneau Pickens. Daughters: Elizabeth Bonneau Pickens. (Sons & daughter above from first marriage). Children of the second marriage were: Thomas Jones Pickens, Andrew Calhoun Pickens, and Mary Barksdale Pickens. "Wife shall have a right to reside on any or either of my plantations in the lower or upper country." (All children were under age 21).Exors: Wife Elizabeth Pickens, my brother, Col. Andrew Pickens., my friend John Caldwell Calhoun of Abbeville. Wits: Pant Weston, George P.B. Hasell, Roger Pinckney. Date: 19 May 1813. Probate: 13 September 1813. Bk. A p. 16 Israel Pickens 0, Roll 530. (Not in the probate file)(This date does seem to be correct). Anderson Co, SC.. Wife: mentioned by not named. Sons: Ezekiel Pickens, Andrew Pickens, John Pickens. Daughters: Elizabeth Pickens Stewart, Matilda Pickens, Sally Pickens Williams, Ellender Pickens, Mary Pickens. Land: "I formerly lived on Rocky River." Exors: James Casper, David Boid. Wits: John Davis, Samuel Norris, John Berill. Date: 5 Jan. 1829. Probate: 2 March 1829. Bk. A p. 384, Roll 563. Anderson Co, SC.

John Pickens. Wife: not named. Sons: Joseph Pickens, John Pickens. Daughters: Hannah Caldwell, Elinor Pickens, Sarah Pickens. Comments: Land 340 Acres with the mill ... To my son John if he returns. Exors: Wife, not named, son, Joseph Pickens. Witnesses: John McAlister, James Gordon, Alexander McAlister. Date: 22 Sept. 1795. Probate: 27 June 1796. Source: Bk. C p. 84, Roll 562, Rec. 27 June 1796. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Robert Pickens. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: Robert Pickens and Andrew Pickens. Daughter: Jain Norwood. Other Heirs: gs John Pickens, gd, Martha Pickens, gd Margaret Pickens, gd, Elizabeth Pickens. Elinor Prater. Exors: son, Robert Pickens, Miriam Pickens. Witnesses: James Seawright, Samuel Reed, Margaret Sharp. Date: 20 Jan. 1783. Probate: 1 June 1793. Source: Bk. C p. 15, Roll 533, Recorded 14 Sept. 1793. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Pickens. Wife: Dorcas (dec'd 1829-30). Sons: Robert Pickens, Andrew Pickens, John Pickens. Daughters: Margaret Pickens, Elizabeth Pickens, Mary Bowman, Dorcas Paris, Ann Bolding. Exors: sons Andrew Pickens and Robert Pickens. Wits: J. Douthit, James Smith, James Oliver. Date: 3 Jan. 1823. Probate: 6 Sept. 1830. Bk. A p. 405, Roll 534. Anderson Co, SC.

William Pickens. Wife: not named. Sons: Josiah Pickens, Joshua Pickens, Moses Pickens. Daughters: Ruth Pickens w/o Aaron Phillips, Sarah Pickens w/o Shadrach Harrison. Land: "Lying on both sides of Colonels Fork of Conoross Creek." Exors: John C. Kilpatrick, Josiah Foster. Wits: R.H. Grant, Aaron Terrell, Aaron Shannon. Codicil Exors: John C. Kilpatrick, Peter Kilpatrick, William Simpson, Asa Smithson. Date: 29 March 1816. Probate 3 March 1827. Bk. A. p. 353, Roll 541. Anderson Co, SC.

John Pollock. Wife: Elizabeth Pollock. Sons: James Pollock, Samuel Pollock, John Pollock. Daughters: Elizabeth Pollock, Ann Pollock. Comments: "and to the child unborn ... shall be called William ... if a girl her name shall be Keziah." Land Location: Waters of Broadway. Exors: Wife, Elizabeth Pollock and James Pollock. Witnesses: Anthony Laughlin, Robert Gray, Elizabeth Jones. Date: 1791. Probate: 15 April 1792. Source: Bk. C p. 4, Roll 560. Anderson Co, SC.

William Poor. Wife: Mary Poor. Sons: Samuel Poor, Lemuel Poor. Daughters: Delilah Poor. "My Five daughters" "Harper Poor s/o Delilah Poor." Land: on Toneys Creek waters of Saluda River." Exors: Mary Poor, Samuel Poor, Lemuel Poor. Wits: William Poor, Cain Broyles, John Coneway. Date: 31 December 1820. Probate: 3 June 1822. Bk. A p. 267, Roll 549. Anderson Co, SC.

Phillip Prater. Wife: Susannah Prater. Sons: Thomas Prater, Phillip Prater, William Prater, Hubbard Prater. Daughters: Sally Prater, Polly Prater. Exors: Wife Susannah Prater, sons, John Prater, William Prater, Hubbard Prater. Witnesses: Robert McCann, James C. Griffin. Date: 5 Feb. 1796. Probate: 17 Sept. 1798. Source: Bk. C p. 140, Roll 532, Rec. 17 Sept. 1798. Anderson Co, SC. Anderson Co, SC.

David Pressley. Wife: Ann Pressley. Sons: James Pressley, Alexander E. Pressley, David Pressley, Jr. Daughters: Jane M. Pressley, Rachel Pressley. sons of James Pressley, David A Pressley, William A. Pressley. gs. David P. Porter s/o Charles B. Porter, David P. Porter s/o Richard M. Porter, dil Elizabeth w/o James Pressley, David W. Pressley s/o Alexander E. Pressley, David W. Pressley s/o David Pressley, Jr. David Johnson s/o Launhlis Johnson, Esqr., sil Elijah William f/o David Pressley Wilbanks, Neph. John S. Pressley, Cousin Rev. Ebenezer E. Pressley. Exors: not named. Wits: Lewis W. McAlister, Elijah Wilbanks. Date: 12 Jan 1834. Probate: 14 JUNE 1834. Bk. A p. 508, Roll 536. Anderson Co, SC.

Benjamin Rainey. Wife: Nancy Rainey. Sons: John Rainey, Isaac Rainey, Benjamin Able Rainey. Daughters: Nancy Rainey, Sally Rainey, Molly Rainey. Grandson, Austin, to receive 100 acres in Orange Co, TN. John Rainey to receive land in Tennessee on Turnbull Creek. Other heirs: John King, son-in-law and William Hall, son-in-law. Land: on "Haw River" in Orange Co, TN. Exors: son Benjamin Rainey, son-in-law William Hall. Wit: John Gant, Major Tarpley. Date: 17 April 1811. Probate 16 January 1812. Bk. A p. 135, Roll 595. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert R. Ralston. Wife: Frances Ralston. Sons: Lewis Ralston, John Ralston. Daughters: no named. Land: "lying on Tugaloo River." Exors: none give in the will. Wits: Jesse Walton, Benjamin Morrison. Date: 17 May 1789. Probate: 29 October 1789. Bk. A p. 178, Roll 577. Anderson Co, SC.

Benjamin Ramsay. Wife: Mary Ramsay. Sons: Andrew Ramsay, Alexander Ramsay. Daughters: Jane Ramsay McDow, Elizabeth Ramsay Gates. Exors: son Alexander Ramsay, Col. Robert Anderson. Wits: J.C. Kilpatrick, Josiah Wright, Ezekiel Harris. Date: 14 Aug. 1824. Probate: 5 June 1826. Bk. A p. 315, Roll 585. Anderson Co, SC.

George W. Reed. Wife: Amy Reed. Sons: Jesse Reed, George M. Reed, Moses Reed, Joseph Reed, Benjamin Reed (youngest under 21) Toliver Reed (living in Georgia). Daughters: Elizabeth Reed, Rhoda Reed, Nancy Reed, Rachael Dyer, y Solomon. Exor: son Jesse Reed. Wits: Abraham Coffin, Hartwell Jones, William King. Date: 19 Nov. 1831. Probate: 4 June 1832. Bk. A p. 450, Roll 594. Anderson Co, SC.

Nathaniel Reed. Wife: Elizabeth Reed. Sons: William Reed (eldest), Nathaniel Reed (2nd), Stephen Reed (3rd). Daughters: Elizabeth Brown, Winfred Hood, Sady Shotwell. Exors: sons, William Reed, Nathaniel Reed and Hugh Brown. Witnesses: George Keith, Cornelius Keith. Date: Sept. 1798. Probate: 24 Jan. 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 150, Rec. 24 Jan. 1799, Roll 532. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Reese (Clergyman). Wife: Jane Reese. Sons: Edwin Reese, Thomas Sidney Reese, Elihu Harris Reese, Henry Dodson Reese. Daughters: Leah Reese, Lydia Reese, Susannah Reese. Land Location: "lies on the north side of 23 Mile Creek" Exors: Wife, Jane Reese, Ezekiel Pickens, George Reese, John Harris, Robert M. Cann. Witnesses: William Steel, William Hunter, Elizabeth Miller. Date: 28 April 1796. Probate 19 Sept. 1796. Source: Bk. C p. 92, Roll 593. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Thomas Sidney Reese. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: Edwin Reese (Bro), Henry D. Reese (Bro). Land Location: 20 Mile Creek. Exors: not named. Witnesses: Lewis D. Martin, John Taylor. Date: not given. Probate: 16 April 1798. Source: Bk. C p. 129, Rec. 16 April 1798. Anderson Co, SC.

Burges Reeves. Wife: Fanny Reeves. Sons: John Reeves, Mauldin Reeves, William Reeves. Daughters: Leathy Reeves. Exors: Wife, son John Reeves, John Mauldin. Wit: James Thompson, Jonathan Browne, Elizabeth Hanna. Date: 6 March 1811. Probate: 3 June 1811. Bk. A p. 130, Roll 589. Anderson Co, SC.

Hugh Reid. Wife: Elizabeth Reid. Sons:. William Reid, Alexander Reid. Daughters: Three youngest daughters; Jane, Elizabeth and Ann. Step dau. Shuana McDonald. "Lawful children as follows: Elleda McDonald, William Reid, Margaret Colwell, Jane Shelton, Martha Colwell, Elizabeth Reid, Ann Houine?." Exors: Benjamin Dickson, son, William Reid. Wits: Charles Dilday, Samuel Buchanan, James Colwell. Date: 1 July 1828. Probate: 23 March 1829. Bk. A p. 387, Roll 580. Anderson Co, SC.

Mathias Richardson. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: John Richardson, Mathias Richardson, Jr. Daughters: Charity Richardson Gilliland, Catherine Richardson Stanton, Frances Richardson Clardy, Elizabeth Richardson Ward, Mourning Richardson Tarrant, Anne Richardson Dossett. Other heirs: gs Aaron Garrison, Mathias Garrison and David Garrison all the sons of Martha Richardson Garrison. (Martha dec'd). Exors: sons John Richardson, Mathias Richardson, William Stanton. Wits: John Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Clark Wilson. Date: 27 June 1827. Probate: 29 Dec. 1828. Bk. A p. 390, Roll 567. Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel Rosamond. Wife: Sarah Rosamond. Sons: none named: Daughters: Polly Rosamond. other heirs: son-in-law, William Pyles. Samuel owned land in Abbeville Co, SC. A codicil, dated 2 September 1808, names his wife, Sarah, and Daughter, Polly. Other heirs are mentioned but not named. Exors: son-in-law, William Pyles of Abbeville Co, SC., Robert McCann of Pendleton District. Wit: John Wakefield, John Jones, Ambrose Jones. Date: 2 September 1808. Probate: 5 October 1812. Bk. A p. 140, Roll 582. Anderson Co, SC.

John Row. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: John Row, William Row, Andrew Row, Solomon Row, Benjamin Row, Joseph Row, Hansile Row. Daughters: Nancy Row, Frances Row, Sarah Row. Comments: "I John Row late of the county of Craven." Exors: not named. Witnesses: John Roe, Andrew Moore. Date: 20 April 1778. Probate: 5 Feb. 1802. Bk. A p. 37, Roll 591. Anderson Co, SC.

Matthew Russell. Wife: Verlinda Russell. Sons: Osborn Russell, Josiah Russell, Thomas Russell, David Russell, Matthew Russell, James Russell. Daughters: Elizabeth Russell, Martha Russell, Sarah Russell, Jane Russell, Linney Russell. Exors: Wife, Verlinda Russell, Son, Thomas Russell. Wits: Thomas Russell, Sr., Osborn Russell, Nancy Haynie. Date: 25 July 1812. Probate: 1 March 1813. Bk. A. p. 154, Roll 569. Anderson Co, SC.

David Rykard. Wife: Rebecca Rykard. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: Mary Ann Rykard, Elizabeth Caroline Rykard, Sarah Catherine Rykard, Martha Hannah Rykard. Exors: wife Rebecca Rykard, David Ruff. Wits: Peter Dillerham, Susannah Ruff, Samuel Evans. Date: 22 Dec. 1829. Probate: 1 Feb. 1830. Bk. A p. 398, Roll 592. Anderson Co, SC.

Leonard Saylors. Wife: Mary Saylors. Sons: Ambrose Saylors, Abraham Saylors, George Saylors. Daughters: Margaret Saylors, Eve Saylors. "Son George's children." Exors: Samuel Black, Esqr. Wit: Pirmenis? Davis, John Davis. Date 14 Oct 1811. Probate: 29 October 1811. Bk. A p. 133. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Sego. Wife: not named. Sons: Benjamin Sego, Robert Sego (youngest). Daughters: Sally, Sego, Faith Sego, Polly Sego. "Faith and Polly my youngest daughters." "William Chamley my son-in-law." Exors: Wife, William Chamley. Wit: ? Morgan, Mary Morgan. Date: 26 May 1810. Probate: 6 July 1810. Bk. A p. 117, Roll 531. Anderson Co, SC.

Aaron Shelton. Wife: not named. Sons: Louis Shelton, Aaron Shelton, Jr., Absolom Shelton, David Shelton. Daughters: Polly Shelton, Betsy Shelton. Exors: William Clarke, Spencer Shelton. Wits: David Humphreys, Patsy Dooley. Date: 6 March 1813. Probate: 23 July 1813. Bk. A p. 157, Roll 658. Anderson Co, SC.

Lewis Shelton. Wife: not named. Sons: Aaron Shelton, Taliaferro Shelton, Spencer Shelton, Lewis Shelton, David Shelton, Vincent Shelton. Daughters: Nancy Shelton, Sukey Shelton. Exors: Trusty friends, William Martin, Taliaferros Shelton. Witnesses: Johnston Willbon, William Smith. Date: 18 Jan. 1794. Probate: 2 Mar. 1794. Source: Bk. C p. 39, Roll 622, Rec. 26 June 1796, roll 622. Anderson Co, SC.

Alexander Sherrard. Wife: Martha Sherrard. Sons: John Sherrard (oldest), Alexander Sherrard, James Sherrard, William Sherrard. Daughters: Ann Sherrard. Land: "Plantation on Big Generostee." Exors: Wife, John Hamilton. Wit: Robert Irwin, Robert Love, William Watson. Date: 7 May 1806. Probate: 9 February. 1809. Bk. A p. 101, Roll 626. Anderson Co, SC.

John Shirley. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: Niper Shirley, William Shirley, Rhody Shirley, Joshua Shirley, James Shirley, John Shirley, Robert Shirley. Three daughters unmarried: Betsy Shirley, Polly Shirley, Leanah Shirley. Exors: Sons; William Shirley, Joshua Shirley. Wit: John Wakefield, William Read. Date: 11 April 1808. Probate: 6 June 1808. Bk. A p. 94, roll 602. Anderson Co, SC.

Jesse Siddall. Wife: wife was living by not named. Sons: none mentioned. Daughters: Rebecca Shotwell. Other heirs: gs, Jesse Shotwell, sil Richard Head, dec'd. Exors: Benjah Durham, William Sitton, sil Nathaniel Shotwell. Wits: William Holcombe, Thomas Edmondson, Jordan Holcombe. Date: 22 April 1828. Probate: 21 July 1828. Bk. A p. 376. Anderson Co, SC.

John Siddall. Wife: not named. Sons: none named. Daughters: none named. Other Heirs: Jesse Siddall, Peggy Toney, Elizabeth Head, Rebecca Statwall (no relationship on any). Exors: Jesse Siddall, John A. Easley. Wit: Thomas Blassingame. Date: 15 October 1812. Probate: 24 August 1825. Bk. A p. 309, Roll 630. Anderson Co, SC.

Benjamin Silman. Wife: Isabell Silman. Sons: David Silman, Benjamin Silman, William Silman, John Silman (youngest son). Daughters: Rosey Silman, Juday Silman. Other Heirs: brother, Thomas Silmon. Land Location: Terrance Branch, Little Estetoa. Exors: wife, Isabella Silman, son, David Silman, son, Benjamin Silman, brother, Thomas Silman. Witnesses: John Cochran, Drury Hutson. Date: 15 Dec. 1802. Probate 25 Jan. 1803. Bk. A p. 31, Roll 628. Anderson Co, SC.

James Simms. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: Three sisters: Cathren Simms, Jean Simms. Elizabeth Simms, two brothers: Thomas Simms, Joseph Simms. Exors: True and faithful friends James Love and Thomas Hunter. Witnesses: Andrew Warnoch, James Warnoch. Date 28 June 1794. Probate: Jan. 1795. Source: Bk. C p. 48, Roll 682. Rec. Jan. 1795, roll 682. Anderson Co, SC.

John Simpson. Wife: Maria Simpson. Sons: (youngest) David Simpson, James Simpson, John Simpson, Leonard Simpson, George W. Simpson, Daniel Simpson, Archibald Simpson. Daughter: Jean. Simpson. Grandson: John Simpson s/o Daniel Simpson. Exors: Wife: Maria Simpson, son, John Simpson, my trusted friend, John Moffett. Wit: Obidiah Trimmier, Samuel Tate, George Brooks. Date: 6 Jan. 1808, roll 686. Anderson Co, SC.

John Simpson. Wife: Lydia Simpson. Son: James Simpson. Daughters: none named. Other Heirs: sil James Herron. "To my son James Simpson the crop which I left with him in Alabama." gs. John Herron. Scors: gs John Herron, gs David Herron. Wits: Thomas Murry, William B. Fowler, Elizabeth C. Johnson. Date: 25 March 1831. Probate: 8 Aug. 1831. Bk. A p. 358, Roll 683. Anderson Co, SC.

Charles Sinkler. Wife: Sarah Sinkler. Sons: Robert Sinkler, John Sinkler, Charles Sinkler (under 21). Exors: Sarah Sinkler, Trusted Friend, William Murphee. Witnesses: David Kinman, Jesse Murphee, William Bowen. Will date: 8 Jan. 1793. Probate ?. Source: Bk. C p. 22, Roll 687, Rec. 24 June 1794. Anderson Co, SC.

David Sloan. Wife: Susannah Sloan. Sons: David Sloan (eldest), Benjamin Franklin Sloan, Thomas M. Sloan, James Madison Sloan, William Sloan. Daughters: Elizabeth Sloan (eldest) w/o Jesse Stribling, Susannah Sloan w/o Robert Bruce, Nancy Sloan w/o Joseph Taylor, Rebecca Sloan w/o Joseph B. Earle, Catherine Sloan w/o John P. Benson, gs David S. Taylor, gs Charles Bruce, gd Susannah Taylor. Land: "on north side of Cane Creek ... 950 acres ... Toogaloo Rive and Gum Creek in Franklin Co. GA. ... on Keowee of Seneca River 5 miles from Pendleton." Exors: wife, Susannah Sloan, son, David Sloan. Wits: Joseph Grisham, James Harrison, John Matthews. Date: 29 Oct. 1821. Probate: 6 Oct. 1826. Bk. A p. 330, Roll 606. Anderson Co, SC.

John Smith. Heirs: mother, Rachel Smith, William Smith the son of his sister, Mary Smith. Exors: Mother, Rachel Smith. Witnesses: Joshua Saxon, Elijah Herrin, Mary Smith. Will Date: 5 Dec. 1792. Probate 24 Jan. 1794. Source: Bk. C p. 18, Roll 641, Recorded 24 Jan. 1794, roll 641. Anderson Co, SC.

Jonathan Smith. Wife: Elizabeth Smith. Sons: Whitaker Smith, Aaron Smith, Gideon Smith, Daniel Smith, Jesse B. Smith, David Smith, William Smith, Jonathan N. Smith. Daughters: Hannah Smith Lewis, Mary Smith Duckworth, Catherine Smith Hardon, Amy Smith McCulley, Lettice Smith Dickson, Artimisa Smith. Exors: Whitaker Smith, Aaron Smith and wife, Elizabeth Smith. Wits: Alexander Moorhead, John Kay, Nancy Kay. Date: 12 Sept. 1829. Probate: 28 Sept. 1829. Bk. A p. 394, Roll 639. Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel Smith. Wife: Martha Smith. Sons: Robert Smith. Daughters: Elenor Smith Alexander, Margaret Smith Wilson, Nancy Smith White, Elizabeth Smith McIntire, Martha Smith, Polly Smith, Ann Smith. Exor: Son, Robert Smith. Wit: John Moore, Luke Spruill, Tobert Telford. Date 5 Oct. 1805. Probate 6 Jan 1806. Bk. A p. 68, Roll 671. Anderson Co, SC.

Micajah Smithson. Wife: not named. Sons: Asa Smithson, "son Marson Cox.", Albert Francis Smithson, Basille Coleman Smithson. Exors: Asa Smithson, David Pugh. Wits: John Verner, Squire Hughes, David D. Verner. Date: 29 July 1822. Probate: 4 July 1823. Bk. A p. 276, Roll 613. Anderson Co, SC.

Edmund Spearman. Wife: Dinah Spearman. Son: David Spearman. Daughters: Sarah Spearman, Jien Spearman. May Spearman, Patsey Spearman. Exors: wife, Dinah Spearman, David Spearman, Sarah Spearman. Witnesses: George Oldham, Owen Evans, William Oldham. Date: 30 May 1804. Probate: 5 Nov. 1804. Bk. A p. 56, Roll 680. Anderson Co, SC.

Isaac Steele. Wife: Grizzle Steele. Sons: Michael Steele, William Steele, John Steele, Isaac Steele, Moses Steele, James Steele. Daughters: Margaret Steele, Ruth Steele, Jenny Steele. Exors; Wife, Grizzele Steele, William Turner. Witnesses: Nathan Lufk, John Hamilton. Date: 13 Mar. 1802. Probate: 15 Mar 1803. Bk. A p. 34, Roll 600. Anderson Co, SC.

William Steele. Wife: Esther Steele. Sons: Aaron Steele, Joseph Steele, James Steele, William Steele. Daughters: Polly L. Steele, Elizabeth Steele, Betty Steele. "To my son William Steele who ran away and is as I suppose at sea." Land: " mill on Twenty-Three mile Creek." "Land near the mouth of Eighteen Mile Creek. Including the old mill seat." "Land lying on both sides of Eighteen Mile Creek and adjoining the Courthouse land." Exors: friends James C. Griffin, Benjamin Dickson, son Joseph L. Steele. Wits: Benjamin Dickson, David L. Boyd, Job Rainwater. Date: 26 January 1818. Probate 6 August 1821.Bk. A p. 258, Roll 676.Anderson Co, SC.

Hensley Stigall. Wife: "Fanny Holeman, the woman with whom I now live.) Sons: Spencer Stigall William Warren Edwards. Daughters: Caroline Stigall. Mary Elizabeth Stigall. Father: Richard Stigall. Exors: ?. Wits: James Douthit, Elias Elrod. Date: 10 July 1826. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 329, Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Files).

John Stephens. Wife: Lucy Stephens. Sons: Edward Stephens, John Stephens, Jeremiah Stephens, Joseph Stephens, Zachariah Stephens, William Stephens. Daughters: Sarah Pender, Rebecca Stephens, Frances Stephens, Nancy Stephens, Elizabeth Stephens, Susannah Stephens. Exors: Wife, Daniel Stephens. Wit: William Cannon, Jr. Benjamin Barton. Date: 31 May 1810. Probate: 22 October 1810. Bk. A p. 19, Roll 667. Anderson Co, SC.

Alexander Stephenson. Wife: not named. Sons: John Stephenson, Joseph Stephenson, James Samuel Stephenson. Daughters: none named. Other Heirs: "My three sons, James Samuel Stephenson, Alexander Joseph Stephenson, Jonathan James Stephenson." "John's sons: William Stephenson, Alexander Stephenson, John Stephenson .... one daughter, Hannah Stephenson." Exor: Sanford Vandiver. Wits: W.D. Fant, John Kilpatrick. John Moore. Date: 4 Oct. 1831. Probate: 7 Nov. 1831. Bk. A p. 470, Roll 662. Anderson Co, SC.

David Stephenson. Wife: not named. Sons: Hamilton Stephenson (youngest), William Stephenson, James Stephenson, Samuel Stephenson. Daughters: Mary Ann Stephenson, Jean Stephenson, Elizabeth Stephenson. Exors: wife (not named), William Simpson, James Stephenson. Wits: E.B. Benson. Joseph Taylor, James Stephenson. Date: 30 December 1821. Probate: 3 October 1825. Bk. A p. 310, Roll 611. Anderson Co, SC.

William Stevenson. Wife: Jane Stevenson. Sons: John Stevenson, Thomas Stevenson, James Stevenson. Daughters: Peggy Stevenson, Martha Stevenson. Exors: wife Jane Stevenson, sons John Stevenson and Thomas Stevenson. Wits: Andrew Young, William Patterson, John McPherson. Date: 14 Jan. 1828. Probate: 8 Feb. 1928. Anderson Co, SC.

Thomas Stribling. Wife: Ann Stribling. Sons: Thomas Stribling, Jesse Stribling. Daughter: Ann Tate."Son-in-law Charles Well" Other heirs: Frances Buchanan, Clayton Stribling, Elizabeth F. Farr, Thomas Stribling, Lucy Trimmier. Exor: son Thomas Stribling. Wits: Thomas Stribling, Jr., Frances Stribling. Date: 24 September 1818. Probate: 7 June 1819. Bk. A p. 238, Roll 646. Anderson Co, SC.

John Swords. Wife: not named. Sons: Andy Swords, John Swords, William Swords, Jonathan Swords. Daughter: Esther Moore. Other Heirs: sil John Pilgrim, sil William Elrod, sil John Elrod, sil William Newton, sil Samuel Morris. Land: "on Cuffy Creek." Exors: son William Swords, sil William Elrod. Wits: E.B. Benson, Fair Kirksey, John S. Sloan. Date: 16 Jan. 1834. Probate: 14 Oct. 1834. Bk. A p. 498. Anderson Co, SC.

Zacharias Teliaferro. Wife: not named. Sons: not named. Daughters: Sarah Ann Broyles, Lucy Hannah Taylor, Margaret Taliaferro, Caroline Taliaferro. gs. Edward Broyles, gs Zacharias Broyles, gs Richard Broyles, gs Zacharias Taylor. Exors: Richard Taliaferro, Osa R. Broyles, David S. Taylor, Margaret Taliaferro, Caroline Taliaferro. Wits: David Cherry, S.A. Maverick, Jesse P. Lewis, Samuel Cherry. Date: 14 Jan. 1831. Probate: 2 May 1831. Bk. A p. 432, Roll 723. Anderson Co, SC.

James Tate. Wife: Anne Tate. Sons: Samuel Tate, William Tate. Daughters: Margaret Tate, Elizabeth Tate. Other Heirs: "Heirs of my sister Anne Tate who was married to William McConnel." gs George Cample Tate Burton, Richard Speake. "If ever my son William Tate should come into this country." Exors: Wife, son Samuel Tate. Wit: Thomas Sherrer, William Take Speake, George Burton. Date: 14 June 1807. Probate: 13 April 1808. Bk. A . 108, Roll 702. Anderson Co, SC.

Edward Tatum. Wife: Martha Tatum. Sons: Luke Tatum. Daughters: Martha Tatum, Elizabeth Hendricks. "Rest of my children." Others not named. Exors: William Curl, Solomon Murphee. Wit: Hamilton Reid, Charles Durham, Joseph Stephens. Date: 15 June 1804. Probate 4 January 1811. Bk. A p. 128, Roll 725. Anderson Co, SC.

Samuel Taylor. Wife: Elenor Taylor. Sons: John Taylor, Samuel Taylor, William Taylor, Joseph Taylor. Daughters: Dilly Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor. Other Heirs: John B. Earle, Hannah Early (GD.). Land Location: in Abbeville County on Savannah River ... west side of Seneca River above the mouth of Seneca Creek. Exors: Son, John Taylor, Andrew Pickens, William Steele, George Reese. Witnesses: James Wood, Robert Glenn, Sarah Pickens. Date: 20 April 1798, Probate: 27 June 1798. Source: Bk. C p. 126, Roll 727, Rec. 27 June 1798, Roll 727. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Telford. Wife: Isabell Telford. Sons: William Telford, James Robert Telford. Daughters: Elizabeth Telford. S. Telford, Mary Telford. Exors: sons James Robert Telford, William Telford. Wits: John B. Anderson, John Harkins, Henry Cobb. Date: 21 Sept. 1829. Probate: 29 Sept. 1829. Bk. A p. 392, Roll 703. Anderson Co, SC.

Aaron Terrill. Wife: Hannah Terrill. Sons: Aaron Terrill, Jr., Moses Terrill, William Terrill, Steele Terrill, Joseph Terrill. Daughters: Elizabeth Kaylor, Sally Moho, Nancy Davis. Grand daughter: Polly Davis. Exors: Wife, Hannah Terrill, Trusty friend John Varner, Esqr. Date: 29 July 1814. Probate: not given. Bk. A. p. 165. (Not in the probate file.) Anderson Co, SC.

Henry Terrill. Wife: Sarah Terrill (2nd). Sons: by first wife: Joel Terrill, Samuel Terrill, Washington Terrill, William Terrill, John Terrill, Garlant Terrill. By second wife: Henry Terrill and Patsy Terrill. Land Location: 320 acres on Wolenoy ... Little Eastitoe and Crow Creek. Exors: my trusty friends and relations no living in Georgia, Thomas Terrill, Peter Terrill, David Terrill, Joel Richardson. Witnesses: Robert Dowdy, Jack Lamb. Date April 1797. Probate: 26 Jan. 1798. Source: Bk. C p. 124, Rec. 26 Jan. 1798. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

James Thompson. Wife: Allis Thompson. Sons: John Thompson, Samuel Thompson, Edward Thompson, William Thompson, James Thompson. Daughters: Abigail Alexander, Mary Dilworth, Ann Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Allis Thompson. Exor: Wife, Allis Thompson. Witnesses: James Nowlen, Richard Oldham, Jesse Cobb. Date: 28 Nov. 1794. Anderson Co, SC.

Joseph Thompson. Wife: Molly Thompson. Sons: Robert Thompson, Randsom Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Zachariah Thompson, John Thompson. Daughters: Nancy Green, Betsy Garner, Rebecca Thompson, Polly Thompson. "Three youngest children, Rebecca Thompson, John Thompson, Polly Thompson." Exors: Robert Thompson, Molly Thompson. Wit: Zachariah Thompson, Randsom Thompson, Joseph Thompson. Date: 25 February 1810. Probate: 9 October 1810. Bk. A p. 118, Roll 690. Anderson Co, SC.

Mary Hale Thompson. Sons: Matthew Thompson (eldest), Joseph Thompson, John Thompson (under 21), ("My three sons"). Daughters: Anne Thompson (youngest Dau.). Exors: William James Thompson. Witnesses: John Tippen, George Tippen, James Long. Date: 7 Nov. 1798. Probate: 28 Jan. 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 163, Roll 705, Rec. 28 Jan. 1799, Roll 705. Anderson Co, SC.

Matthew Thompson. Wife: Mary Thompson. Sons: Matthew Thompson, Joseph Thompson, John Thompson: Exors: Wife, Mary Thompson, Col. Robert Anderson. Witnesses: James Swarringen, James Long, William Thompson. Date: 2 Feb. 1792. Probate: 25 June 1792. Source: Bk. C p. 7, Roll 721, Roll 721. Anderson Co, SC.

John Tippen. Wife: Ellennor Tippen. Sons: William Tippen, George Tippen, Samuel Tippen, John Tippen, Jr. (-21). Daughters: Sarah Ballard, Millie Prichard, Betsy Tippen, Abigail Tippen, Leander Tipen. Other Heirs: gs Nance Tippen, George Tippen, May Tippen, Betsy Tippen, Rhoda Tippen all children of Samuel Tippen dec'd. "give to Ellennor Tippen .... what she took to Georgia."Exors: William Tippen, Silas Macy. Wits: William Grigen, George Stevenson, Richard Speake. Date: 23 Feb. 1818. Probate: 8 March 1818. Bk. A p. 220, Roll 719. Anderson Co, SC.

William Tippins. Wife: Mary Tippins. Sons: Matthew Tippins, John Tippins. Daughters: Elizabeth Tippins Bishop, Mary Tippins Bishop, Matilda Tippins, Millie Tippins Sanders. Exors: Sons John Tippins and Matthew Tippins. Wits: H. Evins, George Tippins, John Tippins, Jr. Date: 4 Oct. 1828. Probate: 20 Oct. 1828. Bk. A p. 383, Roll 730. Anderson Co, SC.

Daniel R. Towers. Wife: Margaret Towers. Sons: none named. Daughters: Margaret Elvira Towers, Esther Towers, Rebecca Towers, (infant b. 1835 in codicil). Exors: bro Selas Towers, friend Joseph N. Whitner. Wits: Francis Posey, Samuel P. Hillhouse, S.L. Westmoreland. Date: 12 Nov. 1834. Probate: 9 Feb. 1835. Bk. A p. 504, Roll 707. Anderson Co, SC.

Robert Trotter. Wife: Susanna Trotter. Sons: Robert Trotter, Jr. Daughters: none named. Land: 300 acres. Exors: Robert Trotter, Jr. Wit: Solomon Hays, Nathaniel Davis. Date: 1 February 1812. Probate: 7 September 1812. Bk. A p. 139, Roll 714. Anderson Co, SC.

James Turner. Wife: not mentioned. Sons: not mentioned. Daughters: not mentioned. Other Heirs: Thomas Turner (brother), Janet George (Niece), Agnes Gordon (Niece), James Young (Nephew), Alexander Young (bro). Exors: Alexander Young. Witnesses: John Moffet, David Watson, Robert Sayer. Date: 12 July 1793. Probate: 26 Jan 1796. Source: Bk. C p. 79. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

John Verner. Wife: Mary Verner. Sons: George Verner, Samuel Verner, David Verner, John Verner. Daughters: Jenny Verner, Nancy Verner, Dianah Wakefield, Sarah Montgomery. Land Location: "next the River including my mill" on Rocky River. Exors: wife Mary Verner and son David. Witnesses: Thomas Morrow, William Stevenson. Date: 10 Feb. 1798. Probate: 24 Jan. 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 154, Roll 735, Rec. 24 Jan. 1799, roll 735. Anderson Co, SC.

David Wade. Wife: Agnes Wade. Sons: Thomas Clement Wade, Edward Wade, David Wade, Richard Wade, William Wade, James Wade. Daughters: Elizabeth Wade, Anna Wade, Polly Wade, Agnes Wade. Exors: wife, Agnes Wade, son, Richard Wade. Witnesses: James Cooper, Thomas Hanks, Timothy Orr, Claborn Harris. Date: 8 Mar. 1802. Probate: Sept. 1802. Bk. A p. 19, Roll 753. Anderson Co, SC.

Henry Wakefield. Wife: Jenny Wakefield. Sons: Allen Wakefield, William Wakefield, David Wakefield, Pugh Wakefield. Daughters: Jene Wakefield, Mary Wakefield, Margaret Wakefield, Nancy Wakefield, Jane Wakefield, Betsy Wakefield, Rachel Wakefield. Comments: Henry Wakefield was an Abbeville County farmer. Exors: sons, David Wakefield, Pugh Wakefield and Allen Wakefield. Witnesses: Ledford Payne, William Wakefield, Jene Payne. Date: 25 Sept. 1790. Probate: 30 Jan. 1799. Source: Bk. C p. 165, Roll 793, Rec. 30 Jan. 1799, roll 793. Anderson Co, SC.

Mary Wakefield. Husband: not mentioned. Sons: none mentioned. Daughter: Violet. "It is my desire that Enoch Barry of the Tennessee State shall take my daughter, Violet, under his immediate care." Exors: David Pugh, John Verner. Wit: Thomas Shackedule, Jacob Laudermilk, Thomas Shelton. Date: 2 Dec. 1806. Probate: 23 Jan. 1807. Bk. A p. 63, roll 785. Anderson Co, SC.

David Watkins. Wife: not named. Sons: David Watkins, John Watkins, Joseph Watkins. Daughters: none named. References are made to "All my children" and "until my youngest child come of age."Exors: Wife, Joseph Watkins. Wit: John Atkins, Thomas Smith. Date: 1 February 1810. Probate 2 April 1810. Bk. A p. 115, Roll 737. Anderson Co, SC.

Jonathan Watson, Sr. Wife: not named. Sons: David Watson, Stephen Watson (youngest), Daniel Watson. Daughter: Nancy Watson. Other heirs: John McCowan and Nancy McCown. " my two youngest children, Stephen and Nancy until they come of age. Land: "lying in the head of Mountain Creek." Exors: James Burriss, my son David. Wits: Joseph Taylor, William McGriger, Joseph Land. Date: 23 July 1818. Probate: 21 September 1818. Bk. A p. 225, Roll 756.Anderson Co, SC.

Charles Webb. Wife: Mary Ann Webb. Sons: Edmond Webb, William Webb, Thomas Webb, Micajah Webb, Warren Robinnson Webb, Clayton Webb, Elijah Webb, Elisha Webb, Charles Baldin Webb. Daughters: Nancy Teny, Frances Clark. Exors: Warren Robinson Webb, Elijah Webb. Wits: Aaron Mills, Nancy B. McDaniel, Martha Harberts. Date: 14 July 1828. Probate: 21 Nov. 1831. Bk. A p. 436, Roll 763. Anderson Co, SC.

Jonathan West. Wife: Sophiah West. Sons: Robert West, Aquila West, Bennet West, Jonathan West, Michael West, James Graham. Daughter: Fanny West. Exors: Wife Sophiah West, Jacob Vishage. Witnesses: Andrew Warnach, James Warnach. Date: 5 Feb. 1794. Probate Mar. 1794. Source: Bk. C p. 27, Roll 739. Rec. 24 June 1794, roll 739. Anderson Co, SC.

Bartholomew White. Wife: Liddy White. Sons: Charles White, Solomon White, John White. Daughters: Liddy Nichols, Caty White, Margaret Little. Exors: Wife, George Nash. Wit: Benjamin White, Milley Bruster, Henry Funderburk. Date 13 November 1808. Probate 6 March 1809. Bk. A p. 105. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

Michael Whitmire. Wife: Cathrene Whitmire. Sons: Henry Whitmire, Christopher Whitmire, William Whitmire. Daughters: Cathrene Whitmire, Rachel Wright. Other Heirs: Stephen Whitmire (Gs), Henry Whitmire (Gs), Samuel Whitmire (Gs), Christopher Whitmire (Gs), William Whitmire (Gs), John Whitmire (Gs), Comments: Land "420 acres granted to Daniel Kelly and conveyed to me" Exors: Nathaniel Newman, William Young. Witnesses: John Byrum, Elizabeth Byrum. Date: 8 Oct 1795. Probate: 24 Jan 1797. Source: Bk. C p. 101, Roll 741, Rec. 24 Jan 1797, roll 741. Anderson Co, SC.

Joseph Whitner. Wife: Elizabeth Whitner. Sons: Benjamin Franklin Whitner, Joseph Newton Whitner. Daughters: Rebecca Whitner, Elizabeth Whitner, Sarah Whitner. Exors: Joseph Newton Whitner, Col. Robert Anderson. Wits: William Anderson, F.W. Crymes, Warren R. Davis. Date: 1 February 1821. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 291, Roll 780. Anderson Co, SC.

John Whitten. Wife: living bu not named. Sons: none named. Daughters: none named. Children were mentioned but none were named. Exors: David Hendricks, Sr., James Whitten. Wits: William M. Murry, James A. Wilson, Alfred Ekes. Date: 1 May 1829. Probate: 7 Sept. 1829. Bk. A p. 395, Roll 767. Anderson Co, SC.

Henry Wilbanks. Wife: Ruth Wilbanks. Sons: Solomon Wilbanks, Elim Wilbanks, Abajiah Wilbanks, Elijah Wilbanks, Gideon Wilbanks, Richard Wilbanks, Hiram Wilbanks. Daughters: Ibby Gentry w/o Hartley Gentry, Zilpha Wilbanks w/o Dollar. Tempy Wilbanks, Miram Wilbanks. Exors: sons Hiram Wilbanks, Elim Wilbanks. Wits: Charles Crow, William West, Henry Langston. Date: 24 September 1818. Probate: 11 October 1818. Bk. A p. 228, Roll 790. Anderson Co, SC.

Isaac Wilbanks. Wife: Sarah Wilbanks. Sons: Thomas Wilbanks, Gilliam Wilbanks. Daughter: Teresa Wilbanks. Exors: wife Sarah Wilbanks, A. McEroy, Marshall Wilbanks. Wits: John May, James Bond. Date: 27 June 1815. Probate: not given. Bk. A p. 171, Roll 764. Anderson Co, SC.

Andrew Willison. Wife: Mary. Willson. Sons: Benjamin Willison, William Willison (youngest b. 14 July 1809). Daughters: Lucy Willison, Elizabeth Willison. Exors: Wife, Samuel A. Easley, Joel Mauldin. Wit: John A. Easley, Thomas Blassingame. Date: 18 June 1810. Probate: 7 January 1811. Bk. A p. 126, Roll 774. Anderson Co, SC.

James Wilson of Pendleton County. Wife: Keziah Wilson. No children were named. Other heirs: "My Brother John Wilson...his youngest son, Robert Wilson." Exor: Wife, Keziah Wilson. Wits: Frances Nunn, William Love, Robert Maxwell. Date: 13 April 1790. Probate: 24 January 1793. Bk. A p. 126, Roll 798. Anderson Co, SC.

Ralph Wilson of Abbeville County. Wife: Jane Wilson. Sons: George G. Wilson, James Wharey Wilson (121). Daughters: Elizabeth Wilson, Sarah D. Wilson. "My four children." Exors: Thomas Wharey, John Wharey, Stephen Willis, Jr. Wits: Jesse Wood, Aaron Denny. Date: 9 October 1788. Probate: 29 October 1790. Bk. A p. 178, Roll 757. Anderson Co, SC.

William Wilson. Wife: not named. Son: James P. Wilson. Daughters: Jane Wilson, Rebecca Wilson. Land: "in the State of Georgia, Hall County, 8th District." Exor: Jane Wilson. Wits: John Henon, William B. Fowler, John Hall. Date: 21 June 1832. Probate: 25 June 1832. Bk. A p. 364, Roll 742. Anderson Co, SC.

Jesse Wood. Wife: Margaret Wood. Sons: not named. Daughters: not named. Comments: "My children" occurs several times. Exors: wife, Margaret Wood, Robert Rankins. Witnesses: John Wilson, Elizabeth Tate, John Rankins. Date: 18 Jan. 1795. Probate: not given. Source: Bk. C p. 85. Rec. 27 June 1796. Anderson Co, SC. (Not in Probate Court Files).

John Woodall. Wife not mentioned. Sons: William Woodall, Joseph Woodall, John Woodall. Daughter: Sarah Ann McCutchen. Exors: son Joseph Woodall, John Woodall, Jr. Wit: Christain Frick, Stephen Sweeny, Isaac Cooper. Date: 2 March 1806. Probate: 7 Mar 1806. Bk. A p. 72, roll 744. Anderson Co, SC.

William Woods. Wife: Margaret Woods. Sons: Oliver Woods, Robert Woods. Daughters: Jannet Woods, Ann Woods, Agnes Woods. "Three youngest daughters: Martha Woods, Margaret Woods, Rachel Woods. Exor: Wife, Margaret Woods. Wits: Robert Dowdle, Sr., Robert Love, Samuel Given Dowdle. Date: 13 Feb. 1804. Probate: 29 March 1814. Bk. A. p. 163, Roll 772. Anderson Co, SC.

Andrew Young. Wife: not named. Son: John Young. Daughters: Janet McCalley, Cathy Herring, Nancy Karr, Jane Karr. Exors: Francis Beaty, Archibald Simpson, Andrew Reid. Wits: none named. Date: 6 July 1832. Probate: 3 June 1833. Bk. A p. 480, Roll 804. Anderson Co, SC.

James Yowell. Wife: not named: Sons: Joel Yowell, Allen Yowell, Joshua Yowell. Daughters: Martha Yowell, Polly Yowell. Other heirs: Col. Obadiah Trimmier, Dr. Osborn. "Children of my son Joshua." "Son-in-law Levis Jones. Exors: Son Joel Yowell, son-in-law Levis Jones. Wits: O.B. Trimmier, Alexander Shaw, Ephraim B. Osborn. Date: 21 July 1814. Probate: 5 March 1814. Bk. A p. 166, Roll 799. Anderson Co, SC.

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