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Estate of Elenorr M. McGill
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Contributed by A Deason Smith, Jan 2001.

Estate Papers of Elenorr M. McGill

Anderson County Courthouse, Anderson, South Carolina
Deed Book A-3, pages 320-321

Estate of Elenorr M. McGill

H. L. McGill, W. J. McGill, W. R. McGill, Carry McGill, S. J. McGill, W. A. 
McGill, M. T. Garrison, Harriet Robinson, Mary J. McGahee, L. M. Timmins, 
Frankie Davis, Narcissa Davis, Nancy Davis, Sarah Ann Davis, W. A. Davis and 
John Davis, Heirs at law of Elenorr M. McGill to W. J. McGill

August 5, 1884

State of South Carolina
County of Anderson

Whereas Elenorr M. McGill of the State and County aforesaid departed this 
life on the 21 day of June AD 1884 intestate leaving her estate real and 
personal to the following heirs at law to wit:  Henry L. McGill, Wm. J. 
McGill, Wm. A. McGill son of Harvey McGill and Samuel McGill, Robert McGill 
and Carrie McGill, children of Andrew H. McGill and Sarah Ann Davis, Narcissa 
Davis, Wm. Davis, Nancy Davis, Frankie Davis, John Davis, Mary McGahee, 
Harriet Robinson, Vinie Tippins and Martha T. Garrison, children of Jane 
Davis.  And whereas it is desirable that the Estate both Real and Personal 
goods and chatels, rights and credits of the said Elenorr M. McGill should be 
settled between the heirs at law of the said Elenorr M. McGill without taking 
out Letters of Administration.  Now know all men by these presents that for 
the purpose of carrying into effect the foregoing determination, we the above 
named heirs at law of the said Elenorr M. McGill have made constituted and 
appointed and by these presents do make ____? and appoint Wm. J. McGill our 
true and lawful agent or attorney for us and in our name and on our behalf to 
sell all the Real and Personal Estate of the said Elenorr M. McGill on such 
terms and conditions as to him may see fit, to take notes and obligations due 
the said Estate to ____?all demands due the Estate, and to do and perform all 
acts necessary for the disposing and settling of the said Estate with the 
same powers, and to all intents and purposes with the same validity as we 
would, if personally present and further the said Wm. J. McGill is authorized 
and empowered to make full and legal Title to all the Real and Personal 
estate of the said Elenorr M. McGill as fully and perfectly as if we were to 
sign the same, and the said Wm. J. McGill on his honor binds himself his 
heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to settle in full the said 
Estate in as reasonable a time as may be convenient - Notice of said 
settlement to be given to the said heirs at law personally.

In confirmation of the above we, the heirs at law aforesaid, do by these 
presents bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns 
forever to stand to and abide by the Acts and doings of our said Agent or 
Attorney - Witness our hands and seals, this the fifth day of August in the 
year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and Eighty Four.

Signed, sealed and Delivered
in the Presence of
V.O. Jackson, W. O. Price,
F.M. Gentry, W.H. Stewart,
Elijah Elrod, E.W. Elrod

John R. Robinson
John W. Garrison                Signatures of sixteen Heirs-at-law show as 
appears at beginning of document.
                    Carrie McGill, S. J. McGill, Nancy Davis, Sarah Ann 
Davis, and John Davis
                    signed by mark (X).

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