Anderson County, SC


Tombstone Inscriptions

Compiled by: Paul M. Kankula NN8NN (non-copyrighted)

16 Oct 2013




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"Remember Youth as You pass by,

As You are now, so Once was I.

 As I am now, you must be,

Prepare for Death and follow me."



Rev. Roston "Ross" Miels Smith Sr.

 b. 23-Mar-1902 - d. 18-Oct-1974


BOTD Tombstone Inscriptions Donated to the GenWeb Tombstone Project

by Roston Miels Smith Jr. on 10-Mar-2005


By:  Anderson Independent Newspaper Staff Writer, 12-Sep-1965


For four and a half years (1965) Ross M. Smith (Roston Meils Smith Sr.) has probed about the cemeteries of Anderson County carefully recording the names from more than 30,000 tombstones. Only the worst weather has driven him inside - to the musty archives of the Anderson Courthouse  where he has meticulously copied deeds to the land on which 248 churches stand. The retired (he is 63) teacher  who lives at 508 Milton Road  Anderson  has spent countless hours meticulously working the field-trip information into a unique book. Whether his book is published will depend entirely on whether sufficient demand for it can be determined.  It will have value for genealogists  historians and research libraries embracing those fields. His manuscript represents a fantastic labor of love. It is prefaced by a map of Anderson County on which the 148 cemeteries - Smith says he missed only a few family burial grounds - are numbered. The names  more than 30,000 of them of Anderson County's dead are compiled on page after page - in alphabetical order.  Each entry list birth date death date often notations from markers and monuments. The entries reach as far back as a 1630 birth date and include deaths into the first half of this decade. The research effort grows out of Smith's work to trace the origins of his own family.  And grew.  And grew. Armed sometimes with a heavy hickory cane, the tall  studious Smith attacked cemeteries plots head high with brambles.  "I found those easier to manage in the winter " he said. Generally  the church cemeteries were best kept.  Steadily  his card index files grew. Meanwhile  Smith has become rather an authority on Anderson County families.  His work,  in fact, has revealed bits of information unknown before to state historians - sons or daughters of prominent early figures not mentioned in works of broader scope. Retired after teaching at Williamston's Palmetto High School - and three years as principal at West Pelzer Elementary School - Smith said of his long work:  "Well  some people fish and some play golf..." Smith has prowled cemeteries. Veterans  Servicemen killed in action.  Great grandparents of a population spread across the state now.  Early settlers  Latecomers seeking the South's opportunity. "There are more Revolutionary War graves at the old Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church cemetery than any others I have recorded " Smith said.  The church now is the Pickens Chapel.  Other older burial sites were in cemeteries of the Old Stone Church at Pendleton and Anderson's First Baptist Church. "Killed by Runaway Horses."  "Killed In An Explosion Of An Engine."  "Called From Labors To Refreshment." The result of Smith's own labors is a massive volume, carefully compiled, alphabetized, cross-indexed, map-keyed. Whether it can be published will depend on some indication of the market for the product of those labors nearing five years now.




BOTD Tombstone Inscription Project

  • BOTD cemetery reference numbers will proceed each surname and will indicate the person's place of burial. 

  • BOTD cemetery reference numbers are different than those used by the GenWeb Tombstone Inscription Project.

  • Several cemetery locations are in abutting counties.

  • Obituary notices that were found in old newspapers, use a "???" reference number, if, the place-of-burial was not given. 

  • A "EEE" reference number is used, if, a cemetery reference number could not be clearly read.

  • Normally, only the names of adults have been recorded - no children. 

  • The 049a GENEROSTEE BAPTIST, 061a HOLMES FAMILY, 091a Old MOUNT TABOR BAPTIST & 119b POOR FAMILY cemeteries were Indexed but never recorded.

  • The husband & wife are listed together, if, the wife's maiden name was not shown. 

  • The husband & wife are listed together, if, the wife's maiden name was shown with no dates given. 

  • The husband & wife are listed separately, if, the wife's maiden name was shown with dates.   

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Surname Range

Volunteer Typist  







 Abbett   - - -   Ayers   

Vivian Parkman






 Baagoil   - - -   Bysum   

MaryClyde Mungo






 Cabe   - - -   Cuthbert

Jennie Boggs






 Dacus   - - -   Dyer

Vivian Parkman






 Eads   - - -   Ewing







Fagg   - - -   Furgason







Gabe   - - -   Guyton







Haas   - - -   Hyde







 Iberhardt   - - -   Izlar

Jennie Boggs






 Jackson   - - -   Jutice







Karr   - - -   Kyles







LaBoon   - - -   Lytton







Macizewski   - - -   Meyers







Nabors   - - -   Nugent







O'Bar   - - -   Ozmint







 Pace   - - -   Pruitt

MaryClyde Mungo






 Quails   - - -   Quinn







Rackley   - - -   Rymer







Sadler   - - -   Symmons







Tabor   - - -   Tyus







Ulmer   - - -   Usery







Vanden   - - -   Voyles







 Waddell   - - -   Wynn







Yancy   - - -   Young







 Zachary   - - -   Zisnack








Included Supplements








1st Edition -  Jun-1966







Missed Inscriptions - 1 Page

Margaret Breazeale to Amelia Varnadore

Paul Kankula





  Corrections of Errors - 4 Pages - No Page #'s

  William Acker to Susie Yearbrough






  Additional Inscriptions - 2 Pages - No Page #'s

  Robert Adams to Mary Reves







2nd Edition - Aug-1967








Additional Cemeteries - Pages 435-442

F.A. Abercrombee to Mary Woods

002a-Anderson, 016c-Broadmouth Baptist & 115a-Payne

Paul Kankula












3rd Edition - Need to locate copy.







Additional Inscriptions? - Pages 446-447? 

J.Walton to Cleo Welborn     

Paul Kankula  






4th Edition - Nov-1968







Additional Cemeteries - Page 442    

  Elijah Brown to Frank White 

  076a-Martin's  Grove Holiness, 030-Dean, 128-   

  Reid & 016d-Brown

Paul Kankula





  Names Missed - Page 442

  Chlor Spruell to Maude Todd






  1973 - Microfilmed by ?




        1975 - Microfilmed by Microgen / Howell Microfilms      

PDF Copy of 2nd Edition BOTD

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  4     Pages 151 to 200      
  5     Pages 201 to 250      
  6     Pages 251 to 300      
  7     Pages 301 to 350      
  8     Pages 351 to 400      
  9     Pages 401 to 448      



Cemetery Names, Reference #'s & Tombstone Inscriptions


BOTD tombstone inscriptions may differ from GenWeb - compare both recordings.

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   EEE  Unreadable BOTD inscription    


   ???  Unknown burial place        
   001  Anderson 1st Baptist    A077  Anderson 1st Baptist (1834)  
   002  Anderson 1st Presbyterian    A001  Anderson 1st Presbyterian (1837)  
   002a  Anderson Family    A124  Anderson Family  
   003  Andersonville Baptist    A004  Andersonville Baptist  
   004  Armstrong Family    A006  Armstrong Family  
   005  Asbury Methodist    A008  Asbury Methodist (1825)  
   006  Barker's Creek Baptist    A009  Barker's Creek Baptist (1821)  
   007  Barkley Family    A010  Barkley Family  
   008  Beaverdam Baptist    A011  Beaverdam Baptist (1852)  
   009  Belton Baptist    A012  Belton Memorial Park  
   010  Bennett Family    A013  Bennett Family, Elisha (1827)  
   011  Bethany Baptist    A014  Bethany Baptist (1884)  
   012  Bethesda Methodist    A020  Bethesda Methodist  
   013  Bethlehem Lutheran    A023  Bethehem Lutheran, Old  
   014  Beulah Methodist    A024  Beulah Methodist (1888)  
   015  Big Creek Baptist    A025  Big Creek Baptist (1789)  
   017  Breazeale Family    A027  Breazeale Family (reinterred)  
   016a  Buchanan Family    A029  Buchanan Family  
   016b  Burriss Family    A068  Burriss Family  



 Broadmouth Baptist



 Broadmouth Baptist (1837)




 Brown Family



 Brown Family


   016  Byrum Family    A031  Byrum-LeBoon Family  
   018  Calvary Baptist    A032  Calvary Baptist (1942)  
   018a  Campbell Family    A033  Campbell Family  
   019  Carswell Baptist    A034  Carswell Baptist (1876)  
   020  Cedar Grove Methodist    A038  Cedar Grove Methodist  
   021  Cedar Grove Baptist    A036  Cedar Grove Baptist (N) (1885)  
   022  Childress Family    A039  Childers Family  
   023  Clardy Family    A040  Clardy Family  
   024  Concord Baptist    A042  Concord Baptist (1907)  


 Concord Presbyterian, Old    A043  Concord Presbyterian (1907)  
   025  Cooper Family    A165  McNeely Family  
   026  Corinth #1 Baptist    A046  Corinth Baptist #1  
   027  Corinth #2 Baptist    A330  Corinth Baptist #2 (1870)  
   028  Cox #1 Family    A048  Cox Family, Reuben  
   029  Cox-Grubbs #2 Family    A049  Cox-Grubbs Family  
   030  Dean Family        
   031  Dorchester Baptist    A054  Dorchester Baptist (1832)  
   031a  Dean Family    A052  Dean Family  
   032  Double Springs Baptist    A055  Double Springs Baptist (1831)  
   033  Douthit Family    A056  Douthit Family  
   033a  Duncan Family    A057  Duncan, Robert & Elizabeth  
   034  East View Honea Path    A060  East View Memorial Park (1903)  
   035  Ebenezer Methodist    A063  Ebenezer Methodist (1790)  
   036  Emerson Family    A066  Emerson Family  
   037  Erskine Family    A067  Erskine Family  
   038  Eskew or Burriss Family    A030  Burriss Family (1840) (reinterred)  
   039  Eureka Baptist    A069  Eureka Baptist (1888)  
   040  Fairview Methodist    A073  Fairview Methodist (1820)  
   041  Fant Family    A074  Fant Family  
   042  Fant's Grove Baptist    A075  Fant's Grove Baptist  
   043  First Creek Baptist    A078  First Creek Baptist (1824)  
   044  Flat Rock Baptist    A079  Flat Rock Baptist (1866)  
   045  Forest Lawn    A080  Forest Lawn Memorial  
   046  Friendship #1 Baptist    A082  Friendship Baptist (1890)  
   047  Friendship #2 Baptist    A081  Friendship Baptist  
   047a  Gambrell Family    A084  Gambrell Family, Ezekiel  
   047b  Gambrell Family    A085  Ganbrell Family, James  
   048  Garden of Memories    A086  Garden of Memories  
   049  Generostee Presbyterian    A371  Generostee Presbyterian, New  
   106  Generostee Presbyterian, Old    A089  Generostee Presbyterian (1790), Old  
   049a  Generostee Baptist (no inscriptions rec.)    A090  Generostee Baptist (N) (1884)  
   050  Good Hope Baptist    A092  Good Hope Baptist (1789)  
   107  Good Hope Presbyterian, Old    A094  Good Hope Presbyterian (1789-1989)  
   051  Gray Family    A097  Gray Family  
   052  Griffin Family    A098  Griffin Family  
   053  Guthrie Family    A099  Guthrie Family  
   054  Hall Family    A107  Hall-Leppard Family  
   055  Hall Family    A105  Cromer-Hall Family  
   056  Hall Family    A104  Hall Family, Zachariah (1832)  
   057  Hammond Family    A108  Hammond Family  
   058  Hannah Hall Family    A103  Hall Family, Hannah  
   107a  Hard Shell Baptist, Old    A109  Hard Shell Baptist, Old  
   058a  Harris Family    C298  Harris Family / Harrisburgh Plantation  
   059  Hebron Methodist    A113  Hebron Methodist (1875)  
   060  Hodges Family    A115  McThursday Methodist  
   061  Holbert Family    A102  Halbert Family  
   061a  Holmes Family (no inscriptions recorded)    A119  Holmes Family  
   062  Honea Path Presbyterian    A120  Honea Path Presbyterian (1860)  
   104  Hopewell Baptist    A122  Hopewell Baptist (N) (1803)  
   063  Horton Family    A320  Vandiver Family  
   064  Hopewell Baptist    A338  Hopewell Baptist (N) (1822)  
   065  Hunt Family    C316  Hunt Family  
   066  Iva Memorial    A125  Iva Memorial Park - Old Section  
   110  Iva Methodist, Old    A127  Iva Methodist, Old  
   067  Johnson Family    A219  Orr Mill Memorial  
   068  Kay Family    A132  Kay Family, Charles (1839)  
   068a  Keys Family    A134  Kay Family, Peter (1810)  
   069  King Family    A135  King Family  
   070  LaFrance    A138  La France Memorial Park  
   071  Lebanon Baptist    A139  Lebanon Baptist (1860)  
   108  Lebanon Baptist, Old    A140  Lebanon Baptist (1815), Old  
   072  Leverette Family    A142  Leverette Family  
   073  Lewis Family    A143  Lewis Family  
   074  Long Branch Baptist    A145  Long Branch Baptist (1879)  
   075  Maddox Family    A147  Maddox Family  
   076  Martin Family    A076  Fielding-Martin Family  
   076a  Martin Family    A149  Martin Family, Samuel  
   076b  Martin Family    A150  Campbell-Martin Family  
   076c  Martin's Grove Holiness (wrong name)    A170  Pine Gap Holiness, Old  
   077  Mary Smith Family    A267  Smith (grave), Mary  
   078  Mattison Family    A152  Mattison-Mitchell Family  
   078a  Mauldin Family    A154  Mauldin Family  
   079  Maverick Family    A156  Maverick Family  
   080  McAlister Family    A157  McAlister-McCallister Family  
   080a  McElroy Family    A158  McElroy Family, Archibold (1847)  
   080b  McFall Family    A096  McFall Family  
   081  McFee Family    A161  McFee Family  
   081a  McGee Family    A162  McGee Family  
   081b  McGee Family    A299  McGee Family  
   082c  McKee Family    A163  McKee Family  
   082d  McPherson Family    A166  McPherson Family  
   083  Midway Presbyterian    A169  Midway Presbyterian (1833)  
   084  Mitchell or Mattison Family    A153  Mattison-Mitchell Family  
   069a  Moore, Leticia (cemetery name?)        
   085  Moorehead Family    A387  Moorehead Family, Maxcy (1871)  
   086  Mount Airy Baptist    A175  Mount Airy Baptist  
   087  Mount Bethel Baptist    A176  Mount Bethel Baptist (1836)  
   088  Mount Pisgah Baptist    A180  Mount Pisgah Baptist (1824)  
   089  Mountain Creek Baptist    A188  Mountain Creek Baptist (1812), New  
   109  Mountain Creek Baptist, Old    A207  Mountain Creek Baptist (1789), Old  
   090  Mountain Springs Baptist    A189  Mountain Springs Baptist (N) (1874)  
   091  Mount Tabor Baptist    A183  Mount Tabor Baptist (1793)  
   091a  Mount Tabor Baptist, Old (no inscriptions)    A101  Mount Tabor Baptist (1821-1834), Old  
   092  Mount Zion Presbyterian    A186  Mount Zion Presbyterian (1832)  
   092a  Mullikin Family    A192  Mullikin Family  
   110a  Nazareth Presbyterian, Old    A193  Nazareth Presbyterian (1803)  
   093  Neal's Creek Baptist    A194  Neal's Creek Baptist (1803)  
   094  Nevitt Family    A196  Nevitt Family  
   095  New Hope Baptist    A201  New Hope Baptist (1938)  
   096  New Hope Methodist    A200  New Hope Methodist  
   098  New Prospect (aka Deep Creek) Baptist    A131  Deep Creek Baptist (1838-1844)  
   082  Newton's Methodist Chapel    A307  Willis Family  
   099  Nichols Family    A208  Nichols Family  
   100  Norris #1 Family    A209  Norris Family  
   101  Norris #2 Family    A210  Norris Family  
   102  Oak Grove #1 Baptist    A215  Oakdale Baptist (1891)  
   103  Oak Grove #2 Baptist    A212  Oak Grove Baptist (1939)  
   114  Orr Family    A218  Orr-Wilson Family  
   045a  Payne Family    A141  Payne Family  
   115  Pelzer Family    A221  Pelzer Memorial Park  
   116  Pendleton Baptist    A222  Pendleton 1st Baptist (1842)  
   117  Pendleton Methodist    A223  Pendleton Methodist (1825)  
   118  Pendleton Presbyterian    A224  Pendleton Presbyterian (1789)  
   119  Pickens Chapel    A225  Pickens Presbyterian Chapel