Winsor Family Graves in Rhode Island

Smithfield Historical Cemetery #50
Wife of Asa Winsor, Esq.
& daughter of Jesse Foster
died July 14, 1857, in the 75 year of her age. Death may dissolve the strongest tie
and bear away the dearest friend
but there's a life above the sky
where death and sorrow both shall end.
Asa Winsor, Esq.
died Nov. 16, 1870, aged 82 years, 1 mo & 17 days
Erected to the memory of Elizabeth A. F. Winsor,
Daughter of Asa and Elizabeth Winsor, who died May 27 AD, 1849. Aged 33 years & 1 mo.
Her earthly sufferings now are o'er. Her spirit gone to God
The fight of fate she's fought and won, and entered her reward
May her example be retained
and on our hearts impress'd
that we may meet her cherished form ......
Frederick Eugene, son of ....  & Elizabeth Winsor
died at ... Sept. 3, 1842, aged ...
[1841c - 3 SEP 1842]
William Winsor, born Nov. 12, 1819, died May 20, 1904
Harriet S. Steere, wife of William Winsor. Born Jan. 14, 1823, died Sept. 5, 1900
Mr. Richmond Winsor, youngest son of Asa and Elizabeth Winsor who departed this life Aug. 11, 1863, Aged 37 years, 11 mo. & 22 days
Ethelbert Winsor
Oct. 19, 1821 - May 26, 1899
Eliza T. [daughter of]
Asa Winsor Esq. of Smithfield
born Dec. 4, 1814, died March 8, 1888
Here to thy bosom mother earth
take back in peace what thou has given and all that is of heavenly birth O God in peace recall to heaven
Son of William and Harriet S. Winsor
Died Dec. 18, 1819, aged 13 days
Josephine E. Winsor, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Winsor
born in Greenville, RI April 17, 1837
Died Dec. 20, 1905
Ellen Winsor, daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Winsor
born in Greenville, RI Sept. 28, 1832
Died in Brooklyn, NY, Sept. 21, 1848
Erected to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Winsor,
Wife of Nicholas Winsor, who Died Feb. 20, AD, 1842,
in the 36th year of her age
In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Winsor, Wife of Samuel Winsor,  Efq. of Smithfield
who departed this life August 20, AD, 1791, aged 74 years, 7 mo. & 15 days
A pious professor of the Baptist religion
In Memory of Samuel Winsor, Efq. who departed this life Dec. 25, AD 1800 aged 88 years, 1 month and 7 days Nobby
Faithful dog of Josephine E. Winsor
He came into life in Elmira, N. Y.
Died in Greenville, R.I., Jan. 8, 1890, aged 16 years.

Winsor Stones Continued

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2003

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