Family Graves in Warwick Cemetery 56, RI

Warwick Historical Cemetery #56 corner of West Shore Road & Church Ave., Warwick
In Memory of John Hammett, who died .... of the Baptist Church at Warwick upward of 6? years
[HAMMETT, JOHN 1705c - 25 DEC 1752]
Manassah Martin, 1754 In Memory of Hannah, second wife of  Elder Charles Holden
and widow of the late Manassah Martin by who she ...
she died June 10, 1781 in the 94th year of her age
she was a pattern of ..... (buried)
[HOLDEN, HANNAH ([CARPENTER]) 1688c - 10 JUN 1781]
Sacred to the Memory of Miss Sarah M., daughter of Mr. Stephen & Susannah? Low
She died Nov. 20?, 18?? in the ?? year of her age.
[LOW, SARAH   1770c - 29 NOV 1810]
Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Stephen Low, Jr.
[LOW, STEPHEN, JR 1775c - 13 DEC 1810]
Sacred to the Memory of ..... E. Pendleton  (flat, broken, partially buried)
son of Edwin R. & Ja....  died Nov 9 ....
[PENDLETON, JOHN E   1824 - 9 NOV 1842 WK056] 
[These are the only readable stones in the cemetery]
Also buried in the same cemetery, stones now unreadable:
LOW, ALICE     1762 - 13 OCT 1852 WK056
LOW, STEPHEN    1748c - 4 NOV 1814 WK056
LOW, SUSANNAH 1744c - 14 JAN 1797 WK056
PENNDLETON EDWIN R 1805 - 13 JUN 1833 WK056

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2004

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