Thornton Family Graves in Scituate, RI

Scituate Historical Cemetery #23, behind Congregational church, rt. 116
Capt. Robert Sheldon Thornton
b. Oct. 31, 1819
in the town of Johnston, R. I.
son of Deacon Ethan & Esther Thornton.
In 1842 he was breveted infantry in the town of Gloucester [sic], R. I. by Governor King. In 1844 he entered into the carriage and blacksmith business at North Scituate. He emigrated to California in 1851, where he has resided 62 years. In 1853 he settled on 160 acres of government land on the banks of the Pacific Ocean. He was supervisor of San Maleo Co. five years 1858. Being prominent in politics - in 1849 and 1850 was leader of the Scituate Brass Band, where they played sweet music around town and the echoes returned glorious sounds. The bugle call his body to the Holy Land where it rest in peace.
Sarah A. Thornton, wife of Robert Sheldon Thornton,
daughter of Stephen & Nancy Smith of Gloucester [sic], R. I.
died July 23, 1913, aged 84y, 6m, 23 d
She emigrated to California 1856 where she resided 57 years. She assisted building a settlers home. She is laid to rest in her N. Scituate burial plot with her first born, where her first marriage-life's began, where she was respected by all her neighbours, in the town of N. Scituate

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2004

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