McCarthy Family Grave in Pawtucket, RI

McCARTHY (4 sided stone monument, names on three sides)
St. Francis Cemetery (Catholic), Pawtucket, RI  (*not necessarily Pawtucket residents)
"Erected in the memory of Patrick McCarthy and wife Alice (Cullen) of Geevagh Parish, Co. Sligo, who came to America A.D. 1848 with seven minor sons forced from their homeland by landlordism and the penal laws against their faith and race. The parents died in quarantine hospital their last prayers were offered up for divine grace and mercy for the preservation of their children in the faith of their fathers. The destitute orphans were left to Christian charity, and such aid as poor relatives could furnish"
the children:
John A. of Providence, died March 10, 1901
member of the General Assembly of RI, Providence City Council
Thomas, d. 1914
Henry W., d. 1878
James, d. 1848
Peter, d. 1848
Philip, d. 1848
Patrick Joseph Carty-McCarthy, member of the General Assembly, city of Providence,
Mayor of Providence (1907-1908)
born Sept. 12, 1848, d. March 13, 1921
his wife, Annie M. McGinney, Sept. 1, 1848 - Sept. 12, 1880
their children:
Patrick John McCarthy, Jan. 19 - May 20, 1879
Alice McCarthy, Mar. 30 - Aug. 24, 1880
Mary J. (McCarthy) Bannon, 1876 - 1971
(interred in St. Mary's cemetery, Mansfield, MA)
"The Irish immigrants' path may be traced where 'er they wander by cross crowns spires, school hospitals and homes for orphans and the aged poor, standing monuments to the faith hope and charity of the historic Celtic race. The symbol of salvation marks their graves - may their history be written that future generations may learn of the heroic efforts and sufferings of Irish Catholics at home and abroad for faith and fatherland their loyalty to the country of their adoption forms an integral part of the history of the United States of America from the beginning. A statute of Edward IV A.D. 1464 ordered that all persons (in Ireland) within territory controlled by England should adopt English surnames."
Patrick Joseph Carty-McCarthy
Requiem Aeternam Donneis Domine
John A. CARTY & wife Jane T. SPENCER
and their children
Owen McGLYNN, d. Jan. 10, 1855, aged 35 y
his wife Mary Carty, d. Mar. 15, 1889,. aged 75y
their children: Mary A. McGlynn, d. 1855, aged 2y
Margaret E. Maher (July 10, 1855 - Dec. 23, 1928)

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2004

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