Eddy Family Graves in Providence, RI

North Burial Ground, Providence (PV001)
In Memory of the Hon. Samuel Eddy, L.L.D.
who died Feb. 3, 1839, aged 70 years
Few have filled so distinguished a circle in life:
He was secretary of his native state twenty-two years;
Eight years chief-justice of the  Supreme Judiciary Court;
Thirty-four years, one of the Fellows, and twenty three years Secretary of Brown University;
And six years a representative in the Congress of the United States. An affectionate husband, an indulgent father
a warm Friend, an honest man.
In Memory of Mrs. Elizabeth, amiable wife of Samuel Eddy, Esq., and daughter of Capt. Daniel Bucklin and his wife Elizabeth. She was born September 20, AD 1768, and
after having exhibited an example of filial duty, conjugal affection and maternal virtue, she fell,
prematurely, the victim of a consumption, on the
27th of October, AD, 1799, in the 32d year of her age.
In memory of Elizabeth Eddy, daughter of Samuel Eddy, Esq.,
and Elizabeth, his wife, she was born Sept. 1st, 1799,
and died Nov. 16th? following
Samuel Eddy, second son of Samuel & Martha Eddy,
he was born Oct. 27, 1805,
and died .... 
Thomas Eddy, third son of Samuel & Martha Eddy,
He was born Jan. 9, 1808, and died the 12th day of Feb. following.
Samuel Eddy, fourth son of Samuel & Martha Eddy
He was born Jan. 9, 1808, and died the third day of July following.
Martha Eddy, 2d wife of Samuel Eddy, and daughter of
James & Anna Wheaton, she was born Oct. 22, 178?,
and died Feb. 1, 1808.
In life and in death she evidenced "a good profession before many witnesses" confidently repenting with her dying breath.
James Eddy, eldest son of Samuel & Martha Eddy,
He was born Nov. 2d, 1802, and died July 11, 1814,
In point of talents, attainments and disposition,
he was .... 
Rebekah Eddy, 3rd daughter of Samuel & Naomi Ann Eddy,
she was born Jan. 14, 1815, and died {11th March following??}
Eliza Eddy, 2d daughter of Samuel & Martha Eddy,
born April 16, 1804, died Sept. 19, 1821
Jonathan Abbot Eddy, son of Samuel and Martha Wheaton Eddy, born June 23, 1795, died Jan. 1, 1881 Here lie the remains of Richard Eddy, Esq., born in Glocester Dec. the 11th, AD, 1736,
and resigned to death Oct. the 20th, 1784, in the forty-eighth year of his age.
In Memory of Mr. Jonathan Eddy, son of Richard Eddy, Esq.
and Martha his wife,  He was born in Johnston, Jan. 21, 1772,
and died of the yellow fever August 25st, 1800,
in the 29th year of his age.
In Memory of Mrs. Martha Bucklin wife of Capt. Daniel Bucklin, late widow of Richard Eddy, Esq., she the daughter
of Samuel and Anna Comstock, and was born March 7, 1744, and died December 8th, 180?
Moses Eddy, 2d son of Moses and Hannah Eddy,
He was born Nov. 16th, 1803, and died
Augt. 26th, 1813??
Moses Eddy, son of Richard & Martha Eddy, he was born in Johnston, March 26, 1766
and died in Providence May 30, 1823. He was temperate in all things, an honest ...
Hannah Eddy, relict of Moses Eddy, daughter of Gershom & Hannah Carpenter, Born Oct. 17, 1766, died May 14, 1838.
"Death is swallowed up in victory."
Richard Evans Eddy, son of Moses & Hannah Eddy, Born in Providence, July 19, 1802, died April 29, 1870. For 27 years a deacon in the First Baptist Church, Providence. "The memory of the just is blessed."
Emily Ann Eddy, wife of Richard E. Eddy, and daughter of Jesse and Amarillis Hawley, born in Wallingford, Connecticut, May 19, 1806, and died in Providence, Aug. 11, 1875. Abby Eddy, daughter of Moses & Hannah Eddy, born in Providence, Feb. 3, 1795, died May 7, 1874. This mortal must put on immortality. Samuel Eddy Mauran,
son of .....  & Martha Mauran
born Oct. 7, 1820, died Aug. 12, 1821.

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2004

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