Arnold-Vose Cemetery: Woonsocket, RI

John Arnold, 1670 - 1756, son of Richard Arnold, lies buried here - first settler of Woonsocket
Woonsocket Historical Cemetery # 10, Arnold-Vose Cemetery, East Orchard St.
This cemetery was locked up, I shot these through a chain link fence. Beth
Lyman Paine, born April 7, 1806, died Oct. 28, 1892
Sarah Hall, his wife born Feb. 12, 1807, died Nov. 10, 1874
and (stone behind)
Olive Paine, wife of John Jay Paine 1799 - 18??
[PAINE OLIVE 1799 - 9 JAN 1859]
Madeline, wife of William Kelly,
died in Philadelphia, April 1st, 1889 born September 26, 1836
in Mendon,
daughter of Lyman and Sara Hall Paine
group shot of stones
Elizabeth C. Paine, daughter of John Jay & Olive G. Paine, died April 15, 1880, aged 60 years
Alpha, daughter of John Jay & Olive Pain, 1824 - 1850
Sarah Josephine, daughter of Lyman & Sarah H. Paine, died July 15, ???, aged 2 years & 4? months
[PAINE SARAH JOSEPHINE 1837c - 15 JUL 1839 WO010]
Mary Judith, daughter of Lyman & Sarah H. Paine, died May 2, 1844, aged 5 years
group shot of stones
In Memory of Mrs. Wate Pain, wife of Dan Pain, died Oct. 21, ...
Horace Pain, died Sept. 1, 1869 ...
James, son of James & Waity Arnold, died July ???
In Memory of Mr. Dan Pain, died May 4?, 1804?
Lewis Whipple, died Aug. 12, 1844, in the 30th? year of his age
Judith, wife of Lewis Whipple, died Jan. 24, 1827 aged 31 years
Anna, widow of the late Nathaniel Aldrich, died ...Feb. 7, 1872, in the 84th year of her age
In Memory of ... , daughter of Mr. Luke Arnold, died Oct. 25, ...
In memory of Patience, daughter of James & Lydia Paine, who died Dec. 3, 1821 in the ... year of her age
[PAINE PATIENCE 1789c - 3 DEC 1821 WO010]
In Memory of John Paine, Esq., who died ....
[PAINE JOHN (ESQ.) 1758c - 17 FEB 1803 WO010]
In Memory of John, son of James & Judith Paine, who died ... In Memory of Judith .....

Zilpha, wife of Thomas A. Paine,
died Feb. 26, 1885, in the 87th year of her age and
Thomas A. Paine, died Aug. 11?, 1879??, in the .... year of his age In Memory of Juliet, daughter of Thomas A. ....

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2002-4

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