Graves North Burial Ground, Providence, RI

North Burial Ground, Providence (PV001)
E. M. Bannister, 1828 - 1901
Friends of this pure and ... soul
freed from the form which lies beneath the ...
have placed this stone to mark the grave of him
.. portrayed nature, walked with God.

[Edward Bannister was a well-known African-American painter who lived in Providence]

Patience Borden, commonly called Sterry,
a free woman of colour, and humble disciple of Jesus,
she gave to the First Baptist Church in this town,
of which she was a member, 230 dollars as a fund for the relief
of the Poor of Colour at that church,
She died April 1, 1811, in the 53d year of her age.
[stone signed by J.J.F.]
In Memoriam
Gen. Alfred Nattee Duffie
born in Paris, May 1, 1835
Lieutenant in the French Army
Colonel in the 1st R. I. Cavalry
and General in U.S. Army
1861 - 1865
died Nov. 8, 1880
This tribute erected by
the 1st R.I. Cavalry Veteran Association 1889

 Images, information & transcription by Beth Hurd, 2004

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